7 Etsy stores all Star Trek cosplayers should know about

By: H&I Staff    Posted: September 6, 2017, 4:31PM

Image: downeym via Flickr Creative Commons

Though the term "cosplay," referencing dressing up as fictional characters, has existed since the '80s, the explosion of "geek culture" in the Western world has brought more and more people to take the time to craft perfectly accurate costumes for their latest convention trip. What started as a trend in Japan, with cosplayers typically dressing up as their favorite anime or manga characters, has expanded into TV shows, movies and other forms of entertainment.

That being said, Trekkies have dressed up as Starfleet crew members since back in the '60s, and now there are even more opportunities to dress up!

While many cosplayers take pride in the fact that they crafted their outfits themselves, not everyone has the means or ability to do so. That doesn't mean they shouldn't get the chance to be Mr. Spock or Uhura for a day.

Etsy, an ecommerce website that allows crafters of all kinds to sell their wares, has a huge community of costume designers, who create some of the most screen-accurate, high quality costuming on the internet. If you've always wanted to dress u as your favorite Star Trek character but never got the chance, check out some of these Etsy stores.



Have you ever wanted to dress like Captain Kirk but were missing the famous mustard-yellow jersey? JessicaHeerenDesign has you covered. Her jersey is incredibly detailed, from the neckline to the cuffs. Try not to get distracted by the awesome Game of Thrones costumes in this store, though!

Image: Etsy/JessicaHeerenDesign



Ain't no party dress like a Deanna Troi party dress — especially when it's made by Lisalamonicao. If you're looking for a Star Trek cosplay outfit that's a little different than the typical Starfleet uniform, this is a great option. You can buy an off-the-rack size, or get it custom-fitted for only 10 more dollars.

Image: Etsy/Lisalamonicao



This tunic based on the Star Trek: The Next Generation's design is made with the costume's official pattern, with wool instead of costume store polyester. Spice it up with some homemade — or other Etsy-bought — Starfleet pins and collar accents.

Image: Etsy/3DMediaMagic



If your look is almost perfect, just missing your Star Trek Command patch, look no further than Homeworkparty on Etsy. These silver patches are handmade and can be fixed to just about anything you desire. Not much of a commander? You can also order the engineering, science and medical insignias!

Image: Etsy/Homeworkparty



All women have different body shapes, so what looked good on Nichelle Nichols won't look good on everyone. That's why WakuWakuShop is one of the leaders in Starfleet dresses! This shop offers two minidress styles: the screen-accurate horizontal waist seams and ray-shaped seams. You can order red, blue or yellow, too!

Image: Etsy/WakuWakuShop



Not every Trekkie is the same color, either! TheElvenCaravan sells Vulcan ears in just about any color you can imagine, from fair to brown and even to gray to ensure they'll blend seamlessly with your skin.

Image: Etsy/TheElvenCaravan



No Star Trek cosplay is complete without a phaser, and WulfgarWeapons ensures you find the perfect one. You can get a classic phaser or a more modern one, as well as weapons from movies like Star Wars, RoboCop and even Army of Darkness.

Image: Etsy/WulfgarWeapons/Paramount Pictures