Star Trek's mod fashion was some of the best

By: H&I Staff    Posted: February 23, 2018, 3:20PM

Sure, Star Trek: The Original Series was meant to take place in 2266, but so much of the costume design, including the original Starfleet uniform, is so deliciously retro.

For us at Heroes & Icons, nostalgia is a huge part of our lives, so naturally, we’re fans of the fab costume design. Big enough fans, in fact, that we’ve compiled and ranked the best women’s looks in The Original Series. Do you agree with the ranking? Which styles are your favorite? Discuss in the comments!

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Roberta: “Assignment: Earth”

The colors. The tights. The shoes. This outfit is so quintessential 1960s belongs at the top of this list. Bonus points for the stylish office as well.


Janice: “Charlie X”

Is this supposed to be a nightgown? Janice wears nicer dresses to bed than we wore to prom.


Irina: “The Way to Eden”

The space hippies get a bad rap in the Trek fandom. How could you possibly hate on any of these looks, especially Irina’s groovy two-piece outfit? 


Uhura: “Plato’s Stepchildren”

If we’re being honest, Uhura always looks amazing. But this purple Grecian is peak Uhura look.


Andrea: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”

Is it a little gross that the men get to wear shirts under their jumpsuits but Andrea is looking like an android sex kitten? Maybe. Does she look bangin’ though? Yep.


Edith: “The City on the Edge of Forever”

Edith has a few great looks in this episode which takes place in the 1930s, but nothing beats the chic navy cape jacket and white beret. She was truly ahead of her time.


Boss’ girl: “A Piece of the Action”

The 1920s was surely one of the most stylish times, so it makes sense that there are so many good looks in “A Piece of the Action.” But Okmyx’s girl/assistant/bodyguard’s little red number is the best.


Nancy: “Metamorphosis”

This bright outfit that only consists of bright green and blue is surely a bold one, but Nancy pulls it off, even while she almost dies of Sakuro’s disease. Aside from the Starfleet uniform, it’s probably the most mod look in the series.


Droxine: “The Cloud Minders”

Can we petition to bring back space age cape gowns?


Literally every woman in this scene: “Assignment: Earth”

Just give us all of the fur.


Ruth: “Mudd’s Women”

Certainly the best dressed of all of Mudd’s ladies, Ruth doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that this rhinestone gown definitely weighs like, 20 pounds. 


Sylvia: “Catspaw”

Sylvia might be terrifying, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know fashion. What’s more appropriate in a Halloween-themed episode than a witchy caftan and on-point winged eyeliner?


The Romulan Commander: “The Enterprise Incident”

This belted sweater dress with over-the-knee boots would be just as stylish on the streets of New York City in 2018 as it is on the Enterprise.


The Roman Commander: “The Enterprise Incident” again

She’s got a real sense of style, eh? This one-shoulder dress would be perfect at any wedding you’re attending this summer.


Rayna: “Requiem for Methuselah”

This sparkly, flowy, gold and silver gown is definitely worth the hassle it looks like to put on.


Carolyn: “Who Mourns for Adonais?”

Did women in ancient Greece wear pink, sparkly dresses? Probably not. But judging by this outfit Apollo put Carolyn in, they definitely should have.


Nona: “A Private Little War”

When you have leather and orange fur on an outfit, do you really need anything else? Her hair, makeup and nail job also add to the look and we’re into all of it.


Rojan: “By Any Other Name”

The 1960s were TRULY a time for killer jumpsuits and Rojan’s is one of the best. Especially paired with those purple boots.


Mrs. Sarek: “Journey to Babel”

People tell us that feather trim isn’t a logical fashion choice but if it’s good for a Vulcan’s wife, it’s good for us.


Marlena: Mirror, Mirror

Seriously, what ever happened to flowy loungewear? We’d take this sheer caftan over a pair of sweatpants anyday.


Kara: “Spock’s Brain”

Say what you want about this episode but if you’re not loving Kara’s look, you’re just wrong.


(other) Janice: “Turnabout Intruder”

What better way to end the series than with this rad wide-leg jumpsuit?


(other) Ruth: “Shore Leave”

Not only is this lacy bodysuit/cloak hybrid fabulous on its own – especially with those flowers on the side – but Ruth kills it with the eye makeup and hairstyle too. 


Argelian Bellydancer: “Wolf in the Fold”

Sure, her outfit kind of looks like it was made with decorations for a tiki-themed party, but like, it works.


Layla: “This Side of Paradise”

Personally, we wouldn’t pair lavender with that shade of green, but these mod-looking overalls are a great alternative to a jumper. It’s especially practical since Layla works outside as a botanist.

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