The Ghost of Murietta - A Mexican teen decides to emulate his idol, legendary bandit Joaquin Murietta, by robbing a $50,000 gold shipment entrusted to McCord.
  • SUNDAYS 5:30 PM
Being the sole survivor of a gruesome battle, captain Jason McCord (Chuck Connors) is falsely accused of cowardice and drummed out of the United States Army Cavalry. This sets the stage for the Western as McCord drifts through the Old West, continually crossing paths with people who want to be the first to prove McCord's outcast status was justly deserved.
  • Season

    S1/EP 1 - Survival

    McCord comes to the aid of a man he finds near death in the desert.

    S1/EP 2 - The Vindicator

    A newspaper reporter from New York tracks down McCord, hoping to learn the truth about the battle of bitter creek.

    S1/EP 3 - The Test

    McCord and a Catholic priest get involved in a deadly encounter with four drunken comanches.

    S1/EP 4 - The Rules of the Game

    McCord comes to the aid of a woman who once saved his life and is now, like him, trying to live down a sullied reputation.

    S1/EP 5 - The Bounty

    McCord learns that someone has placed a $5,000 bounty on him.

    S1/EP 6 - Leap Upon Mountains

    McCord takes a job working for a Quaker widow and discovers that she is being pressured by a neighboring rancher to sell her land.

    S1/EP 7 - Coward Step Aside

    A nearby silver strike causes most of the men to depart the town of Jefferson City, leaving the town's bank wide open to be hit by a gang of outlaws.

    S1/EP 8 - The Mission: Part 1

    At the urging of his former fiancee and her senator father, McCord travels to Washington, where he is summoned to the White House and a meeting with President Grant.

    S1/EP 9 - The Mission: Part 2

    McCord is asked to infiltrate a group of marauding Mexican bandits by President Grant but in doing so he risks the stigma of treason.

    S1/EP 10 - The Mission: Part 3

    McCord succeeds in his mission when he's able to lure a band of Mexican bandits into an Army fort. However, he's unable to convince the fort's commanding officer that he's not one of the marauders.

    S1/EP 11 - The First Kill

    McCord is startled when he meets a man who's a dead ringer for the first man he ever killed in battle during the Civil War.

    S1/EP 12 - Very Few Heroes

    A woman who loathes McCord needs his testimony in order to keep from losing her ranch in a lawsuit.

    S1/EP 13 - One Way Out

    McCord discovers that he's been lured to a ghost town by a religious fanatic and his two sons.

    S1/EP 14 - The Brave Endure

    A West Point cadet challenges the Army's verdict against McCord—and gets court-martialed himself.

    S1/EP 15 - Taste of Poison

    McCord, a female doctor and a wounded Army officer encounter a way station recently attacked by Native Americans while on their way to a hospital.

    S1/EP 16 - Price of a Name

    When McCord takes a job as supervisor at a cattle ranch, he encounters an undue level of hostility, leading him to infer that a conspiracy is afoot.

    S2/EP 1 - Judge Not

    McCord takes an ill-fated stagecoach ride with a group of passengers that includes a prisoner on his way to the gallows and an officer who was present at McCord's court-martial.

    S2/EP 2 - Now Join the Human Race

    McCord tries to negotiate the surrender of an Apache warrior who illegally left the reservation with his family over the objections of an Army major who wants the man dead.

    S2/EP 3 - Mightier Than the Sword

    A female newspaper publisher has to turn to McCord for help when she refuses to endorse a corrupt town boss for an important political appointment.

    S2/EP 4 - I Killed Jason McCord

    A man who claims he killed McCord receives a nasty surprise when he encounters him alive and well.

    S2/EP 5 - The Bar Sinister

    McCord gets involved in a custody battle for an orphaned boy between an old pal's family and a Native American housekeeper.

    S2/EP 6 - Seward's Folly

    After making a survey map of the newly purchased Territory of Alaska for Secretary of State William Seward, McCord becomes the target of two men who want to steal the map.

    S2/EP 7 - Salute the Soldier Briefly

    McCord tries to prevent a witness, who could clear him of cowardice, from being lynched by a kangaroo court.

    S2/EP 8 - The Richest Man in Boot Hill

    McCord helps an undertaker haul a coffin into a town, but he's unaware that it contains a live safecracker who plans to rob the Wells Fargo office.

    S2/EP 9 - Fill No Glass for Me: Part 1

    McCord visits the grave of an old friend and fellow soldier, Corporal Jimmy Macon, and thinks back to the time when they were captured by Indians.

    S2/EP 10 - Fill No Glass for Me: Part 2

    McCord thinks back to when he and a fellow soldier, African-American Jimmy Macon, were forced to fight to the death for the amusement of their Indian captors.

    S2/EP 11 - The Greatest Coward on Earth

    Famed circus owners Barnum and Bailey offer McCord a job starring in re-enactments of the Bitter Creek massacre.

    S2/EP 12 - $10,000 for Durango

    McCord gets involved in a bank holdup when he tries to cash a check for $10,000.

    S2/EP 13 - Romany Roundup: Part 1

    McCord gets on the bad side of a cattle baron when he stops the man from whipping the leader of a gypsy band.

    S2/EP 14 - Romany Roundup: Part 2

    After having McCord jailed on false charges, a cattle baron is enraged when he learns that a band of gypsies have bailed him out.

    S2/EP 15 - A Proud Town

    McCord finds himself involved with a tailor who looks after orphans when one of the man's charges is accused of a shooting.

    S2/EP 16 - The Golden Fleece

    McCord finds himself arrested by uniformed Army personnel and placed in a prison van with a former Confederate officer who's making plans to establish a military empire.

    S2/EP 17 - The Wolfers

    While out riding the trail, McCord comes upon a delirious white girl wearing native american clothing; she's been tied to a clearing by a group of wolf hunters.

    S2/EP 18 - This Stage of Fools

    Actor Edwin Booth, brother of the infamous John Wilkes Booth, hires McCord as a bodyguard.

    S2/EP 19 - A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers

    In this flashback episode, McCord recalls a 3 AM meeting with General Grant during the Civil War.

    S2/EP 20 - McCord's Way

    After killing a gunman, McCord gets offered the job of sheriff in a town that has seen three previous sheriffs get gunned down within the past year.

    S2/EP 21 - Nice Day for a Hanging

    McCord arrives in a town to witness the hanging of a man who once saved his life and encounters the man's son, who swears vengeance upon the town.

    S2/EP 22 - Barbed Wire

    McCord is hired by a cattleman to fence his land, which starts a range war with farmers.

    S2/EP 23 - Yellow for Courage

    After he's stricken by diphtheria, McCord volunteers to be a guinea pig for an experimental vaccine developed by a female physician.

    S2/EP 24 - Call to Glory: Part 1

    McCord is sent by President Grant to find out why famed military man George Armstrong Custer has been criticizing the administration's Native American policy.

    S2/EP 25 - Call to Glory: Part 2

    After McCord prevents a clash between Custer's soldiers and Native Americans, a Native American agent is found murdered.

    S2/EP 26 - Call to Glory: Part 3

    McCord tries to prevent full-scale bloodshed between the Army and Native Americans after the murder of a reservation agent.

    S2/EP 27 - The Ghost of Murietta

    A Mexican teen decides to emulate his idol, legendary bandit Joaquin Murietta, by robbing a $50,000 gold shipment entrusted to McCord.

    S2/EP 28 - The Assassins: Part 1

    McCord is hired by President Grant to infiltrate a cabal of extremists rumored to be plotting against the life of the chief executive.

    S2/EP 29 - The Assassins: Part 2

    After preventing an assassination attempt on President Grant, McCord discovers evidence that points to an influential senator as the mastermind of the attack.

    S2/EP 30 - Headed for Doomsday

    After McCord saves famed newspaperman Horace Greeley from an assassination attempt, he is hired as the mogul's bodyguard.

    S2/EP 31 - Cowards Die Many Times

    The owner of a freight line tries to prevent McCord from completing a survey for a railroad that would put him out of business.

    S2/EP 32 - Kellie

    The saucy 11-year-old daughter of a bank robber vows to get even with McCord for killing her father.