Jelly Hoskins' American Dream - Jelly becomes the owner of a ponderous, hump-backed bull.
The story of a San Joaquin Valley, CA, ranch family, 'Lancer' follows patriarch Murdoch Lancer (Andrew Duggan) as he and his two sons, half-brothers Johnny Madrid Lancer (James Stacey) and Scott Lancer (Wayne Maunder), struggle to hold down the fort in light of land grabbers, swindlers and outlaws of all kinds.
  • Season

S0/EP - Foley

The Lancers try to keep a notorious outlaw from snatching his daughter-in-law's newborn baby.

S0/EP - Chase a Wild Horse

Johnny is determined to break in a newly purchased wild stallion.

S0/EP - Blood Rock

The Lancers try to dissuade young Ben Wallace from following in his outlaw father's footsteps.

S0/EP - The Lawman

Scott and Murdoch search for an outlaw who escaped from custody and blamed Johnny for the murder of a guard.

S0/EP - The Escape

Three former soldiers look for Scott, whom they blame for squealing on their escape attempt during the Civil War.

S0/EP - Last Train for Charlie Poe

Attempting a last ditch effort to thwart a land grab, Johnny and Scott decide to rob a train carrying the money for the purchase.

S0/EP - Glory

A woman begins flirting with the Lancer men as part of a plan to acquire money to pay off her grandfather's gambling debts.

S0/EP - Julie

In order to protect her fugitive brother, a girl convinces two bounty hunters that Scott is their quarry.

S0/EP - The Prodigal

Murdoch's old flame re-enters his life followed by her Army deserter son, who's been charged with murder.

S0/EP - The Fix-It Man

The town drunk wants to bring law and order to Morro Coyo before he dies.

S0/EP - Jelly

An old man, who is accompanied by a brood of orphans, helps himself to a bag of stolen money.

S0/EP - The Black McGloins

A family of land squatters are stealing the country blind but they manage to con the Lancers into defending them.

S0/EP - The Heart of Pony Alice

Johnny gets swindled by a crafty horse trader.

S0/EP - The Wedding

Scott joins a pal in the search for an outlaw who kidnapped the friend's bride-to-be from their wedding.

S0/EP - Death Bait

A former lawman seeks revenge against Jelly for the loss of his hand.

S0/EP - Yesterday's Vengeance

A lawman's wife is the only hope for resolving a long standing feud involving her husband.

S0/EP - The Knot

Teresa is rescued from kidnappers but refuses to identify one of them because he was kind to her.

S0/EP - Warburton's Edge

The Lancers get involved in a violent dispute with a neighboring cattle baron.

S0/EP - Angel Day and Her Sunshine Girls

Teresa's long-lost mother shows up at the Lancer ranch and wants her daughter to leave with her.

S0/EP - The Great Humbug

The Lancers unwittingly play host to a land swindler who then involves them in his scheme.

S0/EP - Child of Rock and Sunlight

Johnny gets himself stranded in the desert, where things go from bad to worse when he encounters an outlaw family.

S0/EP - Juniper's Camp

When Johnny and Scott rescue a Boston lass from a kidnapper, she isn't exactly thrilled. She wants to marry him.

S0/EP - Man Without a Gun

A suave gentleman outlaw who doesn't carry a gun plots a major robbery.

S0/EP - The Measure of a Man

Uneducated Johnny helps a newly arrived schoolmarm prove the value of education to ranchers.

S0/EP - The Devil's Blessing

Murdoch decides to take on the lawless elements of a mining town to prove he can still cut the mustard.

S0/EP - Blind Man's Bluff

Johnny must rely on a mute girl for survival after being blinded by a sniper's bullet.

S0/EP - The Lorelei

A gold mine has dangerous consequences for the Lancer ranch.

S0/EP - Zee

When Scott tries to help a female hellcat, whom he caught trying to rob a store, he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

S0/EP - Legacy

Murdoch clashes with Scott's grandfather when he arrives for a visit.

S0/EP - The Kid

A youngster seeking to avenge the death of his father hires a gunslinger—Johnny.

S0/EP - The Rivals

A rival land baron tries to squeeze out Murdoch in both land and romance.

S0/EP - Black Angel

Jelly falls for a scheming gal who's half his age.

S0/EP - Jelly Hoskins' American Dream

Jelly becomes the owner of a ponderous, hump-backed bull.

S0/EP - Cut the Wolf Loose

A zealous missionary attracts Johnny's interest.

S0/EP - The Gifts

Three birthday gifts intended for Murdoch end up having surprising destinies.

S0/EP - Welcome to Genesis

A doctor with a questionable past is the only man available to help the seriously ill people of a mining town.

S0/EP - Little Darlings of the Sierras

The Lancers get involved with a troupe of mining camp entertainers.

S0/EP - A Person Unknown

A woman is grimly determined to improve her daughter's social standing—even at Johnny's expense.

S0/EP - Splinter Group

A group of starving miners approach Scott for help in feeding their families.

S0/EP - Scarecrow at Hacket's

A dying man leaves his land to a shocking beneficiary—the devil.

S0/EP - Blue Skies for Willie Sharpe

Scott tries to help an alcoholic who was once a legendary hero so that the man will become respected in the eyes of his grandson.

S0/EP - The Experiment

Murdoch gets appointed as temporary overseer of a prison work farm for first-time offenders.

S0/EP - Shadow of a Dead Man

Investigating a remote piece of Lancer land, Johnny finds it occupied by a widow who's being hunted by a paid killer.

S0/EP - Good-bye Lizzie

A female outlaw seeks to escape her notorious past.

S0/EP - Chad

In the Sierra Nevadas, Johnny gets involved in an old family feud.

S0/EP - The Lion and the Lambs

After a sheepman saves his life, Johnny offers his flock refuge on Lancer land. This act sparks anger amongst the neighboring cattlemen.

S0/EP - The Buscaderos

Bandits led by an old enemy of Johnny's take over the Lancer ranch.

S0/EP - Lamp in the Wilderness

Murdoch tries to help a young teacher working with Indian children.

S0/EP - Dream of Falcons

Cousin Chad Lancer helps out an inventor who thinks he can conquer the mystery of flight.

S0/EP - Lifeline

A young psychic's predictions of doom for the Lancers begin coming true.

S0/EP - The Homecoming (aka High Riders)

Wealthy rancher Murdoch Lancer offers his two estranged sons a share of his property if they'll move back and help him defend the place against land pirates.