Hill Street Blues


Mayo, Hold the Pickle - A new, no-nonsense roll call sergeant takes over the podium at the Hill Street Station. Sergeant Stan Jablonski is a by-the-book, 29-year veteran who immediately sets out to clear the air about a dubious skirmish with another cop at his previous post.
  • WEEKDAYS 3 AM & 4 AM
Following the staff at an inner-city police station, 'Hill Street Blues' revolutionized television drama in its unflinching portrayal of the gritty realities of 1980s urban living. The series also is celebrated for its groundbreaking innovations in television narrative, such as season-running intertwined story lines, a focus on real-life issues and colloquial speech, and the use of editing and camera techniques that give the series a documentary-style feel.
  • Season

    S1/EP 1 - Hill Street Station

    Explosive drama, leavened by the chaotic humor of big-city police force activity, makes for a typical day for Captain Furillo as he tries to keep the lid on a powder-keg hostage standoff involving two armed juvenile robbers.

    S1/EP 2 - Presidential Fever: Part 1

    Captain Frank Furillo and the force of the Hill Street station house must maintain security for the President of the United States during an imminent fact-finding tour, forcing a scrambling Furillo to call for a bizarre conclave of gang leaders in an effort to forge a temporary peace treaty.

    S1/EP 3 - Politics as Usual: Part 2

    While Captain Furillo continues his negotiations with rival gangs to clear the way for a Presidential visit, vice cop Johnny LaRue is framed by a crooked detective for accepting a payoff.

    S1/EP 4 - Can World War III Be an Attitude?

    The lights go out and the Hill Street police steel themselves for imminent war—with unintentional comic results—when the President abruptly cancels his tour of the precinct, thereby shattering the precarious truce among local youth gangs.

    S1/EP 5 - Dressed to Kill (aka Double Jeopardy)

    While Captain Furillo and Detective Washington doggedly press on in their campaign to exonerate fellow cop Johnny LaRue, other Hill Street officers reluctantly go undercover in drag to lure out a dangerous rapist.

    S1/EP 6 - Film at Eleven

    While the station house buzzes with activity and bizarre suspects—including a pale young man who fancies himself a latter-day Dracula, Captain Furillo quietly directs a discreet investigation into the six-month-old shooting of Officers Hill and Renko.

    S1/EP 7 - Choice Cut

    Captain Furillo must grapple with a sticky hostage crisis in a market and keep the gung-ho head of his SWAT-like team in line—not knowing that other scheming officers are hungrily sizing up a 180-pound side of beef as more than “evidence.”

    S1/EP 8 - Up in Arms

    While Captain Furillo has his hands full with seething local merchants who have formed a vigilante group, the normally placid Sergeant Esterhaus steels himself for a showdown with an old adversary now back on the streets.

    S1/EP 9 - Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind

    Captain Furillo braces himself for the full impact of the armed and newly sanctioned Dekker Avenue Protective Association, and he threatens to fire the womanizing playboy LaRue after another blatant departmental violation.

    S1/EP 10 - Gatorbait

    Rumors and speculation buzz around the station house regarding the likelihood that Furillo will be promoted to division commander. Meanwhile, two of his mischievous detectives plant a life-like replica of an alligator in the city’s sewers during a tense search for the creatures.

    S1/EP 11 - Life, Death, Eternity

    Captain Furillo seems to be on the verge of exposing a major scandal tying a prominent city councilman to a young call girl’s slaying, while LaRue solicits funds for his latest business venture—a “saloondromat” for singles.

    S1/EP 12 - I Never Promised You a Rose, Marvin

    Captain Furillo knowingly damages his chances for promotion when he presses on in his investigation of a young call girl’s slaying and demands that an influential councilman be subpoenaed. And, Lieutenant Howard Hunter’s prize acquisition, a shiny new police tank, is stolen.

    S1/EP 13 - Fecund Hand Rose

    While Captain Furillo faces the unsavory task of protecting a cop-on-the-take, Sergeant Esterhaus sweats bullets as he counts the hours to his wedding, which turns out to be a lavish ceremony that deteriorates into a circus of lost rings, family feuds and other comic calamities.

    S1/EP 14 - Rites of Spring: Part 1

    The first warm spell of the year brings more human oddities than usual into the station house as Captain Furillo learns that a narcotics officer is being investigated for a suspicious shooting.

    S1/EP 15 - Rites of Spring: Part 2

    The first warm spell of the year brings more human oddities than usual into the station house as Captain Furillo learns that a narcotics officer is being investigated for a suspicious shooting.

    S1/EP 16 - Jungle Madness: Part 1

    Detective Washington continues his curious crusade to clear a bigoted narcotics officer under investigation for what may have been racially motivated shootings, and his alcoholic partner, LaRue, suffers an emotional breakdown in the station.

    S1/EP 17 - Jungle Madness: Part 2

    Detective Washington continues his curious crusade to clear a bigoted narcotics officer under investigation for what may have been racially motivated shootings, and his alcoholic partner, LaRue, suffers an emotional breakdown in the station.

    S2/EP 1 - Hearts and Minds

    A frenetic day affords Captain Furillo little time to ponder his 40th birthday as he turns his attention towards a recently released, though powerful, ex-gang leader who’s preparing to retain and extend his control.

    S2/EP 2 - Blood Money

    Captain Furillo tries to recover from his recent breakup with Joyce Davenport by concentrating on the slaying of a prostitute, a rash of cab robberies and the ominous intentions of an ex-gang leader. At the same time, Belker’s new pet—an impounded orangutan—reverts to his purse-stealing ways and makes a shambles of the police station.

    S2/EP 3 - Last White Man On East Ferry Avenue

    While the search goes on for the missing half-ton armaments believed to have been stolen by gang leader Jesse John Hudson, Captain Furillo is stung by the news of the slaying of one of his undercover cops, for which he is blamed by an emotional Belker.

    S2/EP 4 - The Second Oldest Profession

    Officer Lucy Bates questions her fortitude and savvy as a street cop when she uneasily acquiesces to a pleading prostitute’s wish and allows her to shoot up on drugs before hauling her in. The woman overdoses and nearly dies, and as a result Bates chafes over what she interprets to be sexist condescension on the part of the male officers who seem to consider her mistake typical of a female officer.

    S2/EP 5 - Fruits of the Poisonous Tree

    Captain Furillo and Detective Washington do a slow burn while the cagey Joyce Davenport out-maneuvers them as she tries to prove to a judge that her client, a known welfare check thief, was singled out and lured into a criminal act by the police, thereby voiding four positive victim identifications.

    S2/EP 6 - Cranky Streets

    With marathon negotiations with the city council at a standstill, and prospects of obtaining even modest salary hikes and fringe benefits bleak at best, a contentious tone is set for the “Blues.”

    S2/EP 7 - Chipped Beef

    Despite the fact that William Teacher saved Renko from a pipe-swinging suspect, the swaggering “cowboy” is unable to persuade Captain Furillo to look the other way and ignore the minor out-of-state warrant on Teacher.

    S2/EP 8 - The World According to Freedom

    Captain Furillo moves swiftly to find three young hoods who savagely pillaged a sleazy night spot and left at least two patrons dead. Aware of a possible gang connection, he rounds up a colorful assortment of warlords, uncharacteristically threatening them with the promise of hard times ahead if they refuse cooperation with the dragnet.

    S2/EP 9 - Pestolozzi's Revenge

    Captain Furillo becomes entangled in sticky political maneuvering within the department when he is subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury that is probing police corruption. The highly publicized grand jury investigation has been prompted by a headline-seeking attorney general, and under intense grilling, Furillo risks perjuring himself, destroying his career and becoming a sacrificial lamb.

    S2/EP 10 - Spy Who Came in from Delgado

    Fearful that he may be implicated and sink in the morass of alleged irregularities citied by a grand jury investigation, Captain Furillo reluctantly takes Joyce’s advice to seek his own lawyer—or risk becoming a department scapegoat.

    S2/EP 11 - Freedom's Last Stand

    Captain Furillo engages in brinksmanship with his shifty police chief when he threatens to resign after the latter sets him up to face withering cross-examination by a headline-seeking attorney. What rankles Furillo the most is that his precinct could be under even remote scrutiny for corruption—a wobbly ideal he must defend when challenged as to why the Hill Street station has been carrying a veteran cop on the payroll when he never shows up for work.

    S2/EP 12 - Of Mouse and Man

    When a prominent young, black public defender, Pam Gilliam, is inexplicably shot to death, Captain Furillo is pressed to find her slayers quickly. Furillo orders a neighborhood roundup of gang members in an attempt to find the .45 murder weapon.

    S2/EP 13 - Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement

    A minor oversight—failure to renew a license with a city police-impound garage—forces Captain Furillo to release Willie Harmon, the gunman who shot public defender Pam Gilliam. Such an “impropriety of procedure” invalidates the seizure of the murder weapon from the suspect’s car because it occurred at the garage just weeks after the old license expired.

    S2/EP 14 - Young, Beautiful and Degraded

    Bogus witnesses abound when a $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of public defender Pam Gilliam’s slayer. Desperate for any tip that might help him find the killer, Captain Furillo breathes easier when a nondescript taxi driver comes in with a near-perfect recreation of the crime and gives the police enough evidence to rearrest their prime suspect. However, Lieutenant Calletano begins to wonder whether the cabby's testimony hasn’t been rehearsed.

    S2/EP 15 - Some Like It Hot Wired

    Captain Furillo is awash in a sea of resignations when the grind of life on the Hill forces many of the precinct’s cops to submit early retirement applications—including the normally stouthearted Esterhaus.

    S2/EP 16 - Personal Foul

    Excitement builds within the ranks and the bets are down as the makeshift Hill Street squad girds itself for what will be four quarters of full contact basketball with the All-Stars, who consist of hand-picked Mau Maus, Shamrocks, Diablos, Pagans, Dragons and Gypsy Boys—all various gang members granted temporary immunity.

    S2/EP 17 - Shooter

    When one street cop is slain and another seriously wounded during a burglary, a sickened Captain Furillo learns that the murder weapon was stolen from the police property department. While the surviving cop undergoes emergency surgery, a weary Furillo must face up to the inevitable task of informing the dead patrolman’s wife of the grim news. Meanwhile, an intensive investigation reveals the weapon’s curiously circuitous history.

    S2/EP 18 - Invasion of the Third World Mutant Body Snatchers

    Shortly after his father succumbs to cancer, a distraught Renko learns that the funeral home hearse bearing the senior Renko’s remains has been commandeered without regard for its cargo. The stoical Lieutenant Hunter’s morbid analysis of this bizarre development repulses Renko’s fellow cops.

    S3/EP 1 - Trial by Fury

    The Hill goes wild and a riot nearly erupts when a nun is attacked. In the meantime, a robbery-shooting at a local grocery store yields little evidence and becomes a low priority in the wake of the heinous crime against the church.

    S3/EP 2 - Domestic Beef

    Captain Furillo and his fellow captains judge the case of an officer in a Board of Rights hearing.

    S3/EP 3 - Heat Rash

    Tension and temperatures are rising on the Hill. Captain Furillo will not be satisfied until the truth is uncovered concerning accusations made against some of his men. LaRue’s ego is bruised when Washington is offered an outside job as Chief of Security. Meanwhile, Hunter must go into the hospital for exploratory surgery.

    S3/EP 4 - Rain of Terror

    The heat wave continues on the Hill. LaRue and Washington have the dirty task of staking out fellow cops who are stealing from crime scenes. While in the hospital, the perennial bachelor Hunter meets a potential love interest.

    S3/EP 5 - Officer of the Year

    Calletano received the Hispanic Officer of the Year Award and creates a controversy with his acceptance speech. Furillo must face the worst fear of all parents when a distraught Fay brings him the news that Frank, Jr. is missing.

    S3/EP 6 - Stan the Man

    No one likes eviction duty, and Officer Hill likes it least of all when he encounters an old woman who refuses to give up her home. In addition, Goldblume must dissuade a jumper who finds no reason to live in the housing assigned to him by the city.

    S3/EP 7 - Little Boil Blue

    Belker goes undercover to catch a guy who is using homeless people to commit insurance fraud. Renko gets in hot water after he asks a hospital intern to lie about a patient being dead on arrival. Fearing that it will hurt his chances of being elected to office, Daniels tries to get Captain Furillo to cover up the details of the murder of a dirty cop. Meanwhile, Coffey tries to get through to a Vietnam vet, suffering from post-traumatic stress, who has taken hostages.

    S3/EP 8 - Requiem for a Hairbag

    Captain Furillo learns that Councilman Detweiler plans to bring down the politically ambitious Chief Daniels with damaging information gleaned in the wake of a corrupt narcotics cop’s slaying. Before everything hits the fan, Furillo urges Daniels to undercut Detweiler and go public with some of the dirt—while righting some other wrongs beforehand.

    S3/EP 9 - A Hair of the Dog

    Chief Daniels turns the precinct upside down in a desperate search for the missing Lhasa Apso lap dog belonging to the governor’s wife. He calls on a disgusted Captain Furillo to commit a third of his troops to collaring the dog.

    S3/EP 10 - Phantom of the Hill

    Sergeant Esterhaus’ best-laid plans to ask for the hand of his inamorata, Grace Gardner, are temporarily sidetracked when the engagement ring is stolen from under Belker’s feral nose.

    S3/EP 11 - Nobody's Perfect

    When a pragmatic assistant district attorney informs Captain Furillo that he intends to let veteran Coroner Nydorf fry on the hot seat during the court proceedings because of his botched casework, the captain is obliged to clue in his defiant colleague in the wake of the latest missing corpus delecti.

    S3/EP 12 - Santaclaustrophobia

    It’s Christmas Eve on the Hill, but holiday cheer is in short supply. As everyone makes last minute plans for December 25, Captain Furillo must concentrate on finding four marauding youths who have already claimed several victims.

    S3/EP 13 - Gung Ho

    The Hill Street station becomes a media hotbed following a $1.6 million holdup of an armored car and an ensuing gun battle that results in the capture of two female political radicals sought since the late 1960s for similar crimes. However, with the slaying of two security guards, the charges against them are more serious, affording one of them, Christina Beck, an even greater opportunity to spout propagandist rhetoric before the attentive media herd.

    S3/EP 14 - Moon Over Uranus

    A livid, veteran police lieutenant bent on revenge makes Captain Furillo’s life miserable after the man’s daughter is raped and stabbed. The enraged lieutenant won’t get off Furillo’s back until he gets the man who assaulted his hospitalized daughter. Even the composed captain becomes irked when the father issues a threatening ultimatum.

    S3/EP 15 - Moon Over Uranus: The Sequel

    Over Furillo’s protestations, Chief Daniels orders the resumption of “Operation Big Broom” to round up unsavory characters on an infamous, crime-ridden block of Dekker Avenue. The politically motivated action results in many unconstitutional and petty arrests that draw the attention of a civil liberties group and a court action that halts the juggernaut.

    S3/EP 16 - Moon Over Uranus: The Final Legacy

    Calletano tries to look younger by wearing a toupee. Tataglia asks Bates for advice on a possible romance with Belker. Furillo is ordered by the court to shut down the crime operation on the streets. A case of gang members harassing a local store owner causes Goldblume to lose his temper.

    S3/EP 17 - The Belles of St. Mary's

    As the arresting officer sporting a black eye, Coffey is under investigation when a PCP-addled man he hauled in is discovered dead after a visit from him. Enter a grateful Coroner Nydorf, who is more than willing to offer help to Captain Furillo to clear his man.

    S3/EP 18 - Life in the Minors

    The murder of a black suspect has Captain Furillo staring down both barrels of a public protest spurred by the dead man’s hostile mother and a self-righteous clergyman. Things get worse for the prime suspect, Joe Coffey, when a redneck biker is brought in for questioning and points an accusing finger at the shaken cop.

    S3/EP 19 - Eugene's Comedy Empire Strike Back

    Captain Furillo dos not relish facing an open meeting of seething community members over the death of a black man incarcerated in the station jail. Sharing the griddle with him is Coffey, the police suspect who—despite passing a lie detector test with flying colors—cannot prevent the prosecuting attorney from taking the case to the grand jury.

    S3/EP 20 - Spotlight on Rico

    “Bad” Sal Benedetto, the narc who earlier cold-cocked Renko and was manhandled by Hill, is loaned to Captain Furillo to try to implicate a lethal drug kingpin. Teamed with Washington, Benedetto tries to make his peace with his uniformed adversaries, saves one life by taking another and, in general, becomes the precinct’s fixer, working his magic by pushing the right buttons.

    S3/EP 21 - Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?

    Captain Furillo worries about Washington’s safety while teamed up with a dangerous narcotics cop. His concern is justified, considering the detective’s youthful zeal in working temporarily with “Bad Sal” Benedetto, a tough, corner-cutting detective who’s trying to set up a murderous loan shark, using Washington as bate.

    S3/EP 22 - A Hill of Beans

    LaRue goes on a rampage as he teams with Belker to find out what snagged a police drug transaction that almost cost the life of his stablemate, Washington. As the trail gets hotter, “Bad” Sal Benedetto—everyone’s choice as the most detestable renegade narc&mash;gets fidgety and senses that the law he allegedly represents may now be closing in on him.

    S4/EP 1 - Here's Adventure, Here's Romance

    A multiple slaying in a gay bar has the homosexual community clamoring to Captain Furillo for more protection. And an off-duty cop who was an eye witness is afraid to identify the psychopath responsible because it will expose his private life. With six slain victims, Furillo casts about for any shred of evidence.

    S4/EP 2 - Ba-Bing, Ba-Bing

    In the absence of former chieftain Jesus Martinez (now incarcerated), a power vacuum develops in the ranks of Los Diablos. Into the breach steps Goldblume, who’s anxious to intervene on behalf of a more favorable gang leader and thereby end the deadly civil war—until he’s outmaneuvered by an unlikely source.

    S4/EP 3 - The Long Law of the Arm

    Sweltering temperatures intensify the already sticky situation facing the Blues when Hector, a Diablo member who was promised the leadership of the gang by Goldblume (and inadvertently betrayed), seizes Fisk, a prime mayoral candidate, as a hostage. Hector means business unless the cops can produce Jesus Martinez, the former chieftain who was reinstated after Captain Furillo arranged an early release from prison.

    S4/EP 4 - Death By Kiki

    The Hill Street force sees the dark side of the normally controlled Hill. Captain Furillo notices Hill’s downward path as he and a dogged Renko try to offer help before the street cop is canned for good.

    S4/EP 5 - Doris in Wonderland

    When Ozzie Cleveland enters the race for Mayor, Chief Daniels orders Furillo to put four officers undercover at Murray's Wonderland, a triple X store in Cleveland's precinct. Officer Perez mistakes a boy with a toy gun for a burglar and shoots him. To avert a scandal, Daniels suggests the boy's mother be charged with negligence.

    S4/EP 6 - Praise Dilaudid

    Relying on a useful tip, the Hill Street blues finally nab Nicky Casner, a notorious bandit whose courteous modus operandi earns him their grudging admiration and the name “Emily Post Bandit.” However, all niceties are put aside when Casner, a desperate drug addict, takes his leave from the station and holds a woman prisoner at knifepoint. The resulting standoff gives hostage negotiator Goldblume—whose recent siege encounter ended in violence—a queasy feeling of déjà vu.

    S4/EP 7 - Goodbye, Mr. Scripps

    Early trends indicate a bustling election day on the Hill as a confident Chief Daniels dangles before Captain Furillo the prospect of making him the new chief. Arch-politico Daniels loses a big wheel off his bandwagon with the defection of Deputy Chief Mahoney, who overhears the chief intimate to Furillo that the captain could be the next to fill his shoes.

    S4/EP 8 - Midway to What?

    Officers Bates and Coffey do their best to help a vengeful man whose brother was killed in a taxi operated by the seedy Top Hat Cab Company. Although the company is dubiously recognized on the Hill for its frequent fatal accidents and arm-long accident record—in addition to catering to prostitution and drug trafficking—all the cops have to rely on is the shaky testimony of winos and exhibitionists.

    S4/EP 9 - Honk if You're a Goose

    Belker goes undercover in a wheelchair and finds himself being shadowed by actual wheelchair bound Gaffney. J.D. is sure Hunter attempted suicide although the latter won't admit it. Bates and Coffey catch missing guard goose Honkey red-winged at a grocery store. Bobby is preparing for one last boxing match before he retires from the game.

    S4/EP 10 - Russians Are Coming

    Three touring Russian journalists—two men and a woman—are very curious to observe the law-and-order procedures as practiced on the Hill. However, when the female comrade is unfaithful to him, Tcherchenko decides to break up the cozy troika by defecting at the station and occupying a cell.

    S4/EP 11 - Ratman and Bobbin

    Police officers are the target of a cop killer on the streets and are pestered by rats inside the precinct. Meanwhile, Frank and Joyce are looking to buy a bigger house, and Belker is undercover disguised as a bag lady.

    S4/EP 12 - Nichols from Heaven

    A maniacal cop killer continues to reap more victims as paranoia slowly creeps in among the shaken Blues. A pensive Goldblume, who fills in at roll call for Sergeant Esterhaus while he undergoes some hospital tests, instructs the troops to guard their backs while on patrol in the wake of the indiscriminate killings. And, later, when a man is arrested after another seemingly random shooting, the cops pray that their bloody ordeal is over.

    S4/EP 13 - Fuchs Me? Fuchs You

    Corrupt cop Marino is arrested and spills the beans on his entire precinct including revelations about Marty Nichols. The cop killer hits Coffey in the arm before calling to say he'll give himself up at Freddie's diner.

    S4/EP 14 - Grace Under Pressure

    Sergeant Esterhaus dies suddenly in the arms of Grace Gardner and the entire station is grief stricken, with each officer trying to cope with the death by remembering good times. Captain Furillo is named executor of Esterhaus’ death, and the Sarge’s legend grows as rumors abound about who will take his position. One likely candidate is Lucy Bates, who recently qualified on her sergeant’s exam, but she is reluctant to accept Furillo’s offer to move up to roll-call officer.

    S4/EP 15 - Other Side of Oneness

    The two teenage Diablos that Furillo reluctantly set free—in exchange for information from their leader, Jesus Martinez—rob and slay an old man. The captain is aghast and well aware of the approaching firestorm of controversy. Not only is he angry with himself, but also with Martinez, with whom he struck a fruitless deal.

    S4/EP 16 - Parting Is Such Sweep Sorrow

    Hill Street Station’s zoo-like conditions are even more chaotic when extra prisoners are temporarily transferred to the precinct. A stubborn judge has ordered a large number of perpetrators reassigned to the precinct cells to avoid overcrowding, forcing Captain Furillo to appear before the judge in a desperate plea.

    S4/EP 17 - The End of Logan's Run

    When Joyce is assigned to defend Williams Mullins for murder, she notices the effect that his threatening brother Timothy has on the prosecution’s witness. Later, after seeing Timothy leave the scene of another slaying, she is so rattled that she proves worthless in a police lineup.

    S4/EP 18 - Count of Monty Tasco

    A horrendous day has Captain Furillo slowly caving in to pressure when the mayor relieves him of his command. The mounting problems begin when Furillo blows his chance to square things with an angry Mayor Cleveland by refusing to eat his words, spoken at a press conference, concerning drug enforcement. He is stunned when Chief Daniels is compelled to reassign him to a meaningless Federal task force pending further notice.

    S4/EP 19 - Nutcracker Suite

    The disgruntled Blues try to sort things out in the wake of Captain Furillo’s departure, while the harried captain is tempted to take his first drink in seven years. Meanwhile, Calletano resorts to a daring strategy to restore Furillo to the Hill.

    S4/EP 20 - Hair Apparent

    The Mayor’s handpicked head of the Youth Corps Summer Job Program is Marcus Peabody, an ex-member of the Blood Gang. His style and administration draw more than just resentment from the other gangs. One particular Diablo swears to kill Peabody, and even Diablo kingpin Jesus Martinez cannot stop what follows.

    S4/EP 21 - Lucky Ducks

    The biggest gang war in six years threatens to explode on the Hill. Death is in the air when the rival Diablos and Blood gangs—the latter headed by recent mayoral appointee Marcus Peabody—stage pitched battles and count their casualties. Their struggle affects Belker’s undercover gig as a loan shark when Peabody pops in asking for $25,000 to finance the conflict.

    S4/EP 22 - Eva's Brawn

    Renko thinks that open window in the church looks mighty good just minutes before his wedding to Daryl Ann, especially after a day that’s seen him and partner Hill lose their patrol car with its expensive fitted computer.

    S5/EP 1 - Mayo, Hold the Pickle

    A new, no-nonsense roll call sergeant takes over the podium at the Hill Street Station. Sergeant Stan Jablonski is a by-the-book, 29-year veteran who immediately sets out to clear the air about a dubious skirmish with another cop at his previous post.

    S5/EP 2 - Watt a Way to Go

    An enraged Goldblume takes the law into his own hands when his ex-wife is sexually assaulted and refuses to testify against the suspect.

    S5/EP 3 - Rookie Nookie

    After his ex-wife is assaulted by a rape suspect, Lieutenant Goldblume roughs up the would-be attacker, only to have him walk away and commit murder. Sergeant Jablonski gingerly tries to coax a distraught woman to leave the men’s restroom where she’s encamped, and a fuming Belker is fit to be tied when he is upstaged while masquerading undercover as a chicken.

    S5/EP 4 - Fowl Play

    A rookie officer, who was the victim of some sexual hi-jinks at an off-duty cop party the night before, hangs himself. LaRue admits that he was with a beautiful woman the night her husband was slain, and Belker’s masquerade as chicken-and-egg mascot hatches some bigger prey.

    S5/EP 5 - Bangladesh Slowly

    A love-struck LaRue is still treading water as he wonders how an attractive woman implicated him in her husband’s murder. This latest brush with disaster has him figured as a possible accomplish in the crafty lady’s plans to do away with both her husband and her lover to collect a huge insurance claim.

    S5/EP 6 - Ewe and Me, Babe

    A respected community leader is slain, and Captain Furillo is under pressure to find the killer. He strikes a deal that may coincidentally deliver the marauding Colombians who are responsible for a wave of murders in an ongoing drug war.

    S5/EP 7 - Blues for Mr. Green

    The Blues maintain a special alert for Floyd Green, a callous teen-aged murderer who’s just been released and creates more mayhem.

    S5/EP 8 - Fuched Again

    Davenport’s life is endangered when she learns from a would-be assassin about a Byzantine plot to kill the mayor, which involves some high-ranking cops.

    S5/EP 9 - Low Blow

    Captain Furillo puts pressure on a preppy business associate to set up a pair of contractors who conspired to have the mayor assassinated. And a pseudo-American Indian mounts his moped and goes on the warpath, making Hill and Renko’s Thanksgiving miserable.

    S5/EP 10 - The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall

    Furillo bucks public opinion when he arrests a crafty old woman who set a trap for a Hispanic thief—and then shot him to death. He soon feels the heat when he books the woman, the mother of a powerful and antagonistic city council.

    S5/EP 11 - Last Chance Salon

    Darwin’s survival theory is tested as an old and weakened gang vows to make one final desperate stand when a stronger tribe invades its turf. In the meantime, Belker is ready to pull out his hair while posing as an unlikely beauty operator in a shop that also distributes drugs.

    S5/EP 12 - Intestinale Fortitude

    Detective Belker, Washington and LaRue get down and dirty when they pose as independent garbage men to lay waste to another disposal company that is muscling out rivals. Meanwhile, a furious Captain Furillo must release a rape suspect because of a technicality in his Miranda briefing.

    S5/EP 13 - Of Human Garbage

    An officer formerly under media scrutiny is lionized when he rescues a family from a burning house, but Captain Furillo senses something fishy in the story. Meanwhile, Belker, Washington and LaRue infiltrate an extortionary garbage company that dumps more bodies than trash.

    S5/EP 14 - Dr. Hoof and Mouth

    The agony grows for a distraught man who just lost his family in a hit-and-run car accident when he’s arrested for outstanding warrants. Meanwhile, a nimble-fingered dentist is hauled in when he takes advantage of Mayo, and a lascivious LaRue has the videotapes to prove it.

    S5/EP 15 - Davenport in a Storm

    New Assistant District Attorney Joyce Davenport must decide whether to pursue a case with flimsy evidence involving a star black athlete crippled by white youths. Also, a man whose family was killed in a hit-and-run accident makes a u-turn and decides to give a statement against the affluent driver.

    S5/EP 16 - Washington Deceased

    The Blues are in search of “Melon Man,” a maniac who’s killing prostitutes. Meanwhile, the diplomatic Captain Furillo intercedes between a spurned Daniels and Mayo in a nasty public scene that could cost Mayo her badge.

    S5/EP 17 - Passage to Libya

    Lieutenant Goldblume is the unlikely heartthrob hero of an attractive young woman when he saves her life during an undercover investigation into international weapons sales.

    S5/EP 18 - El Capitan

    When Captain Furillo attends a one-day encounter session for police brass, an eager Lieutenant Calletano assumes command and immediately faces unusual problems, such as what substance is suddenly turning some of the cops a lighter shade of blue.

    S5/EP 19 - The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr.

    The irony of a delicate moral issue slams home when a militant pro-life advocate accidentally injures a pregnant woman, and a black family moves into an otherwise white housing project, instigating a riot.

    S5/EP 20 - G.Q.

    Davenport angers her bosses when she ruins her case against a ghetto youth who was framed by housing authority cops. Meanwhile, Bates and Coffey have to transform a stench-ridden bum into a stunning fashion plate to testify against a cop killer.

    S5/EP 21 - Queen for a Day

    A reassigned Renko works undercover with a resentful Belker to infiltrate a heavily fortified house and set up a drug buy; and a Pattonesque Hunter sends a modified tank with a battering ram to break into the “rock house” where drugs are being sold.

    S5/EP 22 - You're in Alice's

    A department regulation requiring urine samples for drug-testing makes Coffey, Washington and Garibaldi nervous. Renko and Hill take an interest in a man they arrested whose family lives in a cardboard box. Hunter and Calletano are spit-and-polish as they take the captain’s exam.

    S5/EP 23 - Grin and Bear It

    Hill and Renko are assigned to the department’s goodwill ambassador, a senile bear with a fondness for hand-to-paw combat. Meanwhile, the results of the recent urinalysis tests fail three cops, including Captain Furillo, whose sample show traces of alcohol.

    S6/EP 1 - Blues in the Night

    A surprising sneak peak at the private lives of the Blues ensues as Captain Furillo tries to prevent the bombing of a self-proclaimed Messiah out of his squalid tenement. In the meantime, Belker gets some bad news while undercover in a trash bin, and LaRue and Renko connive to beat each other for $100 in a wild car race.

    S6/EP 2 - Hacked to Pieces

    Captain Furillo is asked by a desperate Chief Daniels to head a policy inquiry into departmental corruption, while Calletano preps himself to take over as the new captain of the Ferry precinct, his replacement being the rules-bending, conniving Lieutenant Norman Buntz.

    S6/EP 3 - Seoul on Ice

    A courageous runner, suffering with cancer, continues his cross-country run despite the theft of his belongings. LaRue is obsessed with finding out who viciously stabbed a fellow detective, and Hunter is double-crossed by his husky-voiced date, Maura.

    S6/EP 4 - In the Belly of the Bus

    Captain Furillo’s fact-finding commission, investigating police corruption, inadvertently finds the man who killed Detective Garibaldi—but can’t touch him due to immunity.

    S6/EP 5 - Somewhere over the Rambo

    Captain Furillo’s star shines before the media when he discloses the finds of his police-corruption commission, angering a jealous Chief Daniels.

    S6/EP 6 - Oh, You Kid

    Washington tries to sort out his budding relationships with his anxious girlfriend and her adoring son. Meanwhile, a brutal Buntz butts heads with a thief, and an artist takes refuge aboard his controversial sculpture.

    S6/EP 7 - An Oy for an Oy

    Reports of heavy bum infestation on the Hill prompts Renko and Hill to take pity on one poor soul who might provide some answers. In the meantime, Belker risks double jeopardy when he tries to sort out which Rabinowitz twin brother filched a pair of diamonds.

    S6/EP 8 - Fathers and Huns

    On the verge of an open drug war, Captain Furillo is opposed by Davenport and the police brass when he persists in obtaining evidence on a major drug supplier. Meanwhile, Goldblume relishes the irony of his assignment—protecting a neo-Nazi group on parole.

    S6/EP 9 - What Are Friends For?

    An escapee from a mental institution hopes to make Buntz break down and beg for his life. However, even with a shotgun at his head, the trussed-up Buntz refuses to cower, and instead it’s he who promises to “eat this guy.”

    S6/EP 10 - The Virgin and the Turkey

    Captain Furillo returns home for a brief holiday visit for the first time in five years, trying to bind old wounds with his conservative parents, who can’t seem to forgive their son or accept their “new” daughter-in-law.

    S6/EP 11 - Two Easy Pieces

    It's Belker’s wedding day and LaRue scrambles for gifts just as the services are ready to begin—without the groom.

    S6/EP 12 - Say It as It Plays

    Captain Furillo lobbies to help a rookie cop during an Internal Affairs shooting investigation that is tilted in favor of a veteran cop. As young Officer Garfield waits for a decision, Belker continues his undercover gig as a PCP cook for two big-talking dealers.

    S6/EP 13 - Das Blues

    A political kingmaker sweet-talks Captain Furillo about a career advancement beyond the station house. Cold warrior Hunter blacks out in a basement and fancies himself a prisoner on a Russian freighter, using guerrilla tactics to fight back.

    S6/EP 14 - Scales of Justice

    Lieutenant Buntz angers Goldblume when he bends the rules by setting up two dealers who are peddling highly toxic dope around town.

    S6/EP 15 - I Want My Hill Street Blues

    The Hill is alive with the sound of a music video production; the director recruits a disapproving Jablonski and borrows Hunter’s Shar-Pei puppy for atmosphere in the bizarre, fog-shrouded epic.

    S6/EP 16 - Remembrance of Hits Past

    Captain Furillo is shot, and it is revealed for the first time how he and Davenport began their rocky courtship. A shaken Davenport maintains her vigil and recalls how she met her husband seven years before. She reminisces on how she tried to ignore Furillo until her car accidentally struck his one winter night and she had to give him a lift home.

    S6/EP 17 - Larry of Arabia

    Tragedy hits the Hill again as another cop goes down just as the Blues adjust to station life without Captain Furillo.

    S6/EP 18 - Iced Coffey

    An all-out search for the murder of a beloved cop has Buntz pressing a harassed Bates for a positive I.D. of a suspect. Bates nurses doubts about her recollection of the officer’s shooting and seeks succor from a priest.

    S6/EP 19 - Jagga the Hunk

    Captain Furillo tries to soothe the excitable ex-gang leader Jesus Martinez to get his cooperation in baiting a corrupt judge suspected of accepting payoffs.

    S6/EP 20 - Look Homeward, Ninja

    Bates defends her new female partner, who’s accused of sexually harassing an arrested female prostitute.

    S6/EP 21 - Slum Enchanted Even

    Buntz is on the hot seat again when Internal Affairs grills him regarding his fatal shooting of a fellow detective, prompting him to take matters into his own hands.

    S6/EP 22 - Come and Get It

    The media-hyped capture of a mass murderer known as “The Creeper” causes an uproar on the Hill as citizens who helped apprehend the suspect squabble over the reward money, and Davenport gets chills at the thought of representing the eerie man.

    S7/EP 1 - Suitcase

    When a private plane carrying a massive stash of cocaine crashes, avaricious Sid the Snitch tries to coax Buntz into stealing it as a down payment on an uptown life, a scheme that leaves them praying for their lives.

    S7/EP 2 - A Case of Klapp

    Buntz tries to help Hunter, who’s under fire when his off-duty shooting of an armed teenager marks him as a department scapegoat.

    S7/EP 3 - The Best Defense

    The Blues use discretion in making borderline arrests when the jails overflow because of the public defenders’ walkout.

    S7/EP 4 - Bald Ambition

    Captain Furillo is asked to help a proud Calletano head off a mutiny when his precinct officers are on the verge of a racial war among themselves. Meanwhile, the Hill Street captain has to set a powerful criminal free as the result of Russo’s actions.

    S7/EP 5 - I Come on My Knees

    It’s 'The Odd Couple' revisited when a grumbling Buntz lets oily Sid the Snitch bunk in his fleabag apartment to hide from a vengeful ex-con; and Hill resents his temporary assignment with a white cop who refused to help a black officer in distress.

    S7/EP 6 - Say Uncle

    Renko worries all day when a gypsy accidentally places the “hundred-demon curse” on him, and LaRue is giddy about the glory he will get when a suspect he arrests admits to more than a dozen unsolved murders.

    S7/EP 7 - Amazing Grace

    Grace Gardner, the highly sexual former flame of Sergeant Esterhaus, returns to the police station as Sister Chastity, a nun who now seeks Captain Furillo’s aid in establishing a counseling center. Her return stirs passionate embers in unsuspecting Officer Flaherty.

    S7/EP 8 - Falling from Grace

    While Sid the Snitch plays mother hen to him, a pained Buntz licks his wounds as he waits to bust the loan shark who clipped his finger the night before. A grandstanding city councilman turns up the heat in his war with Captain Furillo over drug arrests after killing a would-be thief; and, when he announces that Washington, the arresting officer, has a record of codeine use, the accused detective and his partner, LaRue, go “Mouse" hunting for a witness to the shooting.

    S7/EP 9 - Fathers and Guns

    Captain Furillo’s conscience is in knots when he learns that his father’s shooting death resulted not from robbery but suicide. A kaleidoscope of memories washes over Furillo as he and Davenport hurry to his parents, too late to help his father, but not too late to preserve his memory.

    S7/EP 10 - More Skinned Against Than Skinning

    Captain Furillo is sworn to silence and puts his word on the line in an attempt to placate his restive black officers, especially Washington, when a white cop kills his black partner under questionable circumstances.

    S7/EP 11 - She's So Fein

    Public defender Davenport must plea-bargain for her life when she is taken hostage by a desperate suspect; and Captain Furillo dies a little himself while waiting to see if negotiator Goldblume can save her life.

    S7/EP 12 - A Wasted Weekend

    Some Blues pack their gear for a long-awaited weekend of hunting bear, or even deer. However, Goldblume’s plans to join them fall through when he is kidnapped and forced to dig his own grave.

    S7/EP 13 - City of Refuse

    Hill and Renko get down and dirty when they have to pitch in during a sanitation worker’s strike—until an emotional Hill loses control and nearly causes a riot during an infamous drug dealer’s funeral. After his outburst, he receives an anonymous death threat which unifies his brother cops in his defense.

    S7/EP 14 - Der Roachenkavalier

    Goldblume is branded a “subversive” by the press when he appears on television and blames the department’s bureaucratic new regulations for allowing a murderer to go free and kill again.

    S7/EP 15 - Norman Conquest

    Buntz is king of the Hill for a day when Captain Furillo is away on business and, when the officers’ overtime pay hinges on how much dope they can confiscate that day, he turns them loose in a wild spree to ring up $130,000 worth of contraband—even if it means illegal seizures. As the blustery Buntz bluffs his way through his day of command, things sour when Davenport begins to see through his scheme.

    S7/EP 16 - Sorry, Wrong Number

    The mass slaying of a sleeping family forces an uneasy Goldblume to ask a young snitch to risk his life by setting up a lethal gang suspect.

    S7/EP 17 - The Cookie Crumbles

    After a tragic shooting, former Captain Calletano returns, heading a Hispanic coalition threatening to file a civil suit, and the blame may fall on Captain Furillo.

    S7/EP 18 - Dogbreath Afternoon

    Buntz is a blur as he tries to link a credit card scam to the ambushing of Belker, who lies unconscious with a bullet inoperably lodged in his spine. While the wounded Belker struggles for his life, the Hill teems with cops eager to find the shooter responsible, and Buntz leads the charge. When Buntz brutalizes a snitch, the captain tries to bench him, but he continues searching for a female accomplice who got away.

    S7/EP 19 - Days of Swine and Roses

    Poor Renko only makes matters worse when he tries to reconcile with his wife, from whom he is separated, while a lonely Jablonski loses more than his pride in a moment of sexual temptation.

    S7/EP 20 - Runner Falls on His Kisser (aka The Runner Stumbles)

    The Blues are empathetic toward Thomas Jackson, a famous pro football star who stands to lose lucrative commercial endorsements when he is arrested for soliciting.

    S7/EP 21 - A Pound of Flesh

    After being buried alive for 11 days, Hunter is finally rescued—and is advised by Captain Furillo to avoid any references to the Donner party.

    S7/EP 22 - It Ain't Over Till It's Over

    A nightmare fire sweeps through the station. And Buntz knows fear for the first time when he is suspended on charges of stealing cocaine. He must learn who framed him for swiping evidence or lose the only thing that matters to him—his job.