5 big names with bit parts in the Star Trek universe

By: H&I Staff    Posted: August 4, 2017, 11:31AM

Image: Paramount Pictures

There are no small parts, just small actors, right? No matter how big a celebrity gets, they all have to start somewhere. And for many, that somewhere is Star Trek. Not only does the franchise have an awful lot of walk-on roles that turn up on the average episode, but it's also very welcoming to newcomers to the industry. Since so many people in Hollywood are genuine Star Trek fans before even beginning to act professionally, these opportunites are usually exciting for multiple reasons. In fact, Star Trek is even open to casting people who just love the franchise, whether they're professional actors or not. Here are a few people with big names who scored small parts in Star Trek:

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Christian Slater

Role: Officer
Universe: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Though 22-year old Christian Slater had already scored starring roles in The Legend of Billie Jean and Heathers by the time he made his appearance in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in 1991, the self-proclaimed Trekkie didn't scoff at the chance for a walk-on role. His mother, Mary Jo Slater, worked in casting on the film and secured him a part as a night duty officer.

Image: Paramount Pictures


Adam Scott

Role: Officer
Universe: Star Trek: First Contact

Adam Scott's Parks and Recreation character, Ben Wyatt, would surely be jealous of the fact that Scott played a quick part in Star Trek: First Contact back in 1996. This was Scott's fourth film role and he had actually auditioned to play Lieutenant Hawk. At least he had a line, though: "It's the Enterprise!"

Image: Paramount Pictures


Tom Morello

Role: Officer/Mitchell
Universe: Star Trek: Insurrection/Star Trek: Voyager

What good is Star Trek if it's not in the business of making dreams come true? Though the founding member of Rage Against the Machine wasn't in the market to become an actor, he is a giant Star Trek fan, so he contacted the producer of Star Trek: Insurrection to inquire about a cameo. In the end, his character was nameless and he was uncredited, but Morello kept persisting, eventually landing a speaking part as a crewman named Mitchell in an episode of Voyager.


Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein

Role: Officer
Universe: Star Trek: Voyager

Back when the king of Jordan was just the prince, he got the chance for a walk-on role on Star Trek: Voyager. Even if you're about to inherit a country, getting to board the Enterprise has to be exciting for a science fiction fan. His advisor set the gig up as a surprise, and Abdullah thought he was just visiting the set. Since he isn't a member of the Screen Actors Guild, he wasn't able to have a speaking part. Now, he is an investor in a Star Trek theme park in Jordan.


Seth MacFarlane

Role: Engineer/Rivers
Universe:Star Trek: Enterprise

Seth MacFarlane made two appearances on Star Trek: Enterprise in 2004 and 2005, but his character didn't have a name until the second episode. The Family Guy creator's job was to repair the Enterprise after battle. It's no surprise MacFarlane made a point to get involved in the Trek universe: most of his shows and movies drop Trek references and he's even writing and starring in a Star Trek parody show called The Orville.

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