Will Ferrell sang the original Star Trek theme song at USC's commencement speech

By: H&I Staff     Posted: May 26, 2017, 1:26PM

Image: USC / YouTube

Will Ferrell graduated from the University of Southern California in 1990, with a degree in Sports Information. Of course, he eventually found far more success in sports films like Talladega Nights and Semi-Pro.

However, not long after he graduated, long before his SNL days, young Ferrell was honing his comedy chops as a member of the Los Angeles improv troupe the Groundlings. He also attempted to be a stand-up comic, taking up the mic at Italian restaurants and bars in Southern California.

In 2017, Ferrell found himself back at USC. The movie star delivered the commencement speech to the Trojan class of 2017. Naturally, he made people laugh, but he also inspired those seniors with his own tale of post-graduate work.

"I was even trying my hand at stand-up comedy — not great stand-up, mind you…" he explained to the gathered graduates. "My stand-up act was based mostly on material derived from watching old episodes of Star Trek. My opening joke was the sing the opening theme to Star Trek." 

Yep, Ferrell is a Trekkie. As much as we'd love to see his full act about the Enterprise, Ferrell did not share any of those old jokes. However, he did sing the Star Trek theme!

Watch it at the 15:45 mark in the video.

"Not even funny, just weird," he notes afterward.

Sorry, Will. We think it's funny, yet not weird at all.

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