Were these classic TV characters at least 6 feet tall?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 9, 2019, 8:13AM
They say the camera makes you look a little taller. But, really, it's all relative to the rest of the cast. 

That's what makes guessing the height of TV characters a little challenging. Let's see if you can guess if these beloved classic television characters were OVER six-feet tall. (We're just going off the recorded heights of the actors.)

Try to stretch and get more than a dozen correct!

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  1. Is Batman over 6' tall?
  2. Is Louie De Palma over 6' tall?
  3. Is Marshal Matt Dillon over 6' tall?
  4. Is the Robot over 6' tall?
  5. Is the Fonz over 6' tall?
  6. Is Gilligan over 6' tall?
  7. Is the Skipper over 6' tall?
  8. Is Rowdy Yates over 6' tall?
  9. Is Maverick over 6' tall?
  10. Is Barney Fife over 6' tall?
  11. Is Hoss Cartwright over 6' tall?
  12. Is Captain Kirk over 6' tall?
  13. Is Wonder Woman over 6' tall?
  14. Is Mike Brady over 6' tall?
  15. Is Greg Brady over 6' tall (once he finished growing)?
Were these classic TV characters at least 6 feet tall?

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