Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about Baywatch?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 7, 2021, 2:09PM
Having guest-starred on the series, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek was a big fan of Baywatch. So much so that Jeopardy! would often feature question categories that were all about Baywatch including 'The Women of Baywatch' and 'Baywatch Beach Safey.' (Keep can eye out for those categories in the questions below!)

Test your knowledge of Baywatch and see if you can find the right answer from these actual clues featured on Jeopardy! and archived at! Good Luck!

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  1. WHEN THEY WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL $800: As a teen in B.C., she said her goal was "to be a California beach bum"-- she got her wish on "Baywatch"
  2. LET'S GO TO SANTA $1200: Bounded by Point Dume & the Palos Verdes Peninsula it's the bay in TV's "Baywatch"
  3. BAYWATCH BEACH SAFETY $100: (Hi, I'm David Hasselhoff.) For L.A. beaches, this list includes dogs, fireworks & tents
  4. QUOTH THE CELEBRITY $800: This "Baywatch" main man said, "I've got taste. It's inbred in me"
  5. THE WOMEN OF BAYWATCH $300: Lani in 1997, at the present time she may or may not be married to Dennis Rodman
  6. BALLOONS $600: On an episode of "Baywatch" this businessman water-skied while being towed by the Virgin blimp
  7. TV STARS $500: Caroline on "Baywatch", she was a Johnson & Johnson baby at age 6 months
  8. CANADA'S WALK OF FAME $800: A certain quiz-show host & this British Columbia-born "Baywatch" babe both got stars in 2006
  9. STARS ON CD-ROM $400: An ex-lifeguard of "Baywatch" & a star of "Under Siege", she plays twins on the "Panic in the Park" CD
  10. Bonus round: WORLD CAPITALS $800: If "Baywatch" moved to the beach in Beirut it would be in this country's capital
Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about Baywatch?

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