How well do you know the opening credits of Monk?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 15, 2021, 3:14PM

It’s common for TV shows to switch up their opening credits depending on the season. In fact, we made a whole quiz about it!

The quirky detective drama Monk used a straightforward sequence of the title character in his apartment backed by an instrumental track. In later seasons, after he had plenty of adventures under his belt, the sequence spliced clips from various episodes in with shots from the first season. The later intros also used a theme song sung by Randy Newman.

Here are shots used in Monk credits sequences from the first season to the last. Can you correctly answer a question about each image?

  1. Each Monk opening sequence starts with a shot of what San Francisco landmark?
  2. What does Monk do as he walks down the street?
  3. What does Monk do here?
  4. What happens in this shot?
  5. What does Monk pour onto his toothbrush?
  6. What happens to Monk here?
  7. Why is Monk vacuuming on a ladder?
  8. What is Monk hanging from?
  9. What is Monk about to do here?
  10. Which shot ends every sequence after the first season?
  11. The first season intro ends with Monk fixing his umbrellas. What song plays over the whole original credit sequence?
How well do you know the opening credits of Monk?

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