Talk Show - Mitch rescues Cassie Cole, a popular TV talk show hostess who invites him as a guest on her show. While on the show, Mitch saves the other guest, Jay Leno, from choking and he becomes an instant overnight celebrity, while the conniving Neely and devious Donna team up in a plot use Mitch's sudden fame to seek a profit on by pretending to be his agent and manager hoping to get a share of his newfound celebrity wealth. Meanwhile, a few months after Stephanie's death, Caroline and C.J. adopt a stray dog swimming in the ocean that leads them to the dead body of it's drowned owner. Naming it "Annie," the dog is surprisingly neat, responds to commands, likes to swim in the ocean, is drawn to Mitch, and won't sleep anywhere except in Stephanie's old bed. C.J. then correctly suspects that Annie is not a dog at all but the reincarnated soul of Stephanie. 
  • Sunday, Monday through Friday at 2 AM Eastern/Pacific
At a Los Angeles beach, a team of lifeguards led by Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) save lives, deal with personal dramas, seek adventure and fight crime.
  • Season

    S1/EP 1 - Panic at Malibu Pier Pt 1

    Pilot of the popular syndicated series introduces a close-knit group of lifeguards at Baywatch, a Los Angeles beach, who protect the lives of people that come to the beach everyday. They include the team leader, the recently promoted Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon, whose devotion to his job has recently cost him his marriage. His lawyer ex-wife, Gayle, wants him to limit visits with their 10-year-old son Hobie.

    S1/EP 1 - Panic at Malibu Pier Pt 2

    Pilot of the popular syndicated series introduces a close-knit group of lifeguards at Baywatch, a Los Angeles beach, who protect the lives of people that come to the beach everyday. They include the team leader, the recently promoted Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon, whose devotion to his job has recently cost him his marriage. His lawyer ex-wife, Gayle, wants him to limit visits with their 10-year-old son Hobie.

    S1/EP 2 - In Deep

    Hobie must decide whether or not to report his friends responsible for a deadly accident to the beach cop, Garner. Craig and his wife Gina offer Eddie to temporarily stay with them. Jill is both drawn to and repulsed by Trevor.

    S1/EP 3 - Heat Wave

    During the hottest day of the summer, two young boys become trapped in a storm drain that's filling up. One of them is the son of Mitch's old buddy, who's in hiding. Craig is forced to choose between his two careers.

    S1/EP 4 - Second Wave

    Eddie faces Jimmy, his old foster home friend turned criminal. Mitch is stressed over his upcoming lifeguard checkup with Captain Thorpe. Trevor questions his skill when his girlfriend almost drowns because of his oversight.

    S1/EP 5 - Message in a Bottle

    Mitch and his ex-wife Gayle must put aside their differences to find Hobie and his two friends who got stranded on a channel island where modern day pirates hide. Eddie and Shauni share a shift and deal with an annoying tourist couple.

    S1/EP 6 - The Sky is Falling

    Mitch takes Gayle to court to keep the custody of Hobie. After their plane crashes, two robbers attempt to retrieve their suitcase full of stolen money from the ocean. Captain Thorpe joins Eddie and Shauni on their shift.

    S1/EP 7 - The Drowning Pool

    Jill investigates a suspicious drowning and becomes involved with the drowned man's suspicious family.

    S1/EP 8 - Rookie School

    Trevor enters rookie school to become a certified county lifeguard. One rookie uses steroids to beat him. Eddie helps a girl pursued by her abusive, murderous, drug dealing ex. Craig and Gina try to make a baby during a weekend getaway.

    S1/EP 9 - Cruise Ship

    Eddie warns Shauni that her new boyfriend, Andrew, is not a good guy, but she ignores it until Andrew gives her a black eye. Craig and Mitch must stop a party boat out of control before it crashes into the crowded Santa Monica pier.

    S1/EP 10 - The Cretin of the Shallows

    A scary masked serial killer (popularly called the Night Puncher) who roams the beach at night targets a local senator. Motherly Gina takes care of Eddie after he gets his wisdom teeth pulled, which makes him have an oedipal wet dream.

    S1/EP 11 - Shelter Me

    During a violent tropical storm, two escaped convicts shoot Garner and leave him to die. They then break into the Baywatch headquarters and take everyone there hostage. Captain Thorpe tries out for a radio surf reporter.

    S1/EP 12 - The Reunion

    Mitch hooks up with his and Craig's old flame, which makes Craig jealous. Eddie buys a nice car cheaply and only realizes that he was swindled when he gets arrested for driving a stolen car.

    S1/EP 13 - Armored Car

    Jill teams up with Trevor to win a beach volleyball tournament, but all she really wants is to beat her ex's team, no matter what. Eddie and Shauni try to rescue a child trapped in a crashed armored car that's about to fall into the sea.

    S1/EP 14 - Home Cort

    Mitch's charismatic but roguish old buddy, John D. Cort, joins Baywatch. However, he's actually there to pull off a shady deal. Shauni and Jill start selling sandwiches on the beach to put a shady sandwich vendor out of business.

    S1/EP 15 - We Need a Vacation

    Craig, Cort and Eddie take a road trip to Mexico, but their vacation south of the border turns ugly when they tangle with an angry American tourist who won't leave them alone. At Baywatch, Mitch gets an uninvited house guest: Captain Thorp when his wife leaves him, and Hobie develops a crush on Shauni.

    S1/EP 16 - Muddy Waters

    Cort and Eddie train junior lifeguards at a water slide park. But someone is vandalizing the slide's pumps. Meanwhile, Captain Thorpe wants Shauni fired for posing in a pinup calendar, but she claims she was duped into posing. Hobie gets into a fight at school which disqualifies him from a field trip to Baywatch, which requests a parent-teacher meeting between Mitch and Hobie's attractive teacher, Amanda Keller.

    S1/EP 17 - Snake Eyes

    Eddie is drawn into gambling after Cort takes him to an illegal offshore casino and after a few nights of bad luck, Eddie finds himself $3,000 in debt. But when Cort discovers the place to be rigged with loaded dice and marked cards, he, Craig and Eddie conspire to beat the gamblers at their own game. Meanwhile, Hobie thinks he can slack off after his English teacher, Amanda Keller, and Mitch begin dating, but he finds out otherwise.

    S1/EP 18 - Eclipse

    When a rookie lifeguard claims he saw an apparition of a young girl running through the surf in a white nightgown, everyone thinks he's crazy. But when the lifeguard turns up dead after being drowned, Eddie is haunted by the same apparition and it revives a painful memory of the drowning of his sister. Meanwhile, Hobie attempts to babysit for a friend's dog in his house without Mitch noticing.

    S1/EP 19 - Shark Derby

    After a couple of sharks are seen in the bay and just off of the beach, Mitch becomes even more concerned when the greedy owner of a restaurant sponsors a Shark Derby to help promote the restaurant with a prize of $25,000 to the one who kills the biggest shark. Lives are put at risk, especially for one Baywatch lifeguard who is attacked while saving some children, and Mitch becomes determined to find out why so many sharks are in the area and what connection Bucky, the restaurant owner, has with the unusually large number of sharks populating the bay.

    S1/EP 20 - The Big Race

    Cort promises to come up with a load of cash for a nursing home, but he needs Mitch and Craig's help to compete with each other in a water skiing race with a big cash prize. Meanwhile, Shauni is still grief-stricken and afraid to go back in the water in the wake of Jill's death.

    S1/EP 21 - Old Friends

    Craig, Mitch and Garner go for a weekend hang-gliding trip, but Mitch has an accident when he gets stuck in a tree and eventually falls. With Mitch unconscious, Craig and Garner have to wait for a rescue helicopter to come, which is delayed. Meanwhile, Cort reacquaints himself with a woman whose husband had drowned a year ago, but learns that the husband actually faked his death to collect an insurance. Now, Cort must decide whether or not to turn them both in.

    S1/EP 22 - The End?

    A massive earthquake strikes Southern California causing extensive damage to headquarters. Mitch and Garner look for Craig and Cort who are trapped inside of an underwater cave where poisonous gas is emitting deadly fumes. Eddie is stuck inside of a lifeguard tower with a woman who is about to give birth. 

    S2/EP 1 - Nightmare Bay, Pt. 1

    While rowing out in the ocean, Mitch rescues an underwater photographer, named Linda, floating on some wreckage. Linda's somewhat disjointed, frantic story about something attacking her in an underwater cave which killed her partner and destroyed her boat is misconstructed by Kay Morgan, an ambitious, publicity seeking newspaper reporter, who creates a media frenzy by starting rumors about a "creature in the bay." Harvey Miller, the new lifeguard and prankster, benefits from the events by selling undersea creature T-shirts. Meanwhile, Shauni rescues a young girl from drowning and soon becomes compelled to rescue the girl, her brother and their mother from the life they live in the slums of South-Central L.A., much to Eddie's chagrin. While Shauni deals with her possessive father who disapproves of her lifeguard job, Mitch also pressures Captain Thorp to ask for funding for new advanced motorboats, called Scarabs, for the team.

    S2/EP 2 - Nightmare Bay, Pt. 2

    Just when the media frenzy about the so-called 'Creature in the Bay' subsides, the unseen sea monster attacks again by sinking a fishing trawler. Mitch and Devon Conner, a fellow lifeguard and environmental activist, suspect more about the mysterious attacks, while Kaye Morgan investigates an offshore oil company's rights for drilling and thinks there is a connection between the company and the creature in the bay. Meanwhile, Linda lusts after Mitch after having dinner at his house. Shauni tries to get Jordan and Tiana's mother to let them join an lifeguard youth group to keep Jordan off the streets, while she finally come to terms with her stern father. Also, Camptan Thorp finally gets the first 'Scarab' motorboat for Baywatch and helps Mitch and Devon solve the mystery of the creature in the bay.

    S2/EP 3 - The One That Got Away

    Megan, the Australian lifeguard and marine biologist, is attacked by a crazed fisherman who also attacks another woman. While Megan deals with the trauma of escaping from her attacker, the psycho targets Megan and becomes determined to track her down and finish the job of killing her, and Mitch and Garner decide to set a trap for the would-be-killer. Meanwhile, Eddie takes Shauni away from the stress of life guarding to a romantic weekend alone together aboard a boat he plans to buy at the local marina, while Harvey attempts to woo the other victim of the fisherman. 

    S2/EP 4 - Money, Honey

    Having financial problems, Mitch and Eddie get lifeguard jobs at a private Malibu beach party being thrown by Dita, a brash Hollywood movie producer. When Dita witnesses Mitch rescue a group of people, she makes him an offer to appear as the lead in an action movie after the original star is incapacitated by an accident, while Harvey masquerades as Mitch's agent. Meanwhile, Shauni organizes a bikini contest in order to raise $50,000 for a marine organization dedicated to helping injured sea animals with Harvey's help, who plays another prank by entering the contest himself!

    S2/EP 5 - The Fabulous Buchannon Boys

    Mitch's older brother, Buzz, a surfing nomad, arrives in town for a visit with his newfound 12-year-old son Kyle, an angry and neglected kid who constantly gets himself and Hobie into trouble. Kay Morgan is pressured by Mitch to write an article for her new newspaper company, the Venice Voice', about a dilapidated pier that should be slated for demolition, which proves to be correct when Kyle lands in danger while rashly surfing under the pier. Meanwhile, Eddie and Shauni come across a con man, named Eduardo, who is selling a certain kind of bikini that turns out to dissolve upon contact with salt water. 

    S2/EP 6 - Point of Attack

    After helping break up a gang fight on the beach, Eddie gets the idea of having the Latino gang members join the lifeguard program W.A.T.E.R. which is designed to help out troubled youths. Eddie focuses on the gang's leader, Memo, who is trying to get away from the gang and being constantly bullied by his angry father, Carlos, who is a former Bloods gang member himself. Meanwhile, former lifeguard John D. Cort arrives back at Baywatch to help out Eddie with his W.A.T.E.R. program, while Shauni disapproves of his presence and his influence on Eddie.

    S2/EP 7 - Sandcastles

    Hobie meets a homeless girl, named Charlie, who's about his age and gets Mitch to help Charlie find her missing mother. Meanwhile, Eddie gets stabbed by a crazed homeless man known as Hector the Collector, and becomes determined to track him down. Hector and Charlie's paths cross when he steals her journal, in which Charlie is determined to retrieve. Also, Harvey ends up temporarily homeless himself when his girlfriend throws him out of her place due to his compulsive gambling habit. But he finds another house... with a bevy of attractive airline stewardesses as his roommates.

    S2/EP 8 - Thin or Die

    After an argument with Shauni about their likes and dislikes, Eddie decides to make her jealous by going out on a blind date with a certain Nicole, a woman from a phone answering service in Santa Monica, who turns out to be a very overweight woman. Meanwhile, Mitch and Harvey rescue a stray dog far out in the ocean, which is owned by a captive widow. Mitch takes the dog home to Hobie, where the it proceeds to make Mitch's life miserable by messing up the house and interferes with his dinner date.

    S2/EP 9 - The Trophy, Pt. 1

    Caroline Larkin is a new teenage girl in town from a poor working-class Ohio family who wants to be accepted into a local high school clique. So she lies to the snobbish girls of the group about seducing Eddie whom she develops a crush on. But Caroline's domineering, overprotective father has Eddie arrested for statutory rape after learning about Caroline's so-called score. Meanwhile, Eric Turner is a former Baywatch lifeguard and Mitch's old friend who was the best of the team, until he lost his job after an accident which injured his back and confined him to a wheelchair. The paraplegic Turner also wants to reconcile his lost relationship with the Australian lifeguard Megan whom be pushed away along with everyone else that tried to comfort him over his disability. 

    S2/EP 10 - The Trophy, Pt. 2

    An angry and frustrated Eddie is suspended from Baywatch by Mitch over the statutory rape charges and feels abandoned when no one believes his innocence pleas, especially after his juvenile criminal record is made public. Shauni, despite some doubt about Eddie's true story, attempts to track down Caroline, who has suddenly disappeared, to get the real story to clear Eddie's name. Meanwhile, the reckless Turner is still trying to win back Megan when Ross, a handsome marine biologist that Megan is now dating, arrives and Turner tries to impress her by hand-gliding off a cliff.

    S2/EP 11 - If Looks Could Kill

    Mitch rescues a beautiful young woman, named Alison, from her car after she crashes it off a cliff into the ocean. But Mitch is unaware that Alison is a lethal murderess who immediately draws him into a murderous web of scheming and murder to retrieve a suitcase full of stolen cash from the submerged car which was owned by a man she just murdered. After Alison successfully murders her ex-partner, Drew, a very suspicious Eddie tries to uncover the truth about Alison, and an unsuspecting Mitch refuses to believe Eddie's suspicions about her.

    S2/EP 12 - Reunion

    Mitch reluctantly attends his 20-year high school reunion at West Palisades High School where his ex-wife, Gayle, is also in attendance and becomes acquainted with him for a trip down memory lane, which is interrupted by an attempt to rescue an old nemeses buried up to his neck on the beach by two former geeks after a joke that goes wrong... and a rising tide which threatens to drown the guy. Meanwhile, Eddie finds an abandoned baby under his lifeguard tower with a note to take care of the baby for 24 hours, and Shauni has to be his coach to care for it the proper way.

    S2/EP 13 - War of Nerves

    Mason Sato, a Japanese drug lord that Mitch helped arrest five years ago, has been paroled from prison and he begins stalking Mitch determined to seek revenge against him. Then Sato finally makes his move when he kidnaps Hobie and Kaye in order to lure Mitch to an abandoned warehouse where the two fight it out in a samurai fight to the death. Meanwhile, Shauni asks Ben to give her a lesson on how to surf, which brings out old memories for him over his former surfing days. 

    S2/EP 14 - Big Monday

    The coming of a huge tropical storm brings out a rare form of fear in Mitch over a bad memory about a big storm that struck Los Angeles when he was seven back in 1961, and he meets a mysterious Hawaiian who tries to persuade Mitch to overcome his fear. Also, Hobie seeks comfort with Shauni over his fear of surfing the huge waves of the storm to impress his more outgoing friends. Meanwhile, Kaye becomes intrigued with a young deaf girl, named Lili, and her overprotective mother, Sharon, whom Kaye tries to introduce them to sign language.

    S2/EP 15 - Sea of Flames

    After a drugged out vagrant torches Eddie's lifeguard tower, he, Shauni and Detective Lyle Conners investigate to find an illegal, off shore drug laboratory that's distributing a new form of drug called 'spice', while Mitch and Captain Thorpe are trying to convince the local city board to spend more financing for a new wave runner in order to catch the elusive drug dealers. Meanwhile, Ben rekindles an old flame when Maggie James, a former movie actress he adored for 30 years, suddenly shows up at her old beach front house.

    S2/EP 16 - Now, Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

    A totally weird weekend begins when after Eddie slips and hits his head, he and Shauni respond to a stranded jet skier when they find Gilligan and Mary Ann stranded on a nearby island. Taking them back to Baywatch headquarters, things get even more weird when Captain Thorpe wants to make a TV movie about Gilligan, Mary Ann and the all the Baywatch team with millions he just won in a lottery. While taking a boat out to show the two "castaways" around, they run into a storm and Eddie, Shauni (Ginger), Gilligan, Mary Ann, Harvey (the Professor), Captain Thorpe (the Millionaire) and Garner (the Skipper) get stranded on another tropical isle in the middle of nowhere and it really becomes "Gilligan's Island."

    S2/EP 17 - The Chamber

    While rowing in the ocean, Mitch attempts to rescue a man trapped underwater in some wreckage, without scuba gear. After freeing both of them, they shoot up to the surface and Mitch's life hangs in balance when Eddie and Shauni must take him to a decompression chamber several miles away at Baywatch headquarters to save his life, where he undergoes an agonizing decompression with his life flashing before his eyes. 

    S2/EP 18 - Shark's Cove

    Shauni's friend, Debbie Kent, is a student at UCLA were Shauni also attends college and who's driven to succeed in her swim class by her bossy and demanding father, who refuses to associate Debbie with her surfer boyfriend, Zack. When Debbie disappears later that night while swimming in the ocean, Zack claims a shark attacked her. Shauni and Harvey investigate and soon suspect that Debbie may have faked her own death. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to visit his long-lost, schizophrenic, older half-brother, Bobby, at a half-way house to clear up the past with him and invites him to the beach, where the unbalanced Bobby constantly gets into trouble.

    S2/EP 19 - The Lost Treasure of Tower 12

    Eddie becomes jealous when Shauni is being wooed by a Ian, a beatnik beach poet who charms her with his Bohemian lifestyle and poetry. But things take an unexpected turn when two inept, but dangerous, cat burglars come looking for a stash of stolen jewels that one of them buried under Shauni's lifeguard tower, which lands in Ian's hands after he accidentally stumbles onto it. Meanwhile, Harvey willingly volunteers himself to teach a girls wind surfing class with Ben, despite not knowing anything about wind surfing.

    S2/EP 20 - The Big Spill

    Mitch's old friend Lane Brody, a lifeguard-turned-environmentalist, shows up at Baywatch to investigate Trascion Industries, a corporation that has been long-rumored to be dumpling toxic chemicals into the ocean. When Hobie and a friend of his come down with a fever after falling into a polluted lagoon, Brody sneaks into the Tracsion chemical plant to find evidence of their illegal dumping. But when Brody is double crossed and framed for a toxic waste spill by his informant, Mitch and Shauni decide to break into the plant themselves to find the evidence.

    S2/EP 21 - Game of Chance

    Harvey and Mitch go to play poker on a offshore yacht where they are robbed by a masked man that drives an amphibious jeep. Determined to get their money back, Harvey and Mitch launch their own investigation which takes them to a shady inventor of a water-land jeep that may have been involved. Meanwhile, Shauni invites Eddie over for dinner at her parents house in Beverly Hills where her snobbish father strongly disapproves of her dating Eddie. Then Eddie eventually proves himself when he saves Shauni's older sister, Kim, from drowning in their swimming pool during Kim's engagement party. But despite this, Shauni's father surprisingly still disapproves of Eddie, making Shauni move out of her parents house and in with Eddie at his boat in the marina. 

    S2/EP 22 - The Summer of '85

    At Harvey's advice, Eddie and Shauni visit a fortune teller who tells Eddie about him meeting his first true love. Then Eddie runs into Lorna Cosgrove, a woman whom he had his first sexual fling when he was 15 back in 1985. But Shauni's jealousy turns to concern when she visits Rosalind, the fortune teller who tells her about Eddie's endangerment, and finds out from Garner that the woman is wanted for allegedly killing her husband the night she and Eddie were together. 

    S3/EP 1 - River of No Return, Pt. 1

    Mitch Buchannon, Hobie, Eddie and Shauni travel to northern California's rugged gold country, with C.J. as their guide, to investigate the death of Mitch's prospector uncle where they find an old treasure map leading to a valuable gold nugget along a rough river. Back at Baywatch, two new recruits show up for rookie training season who are the wealthy and spoiled teen Matt Brody, and lower class swim champion Summer Quinn who moves to California with her divorced single mother looking to escape from an abusive past.

    S3/EP 2 - River of No Return, Pt. 2

    After narrowly escaping death at the hands of two local redneck dregs, Drew and Lonny, who are perusing them for the gold, Mitch, Eddie, Shauni, Hobie and C.J. try to track down the infamous "Gold Boot" buried along the river which leads to a dangerous underwater cave. Unable to bear being away from Shauni after she has a pregnancy scare, Eddie proposes marriage to her as well as a life away from Baywatch, and she accepts. Back at Baywatch, Jackie Quinn's abusive and obsessive boyfriend, Jed, follows her and Summer to California and tries to ram their trailer off a cliff. But Matt arrives and saves them just in time, leading to a romantic meeting-of-minds for Summer and Matt.

    S3/EP 3 - Tequila Bay

    Matt goes undercover as a surfer with Jimmy Slade, a local teenage surf bum, to tangle with a surf gang at a beach who have been harassing surfers. Summer meets Slade for the first time and wants him to teach her how to surf, and Ben also teaches Summer the ropes of manning the switchboard. Meanwhile, with Captain Thorpe gone from Baywatch after being promoted to chief, and Ben having been promoted to captain, a new Baywatch administrative commander, Lt. Stephanie Holden, arrives which troubles Mitch because of a past affair he had with Stephanie three years ago that ended when she walked out on him without saying a word.

    S3/EP 4 - Rookie of the Year

    Summer and Matt begin rookie school to prove themselves, but problems arise with Summer afraid to make a pier jump and Matt wondering if he's lifeguard material after being put down by his self-serving, screenwriter father. Meanwhile, C.J. and Stephanie end up as reluctant roommates and their different living arrangements quickly drive each other up the wall. Also, Gudio Torzini, a lonely, bumbling, Italian janitor, tries to get everyone to notice his work when he cleans up the messy offices and classrooms of Baywatch headquarters.

    S3/EP 5 - Pier Pressure

    Hobie deals with peer pressure while trying to impress a new girl, named Heather, who hangs out a Venice Beach liquor store with a group of local delinquents, and he soon lands in hot water after he witnesses a fight between two neighborhood bullies, and Heather eventually betrays Hobie to one of the punks. Meanwhile, Summer deals with her own peer pressure during her first week at the beach as a full qualified lifeguard in trying to impress Jimmy Slade during his surfing competition, and dealing with a clique of snobbish rich girls from the high school she is going to.

    S3/EP 6 - Showdown at Malibu Beach High

    During the first week of school at Malibu Beach High, troubles only begin when a Native American student and Matt's old friend, Bear Sutter, protests the sale of sacred Indian land near the beach. Meanwhile, Summer feels jealousy after Slade is pursued by the snobbish Courtney Bremmer who wants to be a sponsor for his surfing career, and Matt is drawn into "party crowd," while Slade deals with his surfing and a visit from his estranged, domineering, Marine father. Also, C.J. gets a part-time job as the volleyball coach at Malibu High. Elsewhere, Garner gets a desk job at a police station downtown to get away from all the troubles of riding his ATV at the beach. 

    S3/EP 7 - Point Doom

    Matt meets and befriends a mysterious, but attractive, woman who challenges others in illegal motorcycle races. After the girl crashes during a motorcycle race, Matt suspects the opposing biker of sabotage and he becomes determined to seek revenge against the guy in a grudge motorcycle race. Meanwhile, Mitch is into a vigorous training for a swim event with Stephanie and Garner as his trainer... unaware that he's the victim of a little prank. Also, Guido asks C.J. for a little help after he is threatened by a huge guy at the beach for flirting with the man's girlfriend.

    S3/EP 8 - Princess of Tides

    Catherine is a royal princess who longs to get away for just one day from her pampered life. So, she jumps off her father's yacht and ends up being rescued by Mitch who, oblivious to her true identity, shows Princess Catherine around town. But Catherine is also oblivious to the fact that she is the target of two assassins out to kidnap her, while Mitch and Newman are in training on a motorboat personally designed by Ben for a high speed boat tournament that Catherine's snobbish, self-serving fiancé is sponsoring as well as racing in.

    S3/EP 9 - Masquerade

    After the disappearance of a wealthy honeymoon couple in the waters around Baywatch, Mitch and Stephanie pose as wealthy honeymooners on a yacht to lure and capture alleged pirates in the area. But they get so consumed with their role playing that it makes them unprepared when the pirates, led by the local dock owner, board their boat with the intent to kill them for their wealth, while C.J. and a sea-sick Garner circle the coast in their Scarab motorboat looking for Mitch and Stephanie. 

    S3/EP 10 - Lifeguards Can't Jump

    Mitch and Garner go under cover as street basketball players to solve a player's mysterious death from a drug overdose, whom Garner once knew from the beaches of Venice, as well as the local hustler Ozzie who may know a clue to the player's death. Meanwhile, Dennis is an unhappily married man on his honeymoon with his overbearing, klutzy, nagging wife... until his happiness returns when he meets and develops a crush on C.J. whom he asks out to lunch behind his wife's back.

    S3/EP 11 - Dead of Summer

    During the hottest day of the summer, Mitch and Garner are put in charge by a secret service agent to protect the governor during a visit to the Malibu pier for a speech. But things take a turn when Mitch and Garner must foil an assassination when an disgruntled ex-con and his men hijack an explosives laden Baywatch motorboat, with C.J. on it, with the intent to drive into the pier and blow up everyone on it. In the mist of all this turmoil, Garner is followed by a young woman, a friend of his sister's, who has had a crush on him since her childhood.

    S3/EP 12 - A Matter of Life and Death

    Mitch's parents arrive in town for a visit where his father informs Mitch that he's dying and wants him to return to the family business in Phoenix to run his architectural company. While in training for a high school diving competition, Summer struggles to overcome a sudden fear of being in the water after a nighttime body rescue which apparently triggers repressed memories of nearly drowning as a child and only her mother, Jackie, has a clue to her memories.

    S3/EP 13 - Island of Romance

    C.J. and Stephanie go on a weekend getaway to Catalina Island where they encounter various misadventures and characters, including a pair of handsome Coast Guard men and an alleged jewel thief looking for buried treasure, who traps the women in an underwater cave. Meanwhile, Mitch decides to hire a live-in housekeeper to cook and clean for him and Hobie. When an attractive foreign exchange student, named Elke, arrives to take the job, Mitch worries that his attraction to her will impair her daily routine.

    S3/EP 14 - Strangers Among Us

    A group of frantic UFO experts, led by the attractive Dr. Faye Taylor, arrive at Baywatch and set up monitoring equipment on the beach in the expectation of an arrival by extraterrestrials arising from the ocean much to Mitch and Stephanie's chagrin, while Hobie and C.J. join in on the activities. Meanwhile, surfer Jimmy Slade arrives back at Baywatch after a surfing competition in South Africa to rekindle his romance with Summer, unaware that one of his three surfboards harbor valuable diamonds that a couple of ruthless smugglers want.

    S3/EP 15 - Vacation, Pt. 1

    After saving the daughter of a ship's captain from drowning in the ocean, Mitch, Stephanie, Summer, C.J., Matt, and even the bumbling maintenance man, Guido, are invited for a cruise on a fabulous ocean liner down the coast of Mexico for a week of relaxation, where Mitch and Stephanie try to rekindle their lost romance. C.J. takes Matt to the ship's casino, and Guido pretends to be a wealthy count to woo a fairly large, wealthy middle-aged widow. Also on the ship is an escaped drug lord, named Nicholas Rogo, with his gang plotting to escape to South America, whom Summer becomes suspicious of his true identity.

    S3/EP 16 - Vacation, Pt. 2

    The wounded Stephanie and Mitch are stranded treading water in the shark-infested waters of the Pacific, trying to stay alive. In the morning, they find a small uninhabited island to rest until rescued, where Stephanie goes into shock from hypothermia. Back on the ship, C.J. tells Matt all about her addiction to gambling after wining and losing a large amount of her own money, and Gudio continues to avoid the love-starved woman out to find him. When Rogo and his men realize that Summer is onto them, they abduct her and then hijack the bridge, threatening to kill everyone unless the ship takes them to Mexico.

    S3/EP 17 - The Tower

    An escaped psychopath takes Summer and Stephanie hostage in a lifeguard tower at Baywatch and wounds Slade in the process. With the tower laden with explosives and surrounded by heavily armed policemen, Mitch and Matt attempt a rescue before the maniac has a chance to escape and kill Summer and Stephanie in the process. 

    S3/EP 18 - Stakeout at Surfrider Beach

    Mitch's meets and falls for Lena Fioli, a famous Italian actress in town to shoot a movie and who is stalked by two lowlife youths after some of her money. Meanwhile, Gudio asks C.J. and Summer to help him impress his visiting mother after he lies to her saying that he works as a lifeguard.

    S3/EP 19 - Shattered, Pt. 1

    Mitch severely injures his back after striking a rock by a huge wave after rescuing three teens trapped on a reef, and his doctor's report is that he may be a paraplegic for life. Mitch is then sent to a recovery hospital where he befriends Jason, a crippled 10-year-old boy who is soon revealed to be a murder witness in a relocation program. Meanwhile, a corrupt law official and a drug kingpin arrive in town to find Jason before he can testify against the gangsters responsible.

    S3/EP 20 - Shattered, Pt. 2

    While Mitch struggles to walk again, he becomes increasingly angry and frustrated at not being able to use his legs and pushes away Hobie and even Stephanie who offers him support. Only Ben Edwards can relate to Mitch with his own walking disability. Meanwhile, the hit man sent to kill Jason plans one last attempt to murder the boy at the hospital, and Mitch is the only one nearby who can save him.

    S3/EP 21 - Kicks

    Matt enters a kick-boxing tournament while Summer becomes interested in knowing more about Matt's competitor, Steve Thorn. But things take a turn when Michael Branson, an old rival of Mitch's during his days as a Navy SEAL, shows up and plans a kick-boxing showdown of his own between them since Branson still holds a personal grudge against Mitch for having him discharged from the service. Meanwhile, C.J. meets and falls for a French photographer in town for a photo shoot and who inspires her to model for him.

    S3/EP 22 - Fatal Exchange

    A brash new Australian lifeguard, named Wiley Brown, arrives at Baywatch on an exchange program and he and Mitch don't get along because of Wiley's self-serving ways at life guarding and flirting with Kaye Morgan, whom is now debating with herself whether to start dating Mitch after he finally asks her out to dinner. Mitch is also troubled by a bad memory of a failed rescue attempt of a wind surfer in Australia years ago, which suddenly takes a turn when strange incidents start occurring around Mitch and he feels someone is trying to kill him... and correctly begins to suspect Wiley.

    S4/EP 1 - Race Against Time, Pt. 1

    Mitch's ex-wife, Gayle, arrives back in town for a visit 'coldly' with her new fiancé, a wealthy businessman named Ken, in which Mitch has conflicting emotions about his ex-wife remarrying again and Hobie gaining 'out of character' interest in his potential step-father. Meanwhile, Matt doesn't know where he will live after he decides to stay in California rather than move to France with his parents. Summer's mother, Jackie, decides on a new career change for herself when she decides to lease a closed-down restaurant at the beach and call it "Jackies Summer's Place." Things take an unexpected turn when the private jet owned by Ken crashes in the ocean with him, Hobie, and Gayle on it leaving them trapped under 40 feet of water.

    S4/EP 2 - Race Against Time, Pt. 2

    Mitch and the Baywatch lifeguards team up with the Coast Guard to rescue Hobie, Gayle and Ken from the submerged plane before the air pressure gives out. Hobie tries to comfort Ken, while Gayle is pined under steel beams. When Ken shows his true colors by cowering in fear, Hobie, when he should be saving oxygen for him'self,' tries to help his unconscious mother, without Ken's help. Elsewhere, Matt decides to move in with Stephanie and C.J. for a while after his domineering and self-serving father decides to financially cut him off after he refuses to move to France with him. Stephanie tries to explain to Mr. Brodie that Matt isn't the 'bad seed' as he puts out, but just a neglected and spoiled rich-boy who just wants attention. But the arrogant Mr. Brodie refuses to listen, and tells them that Matt will give them a hard time as he did with him. Also, the Baywatch team helps Jackie and Summer shape up their new beach front restaurant for a grand opening. 

    S4/EP 3 - Lover's Cove

    While in junior lifeguard training camp, Hobie meets and falls for a terminally ill junior lifeguard girl, named Lauren, who Hobie tries to win her affections by taking her to a part of the beach known as Lover's Cove to get attached to her. Meanwhile, Summer feels an increasing attraction to Matt while her mother, Jackie, is now dating Mitch.

    S4/EP 4 - Blindside

    Former Baywatch lifeguard, John D. Cort, returns to Baywatch wanting to becomes a lifeguard again and tries to rekindle the flame with his former girlfriend C.J. But after a series of circumstances, she and Mitch discover that Cort is losing his eyesight to an rare eye disease, which he refuses to accept. Meanwhile, Hobie makes an unusual friend: a 7-foot tall giant from a carnival sideshow at the Malibu pier and who shows Hobie his pelican wood-carving skills.

    S4/EP 5 - Sky Rider

    Summer becomes a nervous wreck after her former flame, Jimmy Slade, suddenly returns to town after months of traveling as a professional surfer, and both he and a jealous Matt compete for her affections. The stress of Summer's problems triggers her long-repressed bulimia. C.J. deals with her own romance problems when her current boyfriend, a hot-air balloon rider named Simon, won't take "no" for an answer to go away. Meanwhile, Garner begins to patrol the beach on horseback to help Mitch catch a pair of purse snatchers.

    S4/EP 6 - Tentacles, Pt. 1

    While Hobie is away in Santa Barbara for a surfing meet, an escaped convict's wife, named Debra Harris, takes Mitch hostage aboard their yacht for Mitch to perform emergency surgery on her husband for a gunshot wound he got during his escape from prison. Meanwhile, Matt and Slade are still competing for Summer's affections when the three of them find a dangerous underwater cavern that houses a huge octopus... with an attitude. Summer's continuing secret battle with bulimia begins to catch up with her despite C.J.'s helping talk. Eventually, after Matt saves Slade from the cave octopus, Slade sees that Summer is better off with Matt and he leaves town for a surfing meet in the Caribbean, this time for good.

    S4/EP 7 - Tentacles, Pt. 2

    On the boat, Mitch helps save the convict's life after the surgery, unaware that he and Debra plan to kill him anyway. Meanwhile, Stephanie's younger sister, Caroline, arrives in town for a visit with her fiancé, an environmental investigator, who has a near-fatal accident while out diving. Stephanie investigates and finds that Caroline's fiancé is targeted for murder by his ex-partner for getting too close to a chemical company secret. 

    S4/EP 8 - Submersion

    Mitch becomes stricken with mixed emotions and feelings of guilt after he tries to rescue two small boys from drowning in an undertow and he can only save one, which leaves the other one to nearly drown.

    S4/EP 9 - Ironman Buchannon

    While in training for California's annual Ironman competition, Mitch is taught various "spiritual" moves by a young zen freak woman, named Destiny, who develops a crush on Mitch after he saves her from drowning. Meanwhile, Matt, still living with Stephanie and C.J., takes a "night job" at hustling pool in order to pay for a new motorcycle from a shady woman who's trying to sell it to him. Garner videotapes a co-called documentary on Mitch in training, and Jackie plans with Ben to throw a surprise birthday party for Mitch. Also, Destiny gives Summer spiritual advice after she a strange near-death experience after she nearly drowns from a hit on the head trying to help a windjammer.

    S4/EP 10 - Tower of Power

    While Mitch, Garner and the rest of the Baywatch team deals with a street gang that have been hanging around at the beach and harassing swimmers, Stephanie falls for Carlos, the new lifeguard trying to get away from the gang he was once in and tries to rescue his sister from the gang's leader. Meanwhile, C.J. befriends a magician hanging out in front of her lifeguard tower whom she eventually rescues him from drowning during one of his escape stunts.

    S4/EP 11 - The Child Inside

    Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton comes to Baywatch to stage a Special Olympics competition for the mentally disabled. At Mary Lou's urging, Mitch takes under his wing a mentally disabled teen, named Darnell, who tries too hard at winning than on the ethics of the competition. Stephanie befriends Sammy, a shy young girl with Down syndrome who doesn't try at all to believe in herself.

    S4/EP 12 - Second Time Around

    Matt is surprised when his former motorcycle girlfriend Jesse, (from the episode 'Point Doom') who is now an aspiring model, arrives to shoot a video for an wave-runner advertisement. At Jesse's urging, Matt helps her discourage the video director's advances towards her and he soon becomes the target for murder by the jealous director, while Summer is struck with jealousy herself after learning of the past Matt had with Jesse. Meanwhile, Hobie buys a bargain electronic keyboard for himself as well as an acoustic guitar for Mitch, who gets childhood fantasies of being a rock star.

    S4/EP 13 - The Red Knights

    Ben Edwards doesn't look forward to a lifeguard reunion of his friends, called the Red Knights, over his walking disability when the rest of them are still fit and active. During a night on the town, Mitch, Ben and the other lifeguard trigger a barroom brawl between the retired lifeguards and a old rival team which disrupts Jackie's singing debut at the club. While Ben considers his resignation as the Baywatch captain, his very pregnant niece, Annie, goes into labor on the beach and Mitch has to help her. 

    S4/EP 14 - Coronado del Soul, Pt. 1

    Stephanie, C.J., Matt and Summer take a weekend vacation to San Diego to demonstrate water rescue procedures while staying at the famed Hotel del Coronado. Summer correctly begins to think that her hotel room is haunted, when she's a haunted by the ghost of a wealthy businessman who mistakes Summer for his lost love from a doomed love affair back in 1943. However, a skeptic Matt thinks it's all in Summer's mind. C.J. is drawn to a dolphin trainer, named Keith, at Sea World's theme park and Stephanie becomes attracted to San Diego's lifeguard captain. Meanwhile, Mitch and Hobie visit Mitch's free-spirited older brother, Buzz, and his son, Kyle, once again where Buzz tells Mitch about his wild choice to sail around the world alone on his schooner. 

    S4/EP 15 - Coronado del Soul, Pt. 2

    C.J. thinks about her future as she spends more time with Keith and helps to rescue a stranded dolphin. Meanwhile, the ghost who haunts Summer's hotel room, named Rupert, takes her to be the love of his life who betrayed him and plots to reenact the tragedy that drove him to suicide 50 years ago, while Matt tracks down the real elderly woman who was involved with the death Rupert. After Buzz accidentally falls off his schooner into the ocean, Mitch dives in after him and the two struggle to stay afloat while awaiting rescue. When Hobie and Kyle realize that their fathers are missing, they pressure Stephanie and C.J. to look for them.

    S4/EP 16 - Mirror, Mirror

    An attractive wild young woman, named Mattie, and her plain twin sister, Gwen, arrive at the beach and vie for Mitch's affections. But Mitch is unaware that Mattie and Gwen are the same person, a woman with split personalities which soon lands Mitch in danger when Gwen's other personality, Mattie, means him physical harm. Meanwhile, Matt tries to confront his fear of sharks by going into a shark-infested part of the ocean with Summer.

    S4/EP 17 - The Falcon Manifesto

    After rescuing a group of people from a sinking fishing boat, Mitch meets and falls for a mysterious woman named Kate McCoy, who's actually a reporter, named Catherine Larsen, probing the sale of military technology to foreign governments by a rogue government official. When Kate/Catherine suddenly dies on the beach of unknown causes, Mitch launches his own investigation, despite Garner's protest, and he soon becomes both a murder suspect by the police, and a marked man by a corrupt government agent who thinks Mitch knows about Catherine and her plans. Meanwhile, Matt asks Summer to move in with him on a boat he plans to lease at the marina.

    S4/EP 18 - Rescue Bay

    After witnessing a rescue, a bumbling, ambitious TV producer, named Don Brand, decides to make a pilot movie, titled 'Rescue Bay', based on the life of the Baywatch team which results in chaos from everyone after observing their own "characters" in the show, including Garner's look-alike character, C.J. playing Stephanie's role, and Mitch caught in the middle of it all in playing himself.

    S4/EP 19 - Western Exposure

    A country-western singer, named Jessie Lee Harris, arrives at Baywatch and after C.J. rescues him from a horde of his fans, he asks her to help him find his estranged wife and son living in the area. C.J.'s newest friend, Sadie, hopes to impress Jessie Lee at an amateur night at the local western club in hopes of wining a spot with his band. Meanwhile, Hobie's latest girlfriend, Bridget, develops a crush on Mitch.

    S4/EP 20 - The Life You Save

    After all the beaches are closed down by Los Angeles budget commissioners looking to cut back on funding for the lifeguard squads of Baywatch, Mitch and the team organizes a meeting on the beach with the three budget commissioners and some of the people rescued by the Baywatch lifeguards, which includes testimony from Gov. George Dickson (from 'Dead of Summer'), Charlie Dupree (from 'Sand Castles'), Memo Urueta (from 'Point of Attack'), among others, who try to convince the city budget official not to stop funding for the lifeguards.

    S4/EP 21 - Trading Places

    Stephanie goes to work with the Coast Guard to help crack an arms-smuggling ring in the area, and becomes attracted to a warrant officer, Scott Daniels, who tries to persuade her to overcome her fear of helicopters after she begins having nightmares of her father being killed in action in a helicopter crash in Vietnam over 25 years ago.

    S4/EP 22 - Guys and Dolls

    Matt rescues a shady teenage girl, calling herself Rachel, who turns out to be a con artist hiding from her mentor and ex-partner in crime who as come after a diamond stuffed doll that is being shipped in from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Stephanie continues her romance with Scott Daniels. But she becomes unsure about her future of being with him. 

    S5/EP 1 - Living on the Fault Line, Pt. 1

    Logan Fower, a brash new lifeguard from Australia, arrives at Baywatch on a lifeguard exchange program and he and Matt don't get along at all because of Logan's rash attempts at life guarding. Stephanie is attracted to Riley Ferguson, a seismologist studying the increase of earth tremors. Stephanie's younger sister, Caroline, returns after leaving her husband and asks to stay with her and C.J. in their apartment With Summer gone away to college back east, Jackie Quinn sells her beach side restaurant and plans to move back to Pennsylvania as well. Everybody's plans come to a halt when a massive earthquake strikes, which strands Riley in submerged rocks, capsizes Stephanie's boat, traps Hobie in a collapsed garage, wrecks Stephanie and C.J.'s apartment, traps a homeless bum under the Malibu pier with a rising tide, devastates Baywatch headquarters with Newman and Barnett there, and leaves Jackie's trailer dangling from the edge of a cliff with her still inside.

    S5/EP 2 - Living on the Fault Line, Pt. 2

    After Mitch rescues Hobie, he helps Matt commandeer a news helicopter to rescue Jackie from her trailer on the cliff. Hobie also breaks out of his shaken state long enough to help C.J. save the homeless man trapped under wreckage of the pier. Meanwhile out in the ocean, Stephanie and some of the Baywatch team help to rescue Riley from the ocean floor, and after Logan disregards orders to retrieve a tremor monitoring device, he cuts a deal to be the cleanup person for an indefinite period.

    S5/EP 3 - Aftershock

    Three months after the trauma of the massive earthquake, Hobie arrives back home after spending the summer in Ohio with his mother, Gayle, who asks Mitch marry her again in a formal ceremony on the beach. Everyone is delighted, except for Stephanie who still has feelings for Mitch. Meanwhile, Logan and Matt continue to clash with each other when they begin competing for the affections of Caroline. On the day of the wedding, the ceremony comes to a halt when the team has to rescue a group of people from a sinking fishing boat that hits an old submerged mine.

    S5/EP 4 - Baja Run

    Former Baywatch lifeguard John D. Cort once again arrives back at Baywatch and asks Mitch to enter with him in a dune buggy race in Mexico. But Mitch is unaware that Cort wants to use the race to smuggle rare artifacts into the U.S. Meanwhile, Matt gives up on competing for Caroline after he starts spending time with C.J., but Logan becomes drawn to a wealthy widow at a posh beach club just up the beach.

    S5/EP 5 - Air Buchannon

    Mitch and Stephanie are partnered for a 24-hour shift on a busy day where they help out each other with accident victims and even try to rekindle their lost romance once again. With his father away, Hobie falls for a new girl from his school and throws an ill-advised party at the house just to impress her. The next day, disaster narrowly avoids Hobie when he tries to stop two of his wild friends, J.B. and Connor, from flying Mitch's hand glider off a cliff.

    S5/EP 6 - Short-Sighted

    During junior lifeguard training sessions, Matt deals with Hobie's newest friend, Carter, who is ashamed of his father, Simon, who happens to be a dwarf. Meanwhile, Caroline and Logan pass rookie training to becomes Baywatch lifeguards. But when Caroline begins complaining about being uncomfortable working near Logan, Stephanie takes it upon herself to reassign Logan to another beach.

    S5/EP 7 - Someone to Baywatch Over You

    Morgan Christopher, an attractive, but cynical, female FBI agent, arrives at Baywatch and poses as a lifeguard with Mitch at his tower in order to stakeout a beach front house where Tanya, the girlfriend of an escaped mobster, lives. But Morgan quickly drives Mitch angry over her callous attitude towards him and everyone at the beach. Meanwhile, a grateful Dutch tourist, named Greta, dogs Matt over saving her from drowning and is determined to repay him for rescuing her. Also, Stephanie considers going on a sailing cruse around the world with Riley.

    S5/EP 8 - KGAS, The Groove-Yard of Solid Gold

    Former reporter Kaye Morgan opens up her new restaurant on the beach called the Sandy Cay Cafe (formerly Jackie's Summer Place), and she has a grand opening by having a new radio station at the restaurant with DJ "Lomin' Large," who offers to promote a competition by giving out a rare gold coin worth $100,000 to the winner of a scavenger hunt which attracts thousands of people the beach, leaving Mitch's and Garner's hands full, and even Matt and C.J. joining in with the hunt.

    S5/EP 9 - Red Wind

    A long hectic day at Baywatch begins when the sudden heat from the Santa Ana desert winds stirs up passions, and practically all the "weirdo's" swarm onto the beach, including the Tarot card reader, Destiny, who holds a tarot séance with C.J. as their group leader. Matt deals with overheated passionate lovers, and Caroline deals with a frantic man who thinks his daughter may have drowned, but no body is found. Meanwhile, Mitch deals with Kim, a young woman whom he saved from drowning 11 years ago, and who pursues him wanting to spend time with him. But Kim's jealous boyfriend, Albert, accuses Mitch of trying to steal her away from him and Mitch tries to help Albert win Kim's affections again.

    S5/EP 10 - I Spike

    Mitch becomes attracted to Tracy Dodsworth, an Australian lifeguard-turned-hovercraft rescue expert, who arrives at Baywatch to demonstrate the merits of a mini-hovercraft who feels it can increase the value of saving lives. Meanwhile, Matt joins the pro-beach volleyball tour, but runs into all kinds of trouble over his volleyball partner and their rivals. C.J. also tries to spark a protest over the site of an offshore oil drilling platform, and Garner is struck with stage fright during amateur night at a blues club. 

    S5/EP 11 - Silent Night, Baywatch Night, Pt. 1

    In the week before Christmas, Mitch and Hobie take in a strange 10-year-old girl, named Joey, who turns out to be a professional con artist on the run from a local bookie after Joey's mother Kyla, a drifter and professional hustler, has stolen $10,000 from the bookie. When Kyla lands in jail, Joey cons Hobie into helping her raise money in order to bail her out after she misplaces the package with the stolen cash. Meanwhile, C.J. helps out with a local church program for homeless children and is attracted to the young priest, Father Sam Ryan. A lonely and depressed Matt gets into the holiday spirit when a group of dwarfs, led by one named Benny, hang out in front of his lifeguard tower every day and Matt suspects they may be actually be Santa's elves after they decorate his tower for Christmas. Also, Tracy (who is revealed to be hiding some health problems) gets depressed about not having a White Christmas and Mitch decides on a plan to help her out.

    S5/EP 12 - Silent Night, Baywatch Night, Pt. 2

    Mitch and Hobie finally learn the truth about Joey and her imprisoned mother from Garner, while Joey desperately tries to find the stolen cash that is sought after by the bookie and his henchman. Meanwhile, C.J. wonders if Father Ryan has a thing for her when he offers to resign from his church ministry. Mitch takes Tracy out for a romantic dinner at his lifeguard tower and finally gives her a White Christmas, courtesy of a snow machine given to him by Benny and his "elves".

    S5/EP 13 - Rubber Ducky

    Logan goes to great lengths to get a green card to stay in the country by offering to marry Kathleen, the rich heiress that he has been flirting with for months now. But due to Caroline's jealousy, Logan instead decides to compete in a Rubber Ducky motorboat race with his Aussie partner, Gator, against Matt and Barnett in order to buy a green card with the $10,000 prize money. Meanwhile, Mitch's mother disapproves of him dating Tracy, but soon the roles are reversed when Mitch's mother begins dating a retired lifeguard, and Mitch becomes the one that disapproves.

    S5/EP 14 - Homecoming

    Stephanie and Riley are returning from their long sailing trip in the ocean when their boat is stolen by a frantic environmental terrorist, named Corale, who takes Stephanie hostage with the intention to drive the boat laden with explosives into the new offshore oil drilling platform. Meanwhile, Garner falls for a young lifeguard, in which Mitch decides to play a practical joke on both of them by telling each other of their "hearing disabilities."

    S5/EP 15 - Seize the Day

    Tracy finally tells Mitch her secret that she is terminally ill with cancer and only has a few weeks to live, and Mitch becomes determined to make the most what little time they have left together. Meanwhile, Logan and Caroline have a lot of problems on their hands in dealing with two reckless teenage kids on unregistered wave runners that are endangering lives at the beach. 

    S5/EP 16 - A Little Help

    Six weeks after Tracy's death, Hobie phones a radio call-in show for help to cure Mitch of his depression, and a young artist from San Diego, named Callie, responds to Hobie's call and he tries to get her to meet Mitch at the Santa Monica pier. Meanwhile, Logan becomes wary of intimacy with Caroline after she rescues and revives Ron, an angry and bitter former athlete infected with AIDS with a big ego and a serious death wish. Also, C.J. is in training for a upcoming ballroom dancing contest at the Malibu pier.

    S5/EP 17 - Father's Day

    On Father's Day, Mitch is given a package by his mother, Irene, that belonged to his father dating back to 1988. But Mitch is hesitant to open it since his late father never approved of him being a lifeguard. Meanwhile, Logan is suddenly struck with fear whenever confronted by fire. After Logan freezes during a rescue of a boat fire, Caroline persuades him to see a therapist which resurfaces the memories of his father's death during a similar boat fire incident. Also, Matt doesn't look forward to Father's Day since his own self-serving father is never around.

    S5/EP 18 - Fire with Fire

    Andy Jamieson, a part-time sheriff and an old friend of Mitch's, arrives at Baywatch wanting to fill out some time as a part-time lifeguard. But Mitch disapproves of Andy's ways at man-handling two belligerent vagrants that harass beach goers. Meanwhile, Logan tells Caroline that he's annulling his marriage to the heiress and asks a reluctant Stephanie for help to acquire a green card fast.

    S5/EP 19 - Deep Trouble

    Matt and C.J. find John D. Cort, now homeless and almost completely blind, living under her lifeguard tower in which C.J. questions his presence and it also brings up a slight case of jealousy in Matt. Meanwhile, Kaye introduces Mitch and Hobie to Nick, a 10-year-old boy dying from leukemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant within 48 hours. Mitch and Cort attempt to track down Nick's older bother brother Jamie, an archaeologist diver who has been kidnapped with his wife by a drug lord and his men looking to find a stash of narcotics lost in a wreckage 100...

    S5/EP 20 - Promised Land

    Mitch, Caroline and lifeguard Barnett rescue a pregnant Chinese woman from her raft in the ocean and Mitch soon becomes involved in tracking down the refugee's sister who's connected to smugglers bringing illegal Chinese refugees into the country. Meanwhile, Matt and Garner have their hands full on the beach in trying to break a robbery scam involving an attractive young woman who distracts guys so her boyfriend can steal their wallets out from under them. When Matt himself becomes a victim of the crafty couple, he makes the determination to catch them personal and teams with Hobie to help him. 

    S5/EP 21 - The Runaways

    Kaye hires Molly, a young Englishwoman panhandling on the beach, as a singing waitress at the Sandy Cay Cafe to boost business. In addition to wanting to be a famous singer, Molly also has a young teenage runaway girl under her wing, as well as her jealous and possessive fiancé from England shadowing her. Meanwhile, British daredevil stuntman Richard Branson arrives to set a new world record by water skiing from behind a blimp and Mitch and Matt have to handle the safety for the event. Also, Stephanie begins to get on Caroline's nerves once again when Stephanie tries to keep Caroline in check from making mistakes as a rookie.

    S5/EP 22 - Wet and Wild

    When a stunt show lead by Johnny Danger comes to Baywatch, Hobie and his friends are intrigued by Johnny and his motorcycle stunts. But Mitch and Garner are concerned after finding out that Johnny Danger encourages teen-age drinking. Meanwhile, Neely Capshaw, an attractive new lifeguard, arrives at Baywatch and is assisted by Matt. But when Matt discovers that Neely is a alcoholic who drinks while on the job, he reports her to Mitch. But Neely promptly shows her true devious colors by bringing sexual harassment charges against Matt and he is forced to fend for himself against the sociopath Neely when even Mitch and C.J. turn against him.

    S6/EP 1 - Trapped Beneath The Sea, Pt. 1

    Neely Capshaw, the unwholesome, psycho lifeguard who tried to frame Matt for sexual harassment, arrives back at Baywatch for a job as the switchboard operator and is greeted with a hostile reception from everyone, especially C.J. who personally holds Neely responsible for Matt's departure from Baywatch. Meanwhile, Stephanie recruits Olympic hopeful swimmer Cody Madison as a new lifeguard, and decides to dedicate herself to be his personal training coach for the next Olympics. Also, Logan is trying to go into the fashion business with a new swim wear design with his Australian partner, Gator, while romancing his investor's daughter, Beth, and taking credit for everything. Mitch considers working as a private investigator in a detective agency at night. But everyone's paths collide when an abandoned offshore oil rig collapses after hitting an old submerged mine, trapping Cody, Neely and four other people under water.

    S6/EP 2 - Trapped Beneath The Sea, Pt. 2

    Neely and Cody try to keep the four people (especially two seriously injured ones) alive on the sunken oil rig until help arrives when Mitch, Stephanie and Logan must find away to get into the structure to rescue them before the air supply runs out. At the end, despite Neely's heroic attempts and proving herself to be a very good lifeguard during the rescue, the Baywatch team still resents her presence and plans to give her a hard time. Logan finally gives into Gator's demands for the credit of the swim wear, and Mitch finally decides to join a detective agency.

    S6/EP 3 - Hot Stuff

    During a long, hot, drought-ridden summer day, Logan becomes jealous when Cody begins to flirt with Caroline during and after rescues. Also, Neely wants to break away from manning the switchboard and become a tower lifeguard, in which Stephanie seeks to prevent. Kaye asks Hobie to help volunteer a group of four young blind children she is looking after at a blind school. But things take another turn when a huge brush fire, fueled by toxic chemicals, traps Hobie and his young blind charges in the hills and Mitch is the only one who can save them.

    S6/EP 4 - Surf's Up

    After a number of unusual circumstances occur around the beaches, including Cody and Neely rescuing two surfer boys that come down with a fever, an environmentalist group comes to Baywatch to protest the dumping of chemicals from the storm drains, and Mitch enlists the Beach Boys for a benefit concert to help out raise money for repairing the storm drains. Meanwhile, Stephanie's ex-husband, Billy, suddenly turns up much to her uncertainty and Caroline's wariness. Also, Neely begins wooing Cody while teaching him the ropes of surfing while she also confides in him about how she prides herself being the 'bad girl' and persuades him to embrace his own dark side.

    S6/EP 5 - To Everything There Is a Season

    Mitch's mother, Irene, arrives in town for a visit and after a series of unusual circumstances, Mitch forces her to see a doctor where she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. But things take another turn when Mitch's mother wanders off during one of her Alzheimer's phases and is soon missing. Meanwhile, Cody agrees to swim to Catalina with Stephanie as part of his Olympic training, which takes a detour when two boatloads of drunken college students have an accident and Cody and Stephanie are the only ones nearby to rescue all of them. Also, Logan continues to be insanely jealous with Cody hanging around Caroline, while the manipulative sociopath Neely sees an opportunity to use their feud to her own advantage by continuing to taunt Logan with some damaging information she has about him.

    S6/EP 6 - Leap of Faith

    C.J. returns to Baywatch after a vacation in Europe and immediately goes on a girls junior lifeguard trip to Catalina with Stephanie, Caroline, and even the devious Neely tags along where they try to teach the girls the values of teamwork after two of them get trapped in an underwater cave. Meanwhile, Mitch gains an adopted daughter when Joey Jennings, the young con artist from 'Silent Night, Baywatch Night', comes to live with him and Hobie after her mother suddenly dies, and who dreams of becoming a lifeguard like Mitch.

    S6/EP 7 - Face of Fear

    Hobie's new friend, Isaac, is a frustrated and angry young kid who will do just about anything to get his distant, workaholic father's attention by trying to swim down a dangerous offshore reef cataract called "the shredder." Meanwhile, Caroline meets Cory, a young horse jockey on the beach whom she encourages to race again ever since he dropped out for an accident. Then things take a turn when an old rival of Cory's pushes him into a grudge horse race at the beach to test the will of the other.

    S6/EP 8 - Hit and Run

    Logan takes Cody's car without his permission to get to a business dinner, gets into an accident, and claims a hit and run driver was responsible. Meanwhile, C.J. takes in a injured sea lion which causes problems for Caroline and everyone else due to the mammal's shenanigans. Stephanie continues to give Neely a hard time who eventually rebels by refusing an order to stay on the switchboard during a rescue. Also, Hobie and his new friend, Terri, convinces the rest of the lifeguards into a paint ball war among them to test their will of one another, while Mitch and Stephanie constantly argue over his short lifeguard hours by day and long PI hours by night.

    S6/EP 9 - Home Is Where the Heat Is

    Matt Brody returns to Baywatch to try to make up his lost relationship with C.J. But things take an unexpected turn when a group of ruthless modern day pirates take a millionaire couple hostage and place them under water on the wreck of the sunken oil platform with a few hours of air. When Matt and Neely speed by in their Scarab motorboat, the pirates take them hostage as well. Meanwhile, Joey's past may jeopardize her adoption to Mitch when a professional beatnik criminal, named Trapper, recruits an unwilling Joey to commit a burglary job as payback for her mother's past scams against him.

    S6/EP 10 - Sweet Dreams

    Logan's problems with Caroline begin when he finds an abandoned baby in his lifeguard tower and mistakenly thinks that it's his that one of his many former girlfriends left for him to care for, and Mitch and Hobie have their hands full after volunteering to watch the infant for a while. Meanwhile, Stephanie prepares Cody as he tries out for the Olympic swim team with a 100-meter relay to make it to the semi-finals.

    S6/EP 11 - The Incident

    Caroline blames herself for a teen's death in a fiery nighttime boating accident in which five drunken, underage teenage boys accidentally set fire to their boat and one of them drowns. Caroline then fails a lifeguard re-check, pushes away Mitch, Cody, and even Stephanie who offer her comfort, and falls under the influence of bad girl Neely in drinking and hanging out with her biker friends.

    S6/EP 12 - Beauty and the Beast

    A mysterious, unseen creature begins attacking swimmers and surfers, and it soon turns out that the creature is a mutant alligator living in the storm drains under Venice Beach. So, Mitch, Logan, and Cody take it upon themselves to venture into the maze-like catacombs under the city to capture the beast. Meanwhile, Inside Sports Magazine wants a lifeguard for their swimsuit issue and Caroline and C.J. decide to try out for it. But when C.J. comes down with chicken pox, the crafty Neely sees an opportunity to both remove the other competition of Caroline and enter the tryouts herself.

    S6/EP 13 - Desperate Encounter

    Logan is spending much of his free time at a horse ranch where the owner, Carmen Masters, tells him that she needs $50,000 to keep her ranch working and prevent the horses from being sold to a slaughter house. The solution comes when country western singer Jessie Lee Harris returns to Baywatch for a recording session and offers his help to Carmen, Logan, C.J. and Cody by performing at a benefit concert. Meanwhile, Mitch goes on a vacation to Baja, Mexico with his new girlfriend, Shelby, where they land in danger after they witness a murder by a man who pushes his wife off their yacht. When the man realizes that Mitch and Shelby are onto him, he decides to kill both of them too.

    S6/EP 14 - Baywatch Angels

    Jack Ripley, a schizophrenic mental patient, escapes from an insane asylum to wreak revenge on the Baywatch lifeguards, particularly Logan and Stephanie for sending him there by setting trip-wire bombs wherever they go. From then on, the show becomes Caroline's fantasy of Charlie's Angels, with Stephanie, C.J. and Caroline playing the Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly characters who attempt to track down the psycho before he can strike again.

    S6/EP 15 - Bash at the Beach

    C.J. rescues pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, who then tells her, Cody and the rest of the Baywatch team that he's in town with fellow wrestler Randy Savage in trying to prevent the Venice Boys Youth Center that is faced with being closed down from his arch rival, pro wrestler Ric Flair and his gang, Kevin Sullivan and Big Van Vader. Flair then challenges Hogan and Savage into a grudge wrestling match for control of the youth center. Meanwhile, Stephanie is dating Mitch's old friend, Tom Morella, a dermatologist who diagnoses her with melanoma, which turns Stephanie into a nervous wreck.

    S6/EP 16 - Free Fall

    Mitch is bullied by an old friend, named Tom, to go sky-surfing with him and Matt for the joy of the experience. But when Mitch's parachute fails, his life flashes before his eyes of his times at Baywatch as he plunges to his apparent doom. Meanwhile, tabloid reporters follow C.J.'s relationship with Mike Gardner, a pro football player.

    S6/EP 17 - Sail Away

    Stephanie is recruiting lifeguards for the annual Lifeguard Sailing Regatta where they will compete with the lifeguards of South Bay. Stephanie, Caroline, Cody, Newman and Barnett sign on, including Neely who reveals that she has a personal grudge against the lifeguard in charge of the South Bay team, Kurt Daniels, who was her former boyfriend and Neely is determined to win the race to get back at him at any cost. Meanwhile, Mitch's PI boss, Ryan McBride, reveals that Joey has grandparents from back east, who arrive in town wanting permanent custody of Joey, and Mitch must decide whether to fight a messy courtroom battle to keep Joey (as he did with Gayle over Hobie) or let her go for good.

    S6/EP 18 - Lost and Found

    Mitch and Caroline rescue a Vietnamese émigré who falls off a fishing pier and gets amnesia. Mitch then investigates and tries to find the Amerasian's father, a former Vietnam veteran-now a weather beaten fisherman, to talk to the amnesia girl. Meanwhile, C.J. meets a developmentally disabled, wheelchair bound man, named Jess, who's a comedian-wannabe who wants wheelchair access to the beach and she gets Cody, now working part-time at a bicycle shop (as a result of a sprained hand), to help Jess out.

    S6/EP 19 - Forbidden Paradise, Pt. 1

    Mitch, Matt, Logan, Stephanie, Caroline and C.J. are invited to Hawaii for a week to oversee new lifeguard techniques and to take a few days of relaxation, where Stephanie is drawn to the head lifeguard Mark Keoala. Meanwhile, Logan becomes obsessed in competing in the Gary Lopez surfing competition which leaves him with no time for Caroline. Carlton Edwards, a bumbling photographer with an incredible amount of bad luck, causes problems for everyone in which it passes on to C.J. and even Stephanie who realize that a piece of lava rock is responsible.

    S6/EP 20 - Forbidden Paradise, Pt. 2

    When Matt and C.J.'s romantic week is cut short when she is called back to Baywatch, he and Mitch take a boat trip to a remote island which turns into a nightmare when they struggle to find help and safety after Matt gets stung by a poisonous scorpion fish and they stumble into a village of primitive Hawaiian natives. Mitch and Matt get involved into helping a young villager, named Mai, who is harassed by her insanely jealous suitor, Mako, who's the only one not very enthusiastic to have Mitch and Matt in the village. Back on the North Shore, Logan tries to make it up to Caroline to show her that she does matter in his life aside from the upcoming surfing competition, and Stephanie persuades Carlton to return the piece of lava rock back to its natural places to remove the spell of bad luck on him.

    S6/EP 21 - The Last Wave

    Kaye Morgan is reunited with her old boyfriend Wes Masters, a champion surfer in town wanting to finish his surfing career for good and settle down with her. But after a accident in which Wes suddenly dies, Kaye is struck with grief, as well as Wes's 10-year-old brother who's part of Kaye's sailing class. Meanwhile, Stephanie undergoes surgery for melanoma, with Tom as her doctor to persuade her to be brave and he ends up proposing marriage to her. Caroline's engagement to Logan takes a turn when Neely begins wooing him in wanting to land as a model for his swim wear designs.

    S6/EP 22 - Go for the Gold

    While in training for underwater Olympic techniques, Cody and Stephanie find a rare Spanish gold medallion on the ocean floor and Cody becomes obsessed to find more gold, much to C.J.'s chagrin. But things take a turn when a couple of drug smugglers happen by to retrieve a package of cocaine they threw overboard and Cody gets the bends after rescuing Stephanie from the smugglers during a scuffle on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, a pack rat causes problems for everyone at Baywatch headquarters by stealing items from Neely and the other lifeguards. When the rat steals Newman's prize wristwatch, he makes the determination to capture the rat personal and teams with Logan to help him out.

    S7/EP 1 - Shark Fever

    Logan, wanting a new course in life than being a lifeguard, decides to write and direct a low-budget action flick at the beach using a drugged shark as the villain, with Caroline as the star. But things take a unexpected turn when a very great white shark appears and attacks Cody and a number of other swimmers in the area as Mitch and the rest of the squad try to hunt it down... 'Jaws' style, while Logan sees an opportunity to grab for his movie. Meanwhile, a new lifeguard, Donna Marco (the former owner of the "Nights" club on 'Baywatch Nights') arrives for a lifeguard job at Baywatch and she and Neely don't hit it off not only because of Donna also being a 'bad girl', but because of Donna being assigned to the same tower with a lifeguard boyfriend of Neely's

    S7/EP 2 - The Contest

    Captain Samantha Thomas, Mitch and Stephanie's new boss, decides to promote a swimsuit pageant to raise money for a life saving program which involves funding for a new high-powered rescue boat, called the Wind Jet, developed by Cody and the new lifeguard Jordan Tate. When Mitch volunteers to be one of the judges, it puts him in an awkward position when Samantha forbids socializing with the contestants, and two of the bikini contenders, a poor rich girl named Audrey, and a bad girl named Elena, who blackmails Donna with an incident from her past, will do just about anything for Mitch's vote. Meanwhile, Caroline begins taking acting classes where she sets her eyes on her acting coach, Darren Highland, while Logan is seeking a way for Caroline to act in his newest screenplay.

    S7/EP 3 - Liquid Assets

    C.J. befriends Max, an eccentric old man on the beach who claims he was a famous Hollywood costume designer and after he suddenly dies, she is shocked to discover that his will has apparently left her with $4 million. Meanwhile, Manny Gutierrez, a Latino teenager from East Los Angeles, moves to Malibu after his mother gets a job as a maid for a wealthy family and immediately tries out for the junior lifeguards. Hobie is assigned by Cody to coach Manny while dealing with his wild friends, Connor and J.B., pressuring Hobie to go with them to a tattoo parlor.

    S7/EP 4 - Windswept

    Mitch is the main attraction at the Baywatch Lifeguard Bachelor Auction and is "bought" for $5,000 by a wealthy socialite, named Alicia Hancock, who's eager to put him to her very satisfaction. But Mitch ends up stranded on a desert island with the snobbish Alicia in which both of them get on each others nerves fast. Meanwhile, Cody joins a roller-blade hockey team to satisfy his yen for power while Caroline and Stephanie enjoy watching his performance on the court.

    S7/EP 5 - Scorcher

    When a heat wave hits Baywatch, a long chaotic day begins when a Secret Service agent, named Duddly Dawson, arrives to take charge of the beach after President Clinton wants to jog there while he's in town, and Agent Dawson's antics nearly drive Mitch and Samantha up the wall. Meanwhile, Cody suffers through relentless rescues with Newman as well as a visit by an IRS agent auditing him, and C.J. has to go to a dentist for a root-canal filling. Hobie helps Neely out with various mishaps which include an obnoxious lost child, as well as Manny dealing with two lost kids of his own, and Jordan is stuck with another lost girl who grows attached to her. Also, Caroline meets a homeless man in a garbage can and she later stops him from killing himself and he's apparently the only one who seems to care that today is her birthday.

    S7/EP 6 - Beach Blast

    Mitch hires MTV VJ Jenny McCarthy to throw a "beach blast"; a live televised tournament to sponsor a Special Olympics tournament at the beach, in which Mitch, Donna, Cody, Jordan and Newman are competing with the MTV athletes for the benefits. Meanwhile, Cody moves in with C.J. and Caroline after being evicted from his apartment and soon finds himself in the middle of a major feud between the two women over living conditions.

    S7/EP 7 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

    C.J.'s mother, Shelly Sands, a former Las Vegas showgirl, arrives in town seeking C.J.'s help to get away from her mobster ex-boyfriend, Tony Blanton, and his goons who are determined to retrieve an incriminating computer disk of their gambling and income tax evasion schemes that Shelly stole as part of an insurance policy. When Malanto and his men hold C.J. and Shelly hostage on a remote beach, they force C.J. to look for the disk, until Mitch and Cody can figure out what's really going on in time to rescue them.

    S7/EP 8 - Let the Games Begin

    When it's known that the Uncle Toby's International Ironman series is coming to Baywatch, Mitch, Cody, Newman and the other men gear up for a big competition with the men from Australia. But C.J., Caroline, Neely, Donna, Jordan, Samantha and the other women feel all's fair and let them compete with them for the competition as well, which sets the stage for a series of pranks between the men and women. Complications arise when an old boyfriend of C.J.'s in the Ironman competition arrives and comes between her and Cody. Also, Manny lets himself be Cody's assistant to find out more about being an Ironman Champion.

    S7/EP 9 - Buried

    Donna appears nude in and on the front cover of Playboy magazine and the controversy divides the Baywatch life guards, including Mitch and Samantha, which gets Donna suspended. Afterward, Mitch and Caroline chaperon a bus trip into the hills containing several teenage junior life guards in training, including Manny who is feuding with Brice, another lifeguard, over dating Brice's former girlfriend. But the trip comes to a sudden halt when an earthquake strikes and triggers a rock slide, burring the bus in a road tunnel. With the air supply running out, Mitch tries to dig his own way out while Samantha, Cody and Donna try to rescue them.

    S7/EP 10 - Search and Rescue

    After rescuing a group of fishermen and tourists from a huge pier fire, Samantha and L.A. fire chief Captain Huntingdon form a rescue firefighting team of six life guards and firefighters, called the Search and Rescue Unit, for such conditions and Cody, Neely, Jordan, and Newman try out for the unit and meet their firefighting counterparts. Their skills are put to the real test when the new group of Cody, Neely, Catalina lifeguard Rick Jenner, and firemen Jessica, Clay, and Terry are sent on their first mission to rescue two men in a partially submerged basement of a fire-ravaged building. Meanwhile, Cody is asked by C.J. to paint his portrait after seeing some of her other paintings. Elsewhere, Mitch has a hard time explaining (and believing himself) to the rest of the Baywatch team of his increasingly strange PI work at night while he has his hands full in trying to catch a vampire from 'Baywatch Nights'.

    S7/EP 11 - Heal the Bay

    While Cody lets C.J. paint an abstract portrait of him, Donna and Caroline co-operate with a local environmental agent after a recent rainstorm washes inland pollutants into the waters off Santa Monica, forcing the beaches to close down. While Donna quarrels with an arrogant photographer who refuses to leave the beach to cancel a photo shoot, an associate convinces her to pose for the magazine 'Inside Sports' as a new politically correct model. Meanwhile, Mitch falls ill after he unknowing swims over drums of toxic chemicals which were dumped illegally off Catalina, forcing C.J., Neely, Cody and Caroline to race against the clock to find the source of the chemical or Mitch will die.

    S7/EP 12 - Bachelor of the Month

    Mitch is approached by Molly McCoy, the young editor from 'Flash' magazine, who asks to nominate himself as Bachelor of the Month for her magazine, complete with a photo and video shoot. But Mitch has other things on his hands in helping Newman and Donna try to catch a large Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish that is infesting the area after having stung a swimmer. Meanwhile, Caroline offers to help Stephanie with her wedding plans to Tom by planing a big wedding whereas Stephanie wants to keep things small, where it's revealed that Caroline is trying to channel her frustrations of her life after recently breaking up with Logan.

    S7/EP 13 - Chance of a Lifetime

    Stephanie and Tom go on their honeymoon on a two-sail schooner with a group of six troubled teenagers. Mitch and Neely also tag along to help keep an eye on the kids and lend a hand on the ship. But hardly when the ship is out of port the radio breaks, leaving them with no warning when a massive hurricane strikes. When the ship begins sinking, Stephanie ends up losing her life after she is struck by a 20-foot section of the sail trying to save one of the kids.

    S7/EP 14 - Talk Show

    Mitch rescues Cassie Cole, a popular TV talk show hostess who invites him as a guest on her show. While on the show, Mitch saves the other guest, Jay Leno, from choking and he becomes an instant overnight celebrity, while the conniving Neely and devious Donna team up in a plot use Mitch's sudden fame to seek a profit on by pretending to be his agent and manager hoping to get a share of his newfound celebrity wealth. Meanwhile, a few months after Stephanie's death, Caroline and C.J. adopt a stray dog swimming in the ocean that leads them to the dead body of it's drowned owner. Naming it "Annie," the dog is surprisingly neat, responds to commands, likes to swim in the ocean, is drawn to Mitch, and won't sleep anywhere except in Stephanie's old bed. C.J. then correctly suspects that Annie is not a dog at all but the reincarnated soul of Stephanie. 

    S7/EP 15 - Life-Guardian

    After Caroline, Neely and Manny rescue three orphan teenage boys from drowning near a rock jetty, Caroline seeks out a mysterious youth who helped her rescue one of the boys, named Derek, who is connected with a street gang that means harm. It turns out that the youth is actually the ghost of Derek's long-dead brother who's looking out for him, since no one can see him except Caroline. Meanwhile, Neely's ex-husband, Peter, arrives and she becomes confused again ever since she walked out on him two years ago.

    S7/EP 16 - Matters of the Heart

    Manny is haunted by his past when two juvenile delinquents from his home borough in East L.A., named Hector and Pulga, arrive at Baywatch for community service and Hector is bitterly resentful of Manny after he moved out of the neighborhood to escape the life of the street gang he was in, while Pulga plans revenge against Manny and his mother. Meanwhile, Neely tells Cody that she thinks Mitch and Samantha are becoming more close to each other, and she happens to be unknowingly correct, while they are planning to give Hobie a car for his 16th birthday.

    S7/EP 17 - Rendezvous

    Kristy and Todd are two of Manny's friends at his high school and who are madly in love with each other. When their romance is threatened by Todd's wealthy and snobbish parents, who employ Manny's mother as their maid, and Kristy's single working-class mother, both Kristy and Todd make a suicide pact rather than end their romance. Meanwhile, Cody meets a mermaid while scuba diving who mistakes him for the lost love of her life. But no one will believe Cody's story, except C.J, who together they attempt to track her down.

    S7/EP 18 - Hot Water

    While out in the ocean testing new diving equipment, Samantha, Neely, and Caroline witness a Air Force jet crash and are forced to rescue the pilot, who tells them that his plane has a canister filled with a deadly Chorea virus 400 feet on the ocean floor and is set to self-destruct if not recovered within the hour. But the pilot is a renegade who hijacks their boat and speeds away with the intention to use the device on the city's water supply. Meanwhile, Cody, C.J., Newman, and Manny are called in to shut down an illegal nude beach up the coast, while Mitch takes Hobie and his girlfriend out water skiing to spend more quality time with him.

    S7/EP 19 - Trial by Fire

    Caroline finds herself being sued for negligence in a civil court by the angry and bitter mother of the man known as "Cowboy," one of the victims of a fiery boating accident that happened nearly a year ago (from the episode 'The Incident'), and she's forced to recall the terrible events that led to the boating accident. Meanwhile, C.J. takes the time to babysit for a neighbor's newborn baby, which brings up the subject that she wants to become a mother herself. But Cody apparently isn't ready to settle down for he is in training for a cross-country mountain bicycle race.

    S7/EP 20 - Baywatch at Sea World*

    After rescuing two people trapped on a rock with an injured sea lion, C.J. and Cody transport the injured mammal to the animal recovery facility at Sea World in nearby San Diego where C.J. develops a bond with the mammal she names "Leo". Also, Samantha gets the idea to promote life guarding material by planning a Baywatch-theme stunt show at Sea World. Meanwhile, Mitch and Jordan attempt to track down the fisherman and his cronies responsible for the sea lion shootings whom are also illegally fishing with dynamite.

    S7/EP 21 - Golden Girls

    Neely and Cody break up a disturbance on the Venice boardwalk started by a crazed young woman, named Jamie Duncan, who's in town for the Malibu Female Bodyboard Tournament whom Neely discovers her to be a manic-depressive and it causes her alarm for Neely's late sister too suffered from the same problems Jamie has. Meanwhile, Mitch and Samantha's romance is put to a real test when Samantha's former fiancé Adam, a sports promoter, arrives to promote the body board tournament. Elsewhere, Newman meets a beautiful blond woman of his dreams. But when Newman finally musters the nerve to ask her on a date, she turns out to be a Mexican tourist who doesn't speak any English. So, Newman has to have Manny come along with them as a translator.

    S7/EP 22 - Nevermore

    In this take on 'Darkman' meets 'Phantom of the Opera', a mysterious, disfigured man, whom the public dubs "the phantom lifeguard," is lurking under the Malibu pier and the dunes of Baywatch and who is sending C.J. mysterious gifts wrapped in Edgar Allan Poe poems. After C.J. has an accident when a pier support falls on her, the "monster" a horribly disfigured man named Adran who lives in an abandoned power plant, rescues her and keeps her at his domain, while Mitch, Cody, and Samantha mount a rescue to find C.J., as do two men, named Brett and Bobby, who determined to capture the disfigured man.

    S8/EP 1 - Rookie Summer

    A flood of new recruits arrive at Baywatch to try out for rookie school, who include Hobie, Manny, and newcomers; Lani McKensie, a part-Hawaiian, part-Caucasian wanting to be a professional dancer, April Giminski, a naive, design major college student unfamiliar with swimming in the ocean, and Skylar Bergman, April's roommate who wants to become a paramedic. Newman is also assigned to teach the new recruits the ropes of the beach along with Donna and Jordan to assist. Manny becomes angry at Mitch after he fails an eye test due to a technicality and is disqualified from rookie school. After Samantha quits her position as Baywatch Captain, Mitch is offered her job and the promotion to Captain by Chief Johnson. But Mitch turns her down for he feels needed more at the beach than away from it. Meanwhile, Lani is followed by her insanely jealous ex-boyfriend, Darren, from Hawaii where Cody met her after breaking up with C.J. and who inspired Lani to try out for rookie school.

    S8/EP 2 - Next Generation

    During the second week of rookie school, April is injured by a bump on the head caused by a mysterious wave runner rider which harasses her, Lani and Skylar and nearly causes her to be thrown out of rookie school. After visiting his home neighborhood, Manny becomes more determined to become a lifeguard than anything else. Meanwhile, after Mitch looks into his past while he himself was at rookie school with the first love of his life, a lifeguard named Beth, he reconsiders the offer by Chief Johnson to become Captain.

    S8/EP 3 - The Choice

    Veteran lifeguard John "J.D." Darius arrives at Bayside and competes with Taylor Walsh, an attractive newcomer, for Mitch's old job as lieutenant and Mitch must make his own decision as to which one will be the most eligible one for his former job. Although J.D. has more experience as a lifeguard than Taylor, he is plagued by haunting memory of failing in a rescue at Daytona Beach where he worked some years ago.

    S8/EP 4 - Memorial Day

    On Memorial Day weekend, Mitch, April, and Skylar find a lot of problems on their hands after discovering the dead body of an elderly Navy veteran whose two elderly Navy buddies of his want to give him a proper burial in the ocean. Meanwhile, Lani considers leaving Baywatch for a career as a professional dancer, until she sprains her ankle during a rescue and Cody professes his love for her. On Hobie's first day as a professional lifeguard, he has difficultly escaping his past when his former surfing friends, J.B. and Conner, give him a hard time over his new job.

    S8/EP 5 - Charlie

    April's mother and her 12-year-old younger brother, Charlie, arrive for a visit where Mitch and Hobie try to make the best of the weekend with Charlie who is revealed to be dying from a rare form of cancer that April refuses to accept. Meanwhile, Hobie and a friend of his want to compete with Mitch and Newman, as well as Cody and J.D., in the annual lifeguard row-boat race to prove themselves.

    S8/EP 6 - Lifeguard Confidential

    A sleazy TV reporter, called Roger Riptide who flies around the beach in a helicopter, starts dishing dirt on the private lives of the Baywatch lifeguards for his TV show much to the irritation of Mitch and Taylor, who suspect someone is leaking information to Riptide. Meanwhile, Caroline Holden arrives back in town after a failed acting career in New York and moves back into her apartment with Cody who is letting J.D. stay with him until he can find a place for himself, and the two of them hit it off. Cody also discovers Lani moonlighting as a dancer at a local nightclub, and Newman hits it off with a shady new blond woman called Larana, whom is unknowingly an informant for Riptide.

    S8/EP 7 - Out of the Blue

    While strange earth tremors plague the area, Mitch tries to get Jordan to meet her real biological mother on a fishing outing, who turns out to be a white woman named Rene (a shock since Jordan happens to be black), who's dying from a brain disorder and thinks the problem is hereditary. But things take a turn after a massive rouge wave, triggered by an underwater tremor, capsizes the fishing boat and traps Rene below decks in a room with toxic fumes. Meanwhile, Caroline worries that her romance with J.D. will come apart after she receives another acting job in New York and cannot refuse the chance to go back. Also, Manny and April seem to come together while they are in training with Taylor for a Coast Guard airlift emergency plan.

    S8/EP 8 - Eel Nino

    The hot Santa Ana desert winds stir up more troubles for the Baywatch lifeguards when a typical day begins with a large hole appearing on the beach, as well as an uncharted sand bar, the lifeguard trucks disappearing and then reappearing buried in the sand. Also, mysterious deaths of sea lions point to a giant electric eel living in the Zuma Beach caves. Meanwhile, Hobie tries to impress April who is torn over being with him and Manny. But both April and Hobie end up stranded in a cave with the giant eel, Manny and Lani getting attacked, and Mitch the only one who can save anyone from the beast.

    S8/EP 9 - Homecoming

    Mitch is reunited with his old Baywatch lifeguard friend, Craig Pomeroy, now a full-time lawyer who's in town trying to honor a Native American's dying wish to die peacefully on sacred Indian grounds at the beach. Meanwhile, Neely Capshaw returns to Baywatch after being incapacitated for months in a skiing accident, with a hidden addiction to painkillers. When Donna figures out Neely's secret, she unsuccessfully tries to persuade Neely to get help because Donna's sister too had an addiction to painkillers. Also, Hobie uses a phony ID to get into a nightclub with his friends and suddenly wins a $1,200 prize dance contest with Lani moonlighting as the dancer "Kyra."

    S8/EP 10 - Missing

    Cody becomes consumed with guilt when his actions of leaving his post before the end of his shift to go on a date with Lani result in the disappearance of a young Latino woman swimming in the ocean, and the incident results in a hyped media circus that comes to the beach to cover the story. While the entire Baywatch force, including Manny, Newman, Lani and Caroline deal with looking for the missing girl, Mitch is also faced with the hostile press as well as the pressure from his superiors demanding Cody's resignation.

    S8/EP 11 - Hijacked

    Caroline Holden returns to Baywatch during a break for her soap opera role in New York, which takes an unexpected turn when she is taken hostage by an armed robber which fills her with paranoia and fear for days after. Meanwhile, Neely, having quit her job at Baywatch, takes another job at a private beach club next door. After watching Neely's sloppy performance during a rescue of a crewman from a barge fire, Mitch finally learns from Donna about Neely's addiction to painkillers, but that doesn't prepare both of them after learning the shocking truth about Neely's "skiing accident" when she confides in them the real reason why she was away from Baywatch not for an accident, but of an unexpected pregnancy.

    S8/EP 12 - No Way Out

    After learning of Manny's ethnic prejudices originating from the Latino street gang that he used to hang out with, as well as from his mother who also may be prejudice at her son dating a Caucasian girl, an irate April joins Craig on a diving expedition that takes a turn for the worse when they are attacked by a shark and then sucked into a water filter pipe where they find themselves trapped in a power plant's underwater cooling chamber at the mercy of both the propeller blades, and the shark swimming outside.

    S8/EP 13 - Countdown

    After Mitch saves a young girl on the beach from a live grenade, he and Cody investigate a sunken ship containing a cache of smuggled weapons where Cody is trapped in the hull of the ship 75 feet on the ocean floor after he and Mitch are taken hostage by a pair of arms smugglers looking to retrieve their arms shipment. Meanwhile, Neely and her baby daughter, Ashley, are staying with Mitch at his house while she attempts to get back on her feet financially, and her living arrangements quickly drive Mitch crazy.

    S8/EP 14 - Surf City

    After breaking up with Manny, April sees romance on her mind with Craig, who is experiencing a mid-life crisis over leaving his wife. April asks a reluctant Craig to attend a formal dinner party with her prompting him to seek out advice from Mitch over the situation he is in. But Craig has other things on his hands in trying to help April catch a trio of wild men on wave runners that are harassing swimmers and as well as learning to ride one himself. Meanwhile, Lani and Cody get a lesson in tandem surfing from a couple of professionals surfers.

    S8/EP 15 - To the Max

    Mitch meets Jenny Wade, a horseback riding instructor who rides on the Malibu beach everyday on her prized race horse, Max. Struck with love, Mitch engineers a picnic date with Jenny using a variety of circumstances, including encouraging Hobie to take one of Jenny's riding classes. Meanwhile, J.D. suggests to Cody and Lani to dive for sea urchins for a major profit, and Cody is the most willing since he needs to pay for a new engine for his lemon car. But things take a turn when Lani has to dive to rescue a trapped diver on the ocean floor, and she loses her hearing, maybe for life, when her eardrums are ruptured.

    S8/EP 16 - Night of the Dolphin

    Mitch's old policeman friend, Garner Ellerbee, returns where he recruits Mitch's help him bust a drug smuggling ring after a lifeless dolphin washes up on shore, and they end up putting Neely in danger when she willing agrees to place a tracer on a yacht of a shady man from the beach club she is life guarding at. Meanwhile, Cody tries to help the now-deaf Lani adjust to life without sound, who finds it increasingly difficult and frustrating.

    S8/EP 17 - Full Throttle

    After a grudge motorboat race between April and Jordan, against Cody and Newman, Cody gets trouble when he uses Mitch's boat as the ante in a bet with a pair of local rich snobs in a more powerful motorboat race. When Cody becomes incapacitated after spraining his knee, Mitch steps in and soon discovers the true nature of the game with the men he and Newman are playing with. Meanwhile, Neely and her baby are continuing to live with Mitch until she can buy a place of her own, and Mitch begins to see the responsibilities of babysitting for Neely's baby interfering with his evening plans, while Neely has other problems moonlighting as a cocktail waitress.

    S8/EP 18 - Quarantine

    A long bad day begins when after Mitch rescues a struggling swimmer, the local Disease Control Center places the entire Baywatch Headquarters under quarantine after the swimmer shows symptoms of a deadly virus. As a result, a nervous Mitch, J.D., Donna, Jordan, April, and a obnoxious medical supplies salesman named Ed Symes, are confined to the building for the whole day and night, which destroys Donna's plans to go out to a rock concert, J.D.'s plans to oversee a photo shoot with a group of attractive models, and April's plans to meet with a shoe company representative interested in her sneaker designs. Newman, who was not in the building during the quarantine, enjoys the time in overseeing the photo shoot himself and spending time with the models.

    S8/EP 19 - Diabolique

    Mitch rescues a troubled young woman, named Sara, from her boat after it catches afire after which she charms Mitch and gets his mother, Irene, to hire her as a nanny for Neely's baby, Ashley. But Mitch gets concerned when Sara quickly develops a dangerous obsession with him and tries to win his affections at any cost. When Mitch lets Sara down, she immediately shows her true colors and plots to make Mitch's life a nightmare. Meanwhile, April and Manny join a charity kite-flying charity contest arranged by Newman for his nephew Todd, a bitter, diabetic young boy who resents not being able to play with other kids due to his illness.

    S8/EP 20 - The Wedding: Bon Voyage, Pt. 1

    In this three-part season final, Neely, Donna and Lani are chosen by the sports magazine 'Inside Sports' for a week-long trip to Alaska on the cruise ship Dawn Princess, where Neely tells Mitch she is thinking about visiting her ex-husband who lives in Juneau to reconcile with him. But things change when Hobie wins a contest for the same Alaskan cruise for him, Mitch and Cody to travel to Alaska as well. Meanwhile, a beautiful jewel thief and con artist, named Leslie Stryker, meets and cons Hobie into taking her on the cruise ship in order to escape with $5 million worth of stolen emeralds, while a ruthless hit man, named Gavin, follows Leslie's path from his murdered partner to the Dawn Princess to recover the emeralds at any cost.

    S8/EP 21 - The Wedding: White Thunder at Glacier Bay, Pt. 2

    On the Dawn Princess, Mitch and Cody surprise Neely and Lani by showing up where Cody tries to stay close to Lani during her photo shoot aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Gavin the hit man briefly mistakes Donna for Leslie who becomes intrigued with him. During a fishing stop in Ketchican, Mitch and Cody rescue Neely from a bear in the woods which seems to bring her and Mitch even closer together. But during the stop in Juneau, Gavin finally recognizes Leslie who takes a clueless Hobie with her in the beginning a harrowing chase...

    S8/EP 22 - The Wedding: White Thunder at Glacier Bay, Pt. 3

    Gavin chases Leslie and Hobie up a mountain and through the skies in para-gliders right to a glacier where a standoff takes place with Leslie and Hobie trapped in a glacier gorge with Gavin above them, while Mitch and Cody (who have finally figured out Leslie's true identity) follow close behind. After rescuing Hobie and capturing Leslie and Gavin, Mitch returns to the ship where he finally reveals his true feelings for Neely after she tells him about the reconciliation of her ex-husband falling though and they decide marry in a ceremony aboard the ship and continue the trip as their honeymoon.

    S9/EP 1 - Crash, Pt. 1

    During the first week of autumn at Baywatch with Hobie gone away to college and heavy rainfall in the area, Mitch discovers that his shipboard marriage to Neely is invalid, which worsens things then Neely's ex-husband suddenly shows up with no knowledge of Neely's baby or anything else making Mitch realize that Neely lied to him all this time and she has fully reverted back to her conniving and devious true self. Meanwhile, Cody decides to travel to New York City to visit the departed Lani, now a Broadway dancer, and April is on the same flight to visit a clothing designer for her fashions. All of that shatters when the place crashes shortly after takeoff off the coast of Santa Monica due to engine failure, killing the pilots and some of the passengers, leaving Cody and some survivors floating in life rafts on the surface and April trapped with three survivors of the forward section under water. 

    S9/EP 2 - Crash, Pt. 2

    Mitch, Craig, Neely, J.D. and Newman co-operate with the Coast Guard in rescuing as many people as possible from the waters of the plane crash and fending off shark attacks as well. Meanwhile, April struggles to keep the three survivors with her, a pregnant woman, a injured steward, and a foreign tourist, alive in the submerged forward section of the plane long enough to await rescue. Also, Cody tries to organize the survivors on the waters surface while looking for a young boy that may have drowned.

    S9/EP 3 - Sharks, Lies & Videotape

    Mitch deals with Captain Alexis "Alex" Ryker, the conniving CEO of a private lifeguard company called Bayguard, who wants to take over the Baywatch lifeguard company to expand her company. When Mitch suspects Alex of setting up rescues to appease Chief Johnson, he resorts to having Cody spy on the Bayguard team to uncover any underhandedness. Meanwhile, April is approached by fellow lifeguard Bridget to pose for a visiting Italian designer for a new swimsuit line.

    S9/EP 4 - Dolphin Quest

    Cody accompanies Alex on a vacation to Hawaii where she wants to spend time with her autistic 10-year-old nephew, Timmy, and to show him to swim with dolphins in the local lagoon, which the mute Timmy is afraid to do so. Meanwhile, Cody spends the time being with Lani's sister, Callie, a local Hawaiian lifeguard, which is peaked when they make a rescue of a boy that falls off a seaside cliff and is sucked into an underwater cave.

    S9/EP 5 - The Natural

    A mysterious figure called "The Phantom Lifeguard," begins making rescues and disappears before being identified by anyone. While Mitch thinks the Phantom Lifeguard is an outsider, Cody and J.D. think the unseen hero of the day is getting his/her information from inside the department. Meanwhile, Ed Symes, the obnoxious and annoying medical supply salesman, returns and tries to get on the good side of Mitch and Alex by riding around with them for the week, and he causes nothing but trouble for everyone as usual. Also, Alex hires Jessica "Jessie" Owens, a new maintenance person and movie stunt woman for Baywatch headquarters. Jessie is inept at keeping things in order, but shows off her physical strength during workouts and it soon becomes apparent that she may or may not be the Phantom Lifeguard.

    S9/EP 6 - Drop Zone

    April mentally falls apart after losing a rescue, while Mitch and the grieving widow refuse to give up searching for the body. Meanwhile, Jessie runs into an old beau of hers, named Deke, who happens to be a convict that has escaped from a prison chain gang and asks her help to smuggle him to Mexico.

    S9/EP 7 - Hot Summer Night

    Hobie takes out his wild and crazy college friends for a boat trip while under the influence of alcohol and they all end up in a boating accident in which Hobie's girlfriend falls into a coma and leads to Hobie being arrested and facing charges of manslaughter. Meanwhile, Jesse begins to doubt her ability as a lifeguard after talking to April about her recent loss of a rescue which leads to Jessie having waking nightmares and freezing during rescues.

    S9/EP 8 - Swept Away

    Mitch befriends Tanner, an abused nine-year old boy who tries out for the junior lifeguards in order to get away from his ill-tempered, alcoholic, divorced father, Blake. But Mitch feels helpless in helping Tanner when everyone tells Mitch not to get involved in the boy's troubled home life and to mind his own business. But things turn chaotic when the bus that Mitch, Jessie and several junior lifeguards, including Tanner, are riding in falls off a bridge and lands in 20 feet of water. Meanwhile, Alex tries out for a spot on the TV game show 'Jeopardy', and finally wins one, but which changes when she saves the life of the host Alex Treibek himself. Also, Jessie tries to get J.D.'s attention by stealing his laundry and bringing it over to his place.

    S9/EP 9 - The Swimmer

    Mitch, feeling that his life has reached a midpoint from his failed marriage to the absent Neely, goes for a day-long tower swim along the beach and encounters various other problems which include, April and Craig's growing attraction for one another, and reluctant heroes Cody and J.D. refusing to take the credit for saving two girls and a pair of policemen after falling off a pier. Meanwhile, former medical supply salesman Ed Symes returns teaches Jessie the more important ropes of stunt working, and he nearly kills himself in doing so. Also, Newman tries wearing a variety of outrageous toupees to get a woman's attention who comes to his lifeguard tower every day.

    S9/EP 10 - Friends Forever

    Mitch takes in an orangutan, named Morton, that escapes from it's abusive dwarf owner which complicates Mitch's and Alex's plans for Baywatch's annual Special Olympics program, while Cody and Jessie deal with Morton's owner, Herbert Green. One of the Special Olympics participators, a hearing-impaired girl named Kara, takes a liking to Morton and when she tries to hide Morton from Herbert, they end up trapped in a cave with a rising tide that threatens to drown her and the orangutan.

    S9/EP 11 - The Edge

    Cody puts his career (and life) on the line when he starts using a performance-enhancing supplement in hopes of making it to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which soon begins affecting his life guarding job as well. Meanwhile, Newman makes a play for Alex who's oblivious to his moves, while she quarrels with Mitch over running the Baywatch lifeguard program. But when Mitch spends more time with Alex, including getting stuck in a traffic jam and ending up in a lifeguard tower to spend the night, Newman becomes jealous.

    S9/EP 12 - The Big Blue

    Mitch becomes acquainted with some old armed service friends of an Army parachutist team where he tries to reunite one sky jumper, Tracy McComb, with her estranged Naval officer father who has a terminal illness. Jessie becomes intrigued with skydiving and persuades Mitch to go along with her for a jump, which takes a turn when they are forced to rescue some people from a boat wreck off Catalina. Meanwhile, Cody helps out Mehgan Hanley-Grier, a world famous, beautiful free-diver in training for a national deep dive competition.

    S9/EP 13 - Come Fly with Me

    Mitch finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he becomes reacquainted with Tanner, the abused nine-year-old boy, whom he snatches away from his abusive father, Blake, and lets the boy stay at his house while Alex becomes Mitch's co-conspirator in helping Tanner. Meanwhile, Jessie has a secret admirer that turns out of be a stunt pilot who is apparently sending her expensive gifts to her lifeguard tower, much to J.D. indifference. Also, Alex has other troubles when several swimmers show signs of food poisoning.

    S9/EP 14 - Boys Will Be Boys

    Craig tells Mitch a shocking secret that he has lymphoma when they become caught up in a high-risk adventure at sea starting when they get lost in a fog while paddle boarding and then get attacked by a shark. They manage to reach land only to end up as prisoners on a top secret military test range. Back at Baywatch, April cannot find the right time to tell Manny about her involvement with Craig. Meanwhile, Jessie tries to end J.D. and Cody's rivalry between them while they are in training for a triathlon by competing against both of them.

    S9/EP 15 - Grand Prix

    Mitch gets the need for speed when Tanner's cousin Damon Lusk, a race car driver, visits for a race car competition, and who also has a meeting of the minds with Alex. But when Damon falls ill due to food poisoning, he asks Mitch to take his place for a major grand prix race, where Mitch comes up against an old rival from his own former race car days. Meanwhile, after the rescue of an obnoxious couple from the ocean that attracts a lot of media attention, Newman, Cody, April and the other lifeguards help to develop a new TV show about lifeguards, titled 'Beachside', which Newman's brother-in-law is going to sponsor.

    S9/EP 16 - Baywatch Down Under, Pt. 1

    Mitch's Zuma Beach lifeguard friend, Jake Barnes, learns that his Australian ex-wife has suddenly died. So he, Mitch, Alex, April, Cody, and Jessie go on a trip to Australia where Jake is to meet the eight-year-old son, Terry, that he never knew. Upon arrival, Jake with Jessie in tow, travel to the Avalon Beach Resort Club where Jake meets with Terry and his ex-wife's friend Allie Reese, a helicopter pilot and lifeguard at the beach club, where Jake and Terry seem to hit it off. Meanwhile, Mitch meets with his Australian lifeguard friend/nemesis, Kip, who wants Mitch and his team for a Eco Race between Baywatch and the local Australian lifeguards, which sets the stage for a major feud between the Baywatch and Australian lifeguards.

    S9/EP 17 - Baywatch Down Under, Pt. 2

    While Mitch, Alex, Cody, and April prepare for their race against the Australian lifeguards, Jake must choose between staying in Australia with Terry or returning home without him. But when Terry does not want to leave Australia, he goes missing which prompts Jake, Jessie, and Allie to look for him. Then Terry and his pet dog land in danger while sailing along the coast in a sailboat, while the Eco Race between Baywatch and Australia gets interrupted when they must rescue a girl pinned under a rock at a reef with a rising tide.

    S9/EP 18 - Waterdance

    Having received a Dear John-type letter from Lani saying that she has moved on and is now romantically involved with someone else in New York, Cody gets a lesson in love when he and Mitch help out a brilliant, but troubled, violinist named Ariana to get away from Lena, her dangerous and overbearing trainer with a secret agenda. Meanwhile, Alex sets out to prove her worth at Baywatch by retaking the rookie physical exams with Jessie.

    S9/EP 19 - Double Jeopardy

    While on her way to her grandmother's birthday party, Alex's day gets sidetracked when she tries to save a diamond runner, named Ben, whose partners, Lisa and Jason, want to silence him for good which leads to a standoff in an underwater cave with Alex and Ben trying to avoid the rising tide and the smugglers circling above in their motorboat. Meanwhile, Hobie and Mitch begin to get on each other's case over privacy in the house, which prompts Hobie to think about moving out. But when Hobie cannot get in with his friends, Neely Capshaw returns and gives Hobie an lucrative offer to move in with her for a while which makes Mitch angry knowing that Neely always has an agenda.

    S9/EP 20 - Wave Rage

    April tries to save Manny from himself after he suffers a life-altering back injury during a rescue. April then decides to take Manny's place with Hobie in a boat race with the other lifeguards from Baywatch. Meanwhile, Neely begins a new plan of revenge against Mitch first by taunting him and then bringing assault charges against him. Then Neely meets her match when she goes after Alex who tries to intervene in the feud between Neely and Mitch. When Neely tries to drug Alex with sleeping pills, Alex is forced to take time off and she finally stands up to Neely by firing her from Baywatch, and gives her a farewell punch to the face.

    S9/EP 21 - Galaxy Girls

    April and Jessie search for the perfect celebrity host the Miss Galaxy Beauty contest Baywatch is sponsoring, when they stumble across and get duped by a con artist impersonator, called Earl, who claims to be the real George Hamilton. Meanwhile, Manny tries to adjust to his new life of being a paraplegic and begins to feel more frustrated and angry at himself and others. Newman tries to get Alex's attention by throwing a beach side dinner while Alex asks Mitch to come to her rescue. Also, Newman is working with a film crew seeking to shoot the perfect lifeguard for a cable access commercial.

    S9/EP 22 - Castles in the Sand

    A frantic weekend begins for Alex when she begins tracking down the builder of several elaborate sand castles that appear every day at the beach, while she gets stuck entertaining her life-long childhood friend Sam's fiancée, Diana, who falls for Mitch, which prompts Mitch to asks Alex to pose as his girlfriend to keep Diana away. Meanwhile, Cody's new motorboat gets stolen by a pair of boat thieves while out scuba diving and he becomes determined to find the group before they strike again.