What season of Baywatch did these lifeguards first appear?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: May 5, 2021, 2:00PM
Running from 1989 to 2001, Baywatch saw a lot of lifeguards on the team. Actors and talent come and go over the years, giving each season a fresh cast of characters and stories to tell.

But how well do you remember the lifeguards throughout the 11 seasons of the series? Take the quiz below and see if you remember what season these lifeguards made their first appearance on Baywatch!

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  1. What season did Pamela Anderson first appear as C.J.?
  2. When did Jeremy Jackson first appear as Mitch's son, Hobie Buchannon?
  3. What season did Carmen Electra first appear as "Lani" McKensie?
  4. What season did Yasmine Bleeth first appear as Caroline Holden?
  5. What season did Nicole Eggert first appear as 'Summer' Quinn?
  6. What season did Jaason Simmon first appear as Logan Fowler?
  7. What season did Brande Roderick first appear as Leigh Dyer?
  8. Jason Momoa made his acting debut as Jason Ioane in what season?
  9. What season did David Chokachi first appeared as Cody Madison?
  10. What season did Erika Eleniak first appear as Shauni McClain?
What season of Baywatch did these lifeguards first appear?

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