Giving thanks for your great #AllStarTrek tweets

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 21, 2016, 10:28AM

Ah, Mondays. No matter how much your don't want them to arrive, they always happen. But we here at Heroes & Icons are happy to make your Monday a little better with your weekly #AllStarTrek highlights. Last night, we went beyond the farthest star on Star Trek: The Animated Series. Then we traveled to this side of paradise with Captain Kirk and his crew in Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain Picard suspected a Federation conspiracy in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Keiko battled with a strange body snatching entity on Deep Space Nine. Paris was sent to the Brig on Voyager. Trip had an unexpected encounter with a female engineer on Enterprise. And you were there to witness it! 

Let the tweets begin!

Artistic choice or low budget necessity? Hard to say.

We're not crying! *sniff sniff* You're crying!

The secret is out.

Deforest Kelly is the best!

We like just plain Spock better.

Interesting obversation. What do you all think?

We can never get enough Tribbles.

We can never get enough Star Trek either. You can catch Star Trek weeknights at 6pET and Sunday nights beginning with Star Trek: The Animated Series at 7pET. 

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