Get your holiday shopping done early in the Heroes & Icons store

By: H&I Staff    Posted: November 14, 2017, 2:48PM

There are two types of shoppers around the holidays: the ones who get all of their shopping out of the way before all of the leftover turkey in the fridge is gone, and those who rush out the week before Christmas and get angry when everything is picked over.

Luckily, the Heroes & Icons Store has everything you could need for the sci-fi lovers in your life. Here are some of our favorite picks this season!

Shop the H&I Store November 20–30 in order to score 10% off of all of your items!


Retro Trek

What better way to show appreciation for your favorite retro show than with a vintage-style tee?


The Gorn faceoff

If you've ever wondered how to commemorate the best fight in TV history, look no further than this tee featuring Kirk and the Gorn.


Feeling spooky?

Is there a sci-fi fanatic out there who didn't enjoy the adventures of Mulder and Scully?


The Goblin King

Pour one out for David Bowie and give the gift of magic — or this tee shirt.


Big damn heroes

We all have that one friend who's still hung up on Firefly. While you can't get the show back on TV, you can get them this shirt.


Robby the Robot

Can you really appreciate sci-fi without paying tribute to one of the genre's pioneers?


RIP John Wayne

H&I isn't all sci-fi all the time. Know someone who loves our westerns? We'll bet they love John Wayne too.



The Evil Dead franchise is worthy of watching all year round — and so is rocking a tee with everyone's favorite action hero.



If you're unsure about whether the Batman fan in your life loves Julie Newmar, chances are, he or she does.


The cutest kisses

If someone opens this Gertie/ET tee on Christmas morning and doesn't "aww" out loud, they're probably a robot.