Daniel Boone


The Lost Colony - A strange girl leads Boone and Mingo to the discovery of a lost colony of early settlers.
Frontiersman Daniel Boone (Fess Parker) finds adventure, unlikely allies and assorted foes in the wilds of 1770s Boonesborough, Kentucky. Along with his son, Israel (Darby Hinton), the coonskin-capped Boone explores the untamed American frontier, sometimes joined by friends Mingo (Ed Ames), Gabe Cooper (Roosevelt Grier) and Cincinnatus (Dal McKennon).
  • Season

    S1/EP 1 - Ken-Tuck-E

    Daniel Boone is commissioned by George Washington to build a fort in the territory of Kentucky. The British are talking to the Indian nations, trying to win them over to their side and it's Washington's hope that Boone and his people will be able to stop

    S1/EP 2 - Tekawitha McLeod

    Cherokee war drums sound when Tekawitha, a white girl raised as a princess, is kidnapped and traded to the Boonesborough settlers for provisions.

    S1/EP 3 - My Brother's Keeper

    Ed Ames, in a double role as friendly Mingo and his brother, the savage Taramingo, is featured in a tale of frontier revenge.

    S1/EP 4 - The Family Fluellen

    Fierce pride and an independent spirit cause a stubborn widow and her children to resent help.

    S1/EP 5 - The Choosing

    Daniel’s daughter, Jemima, is kidnapped by a Redcoat major while she is trying to save her father’s life.

    S1/EP 6 - Lac Duquesne

    A river pirate plans to trade stolen rifles to Indians for the chance to drive Boone and his pioneers out of Kentucky.

    S1/EP 7 - The Sound of Wings

    Michael Rennie guest stars as a Redcoat officer who impersonates Daniel Boone.

    S1/EP 8 - A Short Walk to Salem

    As Daniel fights to protect Boonesborough’s season of pelts from a fur-stealing family, little Israel Boone is lost in the wilderness.

    S1/EP 9 - The Sisters O'Hannrahan

    Daniel inherits trouble when he accidentally buys two indentured Irish girls at auction.

    S1/EP 10 - Pompey

    A runaway slave and the white man responsible for his return look to Daniel Boone for help.

    S1/EP 11 - Mountain of the Dead

    A “ghost” from his past and an adversary from the present lead Daniel Boone on a strange journey in which he revisits the site of an Indian massacre.

    S1/EP 12 - Not in Our Stars

    Walter Pidgeon guest stars as the new Virginia governor (and also Mingo’s white father), who serves eviction notice on Boonesborough settlers.

    S1/EP 13 - The Hostages

    A Seneca Indian “goddess” hires a loyalist officer to kidnap Daniel Boone’s wife, Rebecca, as bait to capture Boone.

    S1/EP 14 - The Returning

    Daniel’s smiling boyhood friend, Will Carey, becomes a murderer.

    S1/EP 15 - The Prophet

    The voice of a new holy man of the warring Shawnee predicts doom for Boonesborough.

    S1/EP 16 - The First Stone

    Geraldine Brooks guest stars as a woman accused of witchcraft hiding in Boonesborough.

    S1/EP 17 - A Place of 1000 Spirits

    A British officer and the Boone family are placed at the mercy of a vengeful Shawnee war party.

    S1/EP 18 - The Sound of Fear

    Dan Duryea and his son, Peter, guest star as father and son in an action drama of a merciless bounty hunter.

    S1/EP 19 - The Price of Friendship

    Boone performs a good deed—and is duped by a family of thieves.

    S1/EP 20 - The Quietists

    A devout Quaker family refuses to fight back when everything dear to them is threatened.

    S1/EP 21 - The Devil's Four

    Daniel faces a wilderness trek with four hardened criminals in custody, while renegades wait on the trail to seize freight wagons.

    S1/EP 22 - The Reunion

    The estranged father of Rebecca Boone has searched the world over for her, only to be rejected when he finally finds her.

    S1/EP 23 - The Ben Franklin Encounter

    Daniel risks his life to save Ben Franklin from being hanged as a spy.

    S1/EP 24 - Four-Leaf Clover

    The blundering of an idealistic schoolteacher puts Boonesborough under Shawnee attack.

    S1/EP 25 - Cain's Birthday: Part 1

    A French officer named Michelet conspires with Indian tribes to lay siege on Boonesborough. The Indians appear to have overwhelming numbers and the cutoff townspeople are desperately short on supplies.

    S1/EP 26 - Cain's Birthday: Part 2

    Boone and the people of Boonesborough hole up in the fort using every means possible to fend off the attacking Indians, hoping that a promised British relief force will reach them before it's too late.

    S1/EP 27 - Daughter of the Devil

    A beautiful young Cajun girl is believed to be practicing voodoo when a huge black panther begins terrorizing Boonesborough.

    S1/EP 28 - Doll of Sorrow

    Daniel Boone risks his life to recover a sacred doll stolen from the squaw of an Indian chieftain by a roving trader.

    S1/EP 29 - The Courtship of Jericho Jones

    A headstrong pioneer youth and a beautiful Indian girl refuse to abandon their romance despite serious consequences.

    S2/EP 1 - Empire of the Lost

    Enemy Chickasaws help Boone save Kentucky and its settlers from the greed of a fanatic British officer who means to seize the rich country for himself and sell its dwellers into bondage.

    S2/EP 2 - The Tortoise and the Hare

    Boonesborough’s chances to win the annual spring foot race with the Indians hangs in the balance when Boone, the fort’s best runner, sprains his ankle prior to the hotly contested race.

    S2/EP 3 - The Mound Builders

    Daniel and Mingo find themselves party to a mysterious figure from the long-dead Aztec nation while on a journey to the Shawnee’s forbidden Valley of Death.

    S2/EP 4 - My Name is Rawls

    Daniel goes after a runaway slave who has turned criminal to earn his passage back to Africa.

    S2/EP 5 - The Old Man and the Cave

    Israel Boone rescues an elderly Indian from death in a dark cave and learns he has clashed with tribal rites.

    S2/EP 6 - The Trek

    Boone develops a mutual respect and masculine bond with Benton, a notorious renegade in his charge, as they fight untold odds together in the trek to Benton’s “hanging.”

    S2/EP 7 - The Aaron Burr Story

    Eager and impressionable Jericho Jones volunteers to guide Aaron Burr on an “important mission,” unaware he is aiding a military conspiracy.

    S2/EP 8 - Cry of Gold

    In a plot to take Boone’s land, the man hired to murder him becomes his ally and saves his life in the end.

    S2/EP 9 - The Peace Tree

    Israel Boone, the Cherokee chief’s son and a Scottish settler’s boy help avert a war between settlers and Indians.

    S2/EP 10 - The Thanksgiving Story

    Boone’s eccentric father-in-law leads the warring Choctaws into a peaceful trap.

    S2/EP 11 - A Rope for Mingo

    Boone’s efforts to save Mingo from a mob intent upon hanging him for killing a white trader’s family are futile until he can find the real culprit.

    S2/EP 12 - The First Beau

    Jemima experiences the sweet pangs of first love with a dashing young outlaw who goes straight because of his feelings for her.

    S2/EP 13 - The Perilous Journey

    Daniel Boone acts as a messenger for the President of the United States, carrying a dispatch confirming the Louisiana Purchase, despite opposition by British agents.

    S2/EP 14 - The Christmas Story

    The birth of an Indian child poses a threat to the peace of Boonesborough when Daniel Boone’s kindness in giving shelter to the new mother is misrepresented.

    S2/EP 15 - The Tamarack Massacre Affair

    Boone and Mingo combat a British plot to instigate war between the settlers and the Indians.

    S2/EP 16 - Gabriel

    Boone and Mingo sabotage a hostile Spanish search for a French look-alike of Boone’s.

    S2/EP 17 - Seminole Territory

    In Seminole territory, Daniel and Mingo encounter Fletcher Cameron, a magician who soon impresses the Native Americans with his tricks. Soon the magician begins fancying himself as a potential leader of the Seminoles.

    S2/EP 18 - The Deserter

    Four bounty hunters seeking two Army deserters capture a half-breed Indian boy and, by mistake, Daniel Boone.

    S2/EP 19 - Crisis by Fire

    A smallpox epidemic threatens Boonesborough, and an ambitious ex-officer in the Continental Army sees a way to use the scourge to gain power.

    S2/EP 20 - The Gun

    While Daniel's in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to have a rifle made, an unscrupulous tavern owner tries to obtain his quipu, a gift given to Daniel by a Shawnee chief. The quipu guarantees him safe passage in his travels.

    S2/EP 21 - The Prisoners

    As the execution of Edward Eliot is carried out under the supervision of Colonel Calloway, his brother, Matthew Eliot, vows revenge.

    S2/EP 22 - The Fifth Man

    Daniel Boone and four companions try to blow up a key bridge on the route to Forty Wayne in hopes of preventing the British from capturing the Fort.

    S2/EP 23 - The Gun-Barrel Highway

    The Shawnees go on the warpath when construction engineers violate an agreement with the tribe by building a highway through Indian hunting grounds.

    S2/EP 24 - The Search

    On his way to market furs in New Orleans, Boone is ambushed and robbed. While tracing his assailant, he becomes involved in a search for pirate gold.

    S2/EP 25 - Fifty Rifles

    A former British officer wants to trade 50 stolen rifles to the Shawnees for a tract of land.

    S2/EP 26 - The Trap

    Boone trails a band of renegades who have robbed his house, terrorized his family, taken Israel hostage and left Mingo helpless in a bear trap.

    S2/EP 27 - The Accused

    Boone, arrested for the murder of a fur-trader, is helped by Mingo to escape. The two then uncover a tight plot to conceal another murder.

    S2/EP 28 - Cibola

    An old treasure hunter, looking for one of the seven cities of gold, lures Boone to near death in a community of desperate exiles.

    S2/EP 29 - The High Cumberland: Part 1

    Flashing back to 1775, Daniel Boone is blazing his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains. With Boone is a wagon train of settlers, and on the way he meets and befriends Mingo and Rebecca.

    S2/EP 30 - The High Cumberland: Part 2

    Flashing back to 1775, Daniel Boone is blazing his Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap in the Appalachian Mountains. With Boone is a wagon train of settlers, and on the way he meets and befriends Mingo and Rebecca.

    S3/EP 1 - Dan'l Boone Shot a B'ar

    Boone is endangered first by a killer bear, and then by the hunter who wanted the kill himself.

    S3/EP 2 - The Allegiances

    Boone prevents a British-backed Indian uprising by exposing their allies’ true plans.

    S3/EP 3 - Goliath

    In trying to help the town get dray horses for civic work, Daniel Boone gets involved with an overly conscientious horse-trader, a giant slave and a medicine-show strong man.

    S3/EP 4 - Grizzly

    A wild-looking man is wrongly accused of murder, but Israel clears him after the two share a dangerous experience.

    S3/EP 5 - First in War, First in Peace

    When President Washington visits Kentucky, Boone and Mingo manage to foil a plot to assassinate him.

    S3/EP 6 - Run a Crooked Mile

    With Israel held hostage, Boone is forced to collect a ransom for a band of body snatchers.

    S3/EP 7 - The Matchmaker

    Boone and Mingo are employed to convey a stormy Indian Princess, against her will, to the husband who has been chosen for her.

    S3/EP 8 - Onatha

    Boone and Mingo tangle with a pair of runaway-slave hunters, using a mammoth’s skeleton to defeat an attempt to close in on an escaped slaves’ camp.

    S3/EP 9 - The Loser's Race

    Boone makes a hazardous journey to deliver tax money, expose a land-grab and save a friend’s career.

    S3/EP 10 - The Enchanted Gun

    A Shawnee, believing Boone’s gun never misses, learns it is not enchanted and that white man’s law can be just.

    S3/EP 11 - Requiem for Craw Green

    Mingo, masquerading as a white man, frees a town from its bigoted leader.

    S3/EP 12 - The Lost Colony

    A strange girl leads Boone and Mingo to the discovery of a lost colony of early settlers.

    S3/EP 13 - River Passage

    Boone fights off Indians and a scheming boatman to deliver gun powder to Boonesborough.

    S3/EP 14 - When a King is a Pawn

    Boone, with Israel’s help, saves French Prince Charles from being returned to France—and certain death.

    S3/EP 15 - The Symbol

    Boone and Mingo retrieve the Liberty Bell after it is stolen by a titled thief.

    S3/EP 16 - The Williamsburg Cannon: Part 1

    Virginia's governor, Patrick Henry, assigns Daniel to escort a somewhat nervous artillery captain and his cannon through hostile territory, and the fact that the cannon is large and hard to maneuver is making the journey more difficult.

    S3/EP 17 - The Williamsburg Cannon: Part 2

    Virginia's governor, Patrick Henry, assigns Daniel to escort a somewhat nervous artillery captain and his cannon through hostile territory, and the fact that the cannon is large and hard to maneuver is making the journey more difficult.

    S3/EP 18 - The Wolf Man

    Boone is tempted to leave the responsibilities of civilization when an explorer who has a tame wolf tells him about the Western wilderness.

    S3/EP 19 - The Jasper Ledbedder Story

    Boone tries to help a man find his family, who he says were taken by Indians, only to discover he’s actually after a cache of gold.

    S3/EP 20 - When I Became a Man, I Put Away Childish Things

    Boone realizes that Israel is maturing when the boy accepts his pet fawn’s return to the wilderness.

    S3/EP 21 - The Long Way Home

    Boone returns a prisoner, an old friend, to the Army, and in the process proves him innocent of the charge against him.

    S3/EP 22 - The Young Ones

    Three young survivors of a massacre cause Boone a lot of trouble before he finds a home for them.

    S3/EP 23 - Delo Jones

    Boone helps a new friend prove he’s not guilty of murder.

    S3/EP 24 - The Necklace

    Boone, with three friends who are more hindrance than help, travels to New Orleans with the necklace that will save an innocent man.

    S3/EP 25 - Fort West Point

    Boone and Mingo capture a British spy, an American traitor and save West Point.

    S3/EP 26 - Bitter Mission

    Boone forms an alliance with a traitor to save a newly won territory from Spanish invaders.

    S3/EP 27 - Take the Southbound Stage

    Boone, with Rebecca’s unsolicited aid, rescues a kidnapped President Adams.

    S3/EP 28 - The Fallow Land

    Boone attempts to prevent war with the Indians when three settlers break a treaty with the Cherokees.

    S4/EP 1 - The Ballad of Sidewinder and the Cherokee

    Daniel Boone and Mingo pit one river pirate against another in order to recover the furs which were stolen from them.

    S4/EP 2 - The Ordeal of Israel Boone

    When Daniel Boone is injured in the forest, Israel, using all the skills his father taught him, sets out for help.

    S4/EP 3 - The Renegade

    Daniel Boone must save a settler’s home and his adopted Indian son from the vengeance of the boy’s renegade father.

    S4/EP 4 - Tanner

    Israel befriends a hulking, deranged outcast who is feared and hunted by the settlers.

    S4/EP 5 - Beaumarchais

    Boone guides a Frenchman, sympathetic to the Colonies, through the British lines with a shipment of gold to purchase arms for the Continental Army.

    S4/EP 6 - The King's Shilling

    Daniel Boone defies a British Colonel to save both a young rebel friend and a British soldier who’s been taken hostage.

    S4/EP 7 - The Inheritance

    A house Rebecca inherits, supposedly haunted by ghosts, turns out to be a storehouse for smugglers’ contraband.

    S4/EP 8 - The Traitor

    Using Boone as a dupe, a traitorous British couple attempts to rescue a captured high official.

    S4/EP 9 - The Value of a King

    Boone and Israel help a small band of slaves escape to freedom.

    S4/EP 10 - The Desperate Raid

    A young lieutenant learns something about backwoods warfare while helping Daniel Boone to blow up a British Fort.

    S4/EP 11 - The Spanish Horse

    Daniel Boone helps a young boy become a man when the boy has to face the possible loss of his beloved horse.

    S4/EP 12 - Chief Mingo

    Daniel Boone and Mingo find themselves on opposite sides when a trapper is accused of the murder of an Indian chief.

    S4/EP 13 - The Secret Code

    Daniel Boone goes to rescue a code expert from the British and very nearly loses his own life in the process.

    S4/EP 14 - A Matter of Blood

    An Indian girl raised by white men proves herself worthy of becoming queen of the Delawares.

    S4/EP 15 - The Scrimshaw Ivory Chart

    Daniel, Rebecca and Israel get involved with amiable pirate Will Scataway in a quest for buried treasure.

    S4/EP 16 - The Impostor

    Boone masterminds a scheme to deny the British use of a revolutionary rifle that would turn the tide of war.

    S4/EP 17 - The Witnesses

    Israel and two friends witness a murder but are terrorized into silence by the killer.

    S4/EP 18 - The Flaming Rocks

    Boone saves a stubborn man and his family when their lives are endangered by Indians whom they have cheated.

    S4/EP 19 - Then Who Will They Hang from the Yardarm If Willy Gets Away?

    Boone and Israel help an innocent young mutineer escape a British hangman and start a new life in the wilderness.

    S4/EP 20 - The Spanish Fort

    Boone is captured by Spanish soldiers and sent to a forced labor camp to build a new fort.

    S4/EP 21 - Hero's Welcome

    Boone helps a friend prove he’s not the coward his friends and family think he is.

    S4/EP 22 - Orlando, the Prophet

    Mingo and Israel are instrumental in freeing a young Gypsy bond-servant from his master, a medicine showman.

    S4/EP 23 - The Far Side of Fury

    A man who thinks his son is dead blames Boone and decides to punish him by killing Israel.

    S4/EP 24 - Nightmare

    When Daniel Boone is captured by Indians, Israel helps him escape. The father-son team must outfox their pursuers one by one to reach safety.

    S4/EP 25 - Thirty Pieces of Silver

    As Boone attempts to deliver guns to the settlement, a senseless betrayal nearly costs him the guns and his life.

    S4/EP 26 - Faith's Way

    Boone and a hermit friend rescue a woman from Indians who think she’s a witch.

    S5/EP 1 - Be Thankful for the Fickleness of Women

    A young trapper buys a pretty young bond-servant at an auction and to his horror faces marrying her. With Boone’s help, he finds her another husband and escapes marriage.

    S5/EP 2 - The Blackbirder

    A bounty hunter makes a serious mistake when he captures Daniel Boone’s black friend, Gideon, and tries to take him in as an escaped slave.

    S5/EP 3 - The Dandy

    Boone takes on the responsibility of educating a young dandy in the ways of a woodsman.

    S5/EP 4 - The Fleeing Nuns

    On a trip to New Orleans, Daniel Boone and Mason Pruitt help two French nuns who turn out to be émigrés fleeing from agents of the French Revolutionary government.

    S5/EP 5 - The Plague That Came to Ford's Run

    Josh Clements sets out to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of an old friend and the decline of his home town.

    S5/EP 6 - The Bait

    Daniel Boone sets out to capture a young woman and her boyfriend after they hold up a stagecoach and steal his tax money.

    S5/EP 7 - Big, Black and Out There

    Daniel Boone and Gideon set out to capture a black man who was adopted by Indians and terrorizes the countryside.

    S5/EP 8 - Flag of Truce

    Daniel Boone becomes the bait in an Army officer’s plot to cheat the Wyandot Indians.

    S5/EP 9 - Valley Of The Sun

    Daniel Boone uses a knitted scarf to help solve a mystery involving two missing friends, a mad Englishman and Aztec treasure hidden in a cavern.

    S5/EP 10 - The Patriot

    When the patriotism of a former Royalist is challenged, Daniel Boone helps him prove his right to be an American.

    S5/EP 11 - The Return of Sidewinder

    To save the hide of his old friend, Snag, Daniel Boone takes desperate measures to turn Snag into a hero.

    S5/EP 12 - Minnow for a Shark

    Israel and an old seafaring friend become involved in the theft of a king’s dispatch box.

    S5/EP 13 - To Slay a Giant

    Daniel Boone saves Gideon, who is suspected of murder, from a hasty hanging by a vengeful mob.

    S5/EP 14 - A Tall Tale of Prater Beasley

    A teller of tales and his invisible friend help a young crippled boy learn self-reliance.

    S5/EP 15 - Copperhead Izzy

    While visiting in Williamsburg, Israel becomes involved with a group of orphans.

    S5/EP 16 - Three Score and Ten

    Boone’s friend, an elderly gunsmith, proves he is not too old to be useful and productive.

    S5/EP 17 - Jonah

    Josh inherits a section of land and a slave to teach him how to farm. When two men show up in Boonesborough, one with a reputation as a fighter, Josh, who has no interest in farming, sets up a bout between the man and Jonah, who fought for Josh's uncle at

    S5/EP 18 - Bickford's Bridge

    Boone has orders from the Army to blow up bridges along the western frontier to prevent a British attack. When he reaches the last bridge he is blocked by a farmer who wants to keep it open in order to transport his autumn harvest.

    S5/EP 19 - A Touch of Charity

    Boone helps a young man get the girl he’s set his cap for and a piece of farm land.

    S5/EP 20 - For Want of a Hero

    The Boones become involved in the thieving plans of a group of soldiers who survived an Indian attack.

    S5/EP 21 - Love and Equity

    Boone’s friend, Prater Beasely, overcomes stupidity and prejudice with an understanding human nature.

    S5/EP 22 - The Allies

    Daniel, Cully and Mason Pruitt race to intercept a British convoy carrying weapons and whiskey to their Native American allies, but their horses are stolen by a family of ne'er-do-wells.

    S5/EP 23 - A Man Before His Time

    Boone becomes responsible for a vengeful orphan boy who nearly succeeds in carrying out his threats.

    S5/EP 24 - For a Few Rifles

    Israel, captured by Indians, is saved because of his compassion for a crippled Indian boy.

    S5/EP 25 - Sweet Molly Malone

    Boone and Rebecca are instrumental in bringing two stubborn, lonely people together.

    S5/EP 26 - A Pinch of Salt

    Boone and a young friend are forced to work for a couple of stubbornly independent girls.

    S6/EP 1 - A Very Small Rifle

    Jonny Appleseed comes to Boonesborough and, in addition to planting apple seeds, prevents a war with Indians.

    S6/EP 2 - The Road to Freedom

    Israel is instrumental in the escape and eventual release from bondage of a slave and his son.

    S6/EP 3 - Benvenuto... Who?

    In New Orleans, Josh becomes involved with a beautiful, double-crossing thief and Boone has to come to his rescue.

    S6/EP 4 - The Man

    Boone uses a disillusioned black man, a murderer, a coward and an enemy captive on a dangerous war mission.

    S6/EP 5 - The Printing Press

    Boone, Israel and Ben Franklin combine their talents to hoodwink the British.

    S6/EP 6 - The Traitor

    Using Boone as a dupe, a traitorous British couple attempts to rescue a captured high official.

    S6/EP 7 - The Grand Alliance

    Boone’s friends Josh and Gabe help a Spanish pirate without a ship expose a planned invasion of American territory.

    S6/EP 8 - Target Boone

    Daniel Boone is the intended victim of a vengeful man and his sons—all of whom believe he is a murderer.

    S6/EP 9 - A Bearskin for Jamie Blue

    Boone tries to teach an embittered young indentured servant that there are good people who can be trusted.

    S6/EP 10 - The Cache

    When Josh is accused of poaching and murder, Boone uses his skill and wits to clear him.

    S6/EP 11 - The Terrible Tarbots

    The maniacal Tarbots almost succeed in robbing Daniel Boone of a chest of gold destined for the Continental Army.

    S6/EP 12 - Hannah Comes Home

    Boone persuades a white woman, captured by Indians and believed dead, to return to her husband with her half-breed son.

    S6/EP 13 - An Angel Cried

    Josh and a nun, the only survivor of a massacre, fight to stay alive in Indian country.

    S6/EP 14 - Perilous Passage

    Captured behind British lines, Boone and Gabe escape and start homeward aided by a chain of American agents.

    S6/EP 15 - The Sunshine Patriots

    Gabe and Josh undertake a wartime mission, which is successful despite their blundering ineptitude.

    S6/EP 16 - Mama Cooper

    Gabe, separated from his mother since childhood, sets out with Boone to find her and buy her freedom.

    S6/EP 17 - Before the Tall Man

    Boone and Rebecca act as matchmakers for a stubborn carpenter and a knowledge-hungry girl.

    S6/EP 18 - Run for the Money

    Two slave brothers, set to compete in an annual race, outwit white men and Indian alike.

    S6/EP 19 - A Matter of Vengeance

    Boone helps a friend bent on vengeance and at the same time teaches Israel a valuable lesson.

    S6/EP 20 - The Landlords

    A conman sells Boonesborough to a pair of simple-minded brothers, and Boone has to set things straight.

    S6/EP 21 - Readin', Ritin', And Revolt

    Israel and his schoolmates endeavor to get a course on Indian culture added to their curriculum.

    S6/EP 22 - Noblesse Oblige

    A young cook, sent to Boonesborough to impersonate a French prince, finds true love and confesses his deception.

    S6/EP 23 - The Homecoming

    Israel becomes attached to an ancient Indian who is secretly planning revenge for the long-ago massacre of his tribe.

    S6/EP 24 - Bringing Up Josh

    Josh assumes a fatherly role when a destitute New Orleans woman gives him her two children.

    S6/EP 25 - How to Become a Goddess

    Rebecca, with unwelcome assistance from a pair of bumbling brothers, is mistaken for a goddess by an Indian tribe.

    S6/EP 26 - Israel and Love

    Israel falls in love for the first time and discovers that it is a pleasant but painful experience.