Can you match these guns to their TV cowboys and action heroes?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 26, 2017, 12:26PM
A TV cowboy or action hero needed two things — a cool ride and a nifty gun. The ride may have varied from horses to sports cars to space ships, but the one constant was a trusty gun at the hero's side.

We stockpiled some memorable arms from classic TV shows. See if you can match the weapon to the series or character.

Good luck and aim that mouse carefully!
  1. Who used this Model 1873 Colt 45 single action pistol?
  2. This big laser rifle was briefly used in a classic sci-fi show, but made a big impact. Which show was it?
  3. This show hid a gun inside a phone — and a phone inside a gun.
  4. Who wielded this fancy Colt 45?
  5. This Winchester Model 1892 rifle was modified for rapid fire. Who carried it?
  6. This Browning M2 machine gun was mounted to a Jeep in which action-packed WWII series?
  7. This iconic gun dubbed "The Mare's Leg" appeared in what Western?
  8. This cool space blaster could be seen on which show?
  9. Which Western hero utilized this sawed-off shotgun?
  10. This nifty spy weapon inspired a popular toy gun. Who used it?
  11. Which 1960s sci-fi series featured this futuristic gun?
  12. Which 1980s cop carried this big gun?
Can you match these guns to their TV cowboys and action heroes?

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