Mutant X


A Normal Life - As Mutant X tracks down the rogue scientist responsible for a terrorist act, Shalimar breaks away from the team at Adam's request to save the scientist and discover the real bad guy.
  • SUNDAYS 3 AM & 4 AM
Created by Avi Arad, founder of Marvel Studios, Mutant X centers around a team of "New Mutants" who use powers like density manipulation, tele-empathy and super strength to protect fellow Mutants.
  • Season

S1/EP 1 - The Shock of the New

Adam and his Mutant X team go on a mission to protect the unwitting subjects of a covert human genetics program gone awry.

S1/EP 2 - I Scream the Body Electric

Brennan and Emma join the Mutant X team in fighting off Eckhart's Genetic Security Agency forces.

S1/EP 3 - Russian Roulette

Adam and his Mutant X team match wits with a Russian duo who are working for Eckhart.

S1/EP 4 - Fool for Love

Shalimar falls in love with a professor who claims to hold the key to reversing the mutation process.

S1/EP 5 - Kilohertz

When a mysterious new mutant uses his extraordinary powers to wreak havoc throughout the city, Adam leads the Mutant X team on a crusade to stop him.

S1/EP 6 - Meaning of Death

Adam and his team face their biggest challenge yet when a deadly virus spreads through the city, causing infected mutants to lose control over their powers.

S1/EP 7 - Lit Fuse

Adam leads the Mutant X team on a mission to protect Ashley Elliot, a new mutant whose consumption of electricity is causing city-wide blackouts.

S1/EP 8 - In the Presence of Mine Enemies

The Mutant X team embarks on a dangerous rescue mission to save Jesse's new mutant girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by the GSA.

S1/EP 9 - Crime of the New Century

The Mutant X team sets out to rescue a young boy who's been mysteriously kidnapped.

S1/EP 10 - Dark Star Rising

The Mutant X team struggles to save the last two survivors of an international anti-terrorist unit.

S1/EP 11 - Whiter Shade of Pale

An ailing stealth mutant, Adam's long lost lover, steals his prototype Genetic Sequencer.

S1/EP 12 - Double Vision

Emma is split in two by a synergetic energy blast.

S1/EP 13 - Blood Ties

Jesse is roped into a deadly undercover mission when his estranged father mysteriously shows up.

S1/EP 14 - Altered Ego

A young mutant from Adam's past shows up seeking revenge for her father's death.

S1/EP 15 - Lazarus Syndrome

Emma falls prey to a modern-day vampire, who must feed on the life force of mutants in order to survive.

S1/EP 16 - Interface

Emma's past puts her in grave danger when she is reunited with an old high school friend, now a GSA trainee.

S1/EP 17 - Presumed Guilty

Adam finds himself framed for murder after encountering Marc Griffin, a mutant with the ability to steal people's memories.

S1/EP 18 - Ex Marks the Spot

Shalimar's former boyfriend, mutant Zack Lockhart, joins the Mutant X team on a mission to steal a secret genetic formula.

S1/EP 19 - Nothing to Fear

A powerful mutant practices mind control on the members of Mutant X to punish them for the death of his wife.

S1/EP 20 - Deadly Desire

Seductive mutant Lorna Templeton casts a powerful love spell on Brennan.

S1/EP 21 - A Breed Apart

The Mutant X team faces its biggest challenge yet when Gabriel Ashlocke, the most powerful of all mutants, threatens to take over the world.

S1/EP 22 - Dancing on the Razor

A local journalist threatens to expose the existence of mutants to the world.

S2/EP 1 - Past as Prologue

In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Ashlocke (Michael Easton) revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist who poses a lethal threat to the Mutant X team.

S2/EP 2 - Power Play

A disgruntled military man takes over a nuclear power plant, threatening a 'China Syndrome' event, unless Mutant X can stop him.

S2/EP 3 - Time Squared

Ashlocke finds a way to travel back in time via a wormhole, discovering a young Adam open to ideas that could forever alter the lives of Mutant X.

S2/EP 4 - Whose Woods These Are

The team travels into the woods to uncover the mystery of an animal-like creature that's been killing hikers.

S2/EP 5 - The Future Revealed

A desperate Ashlocke vows to destroy Mutant X--and the entire city--if Adam doesn't help him find a way to reverse his cellular degeneration.

S2/EP 6 - No Man Left Behind

When a military pilot is shot down behind enemy lines, Mutant X must recover the secret government weapon that was hidden on his plane.

S2/EP 7 - Crossroads of the Soul

Brennan accidentally enters a town 'out of time' that doesn't appear to exist, and which harbors a dark secret with grave implications for Mutant X.

S2/EP 8 - Sign From Above

Mutant X infiltrates a group of extraterrestrials, who've lived among us for years, and now pose a threat to humanity's future.

S2/EP 9 - Body and Soul

While trying to track down a New Mutant killer out for revenge, Mutant X must also contend with a nosy reporter who threatens to expose them all.

S2/EP 10 - Understudy

An injured Shalimar is temporarily replaced in her Mutant X duties by a feral with a hidden agenda that could destroy the team.

S2/EP 11 - The Grift

Brennan's old ex-girlfriend approaches him about helping her--and the son he didn't know he had--when one of her grifter schemes turns deadly.

S2/EP 12 - At Destiny's End

Emma's infatuation with a beach-going telepath could spell the end of her association with Mutant X.

S2/EP 13 - Within These Walls

Adam finds himself trapped in a panic room with a shadowy woman from his past and a Mutant killer trying to get inside.

S2/EP 14 - Hard Time

Jesse and Brennan go undercover in a prison to discover why inmates keep dying, only to find themselves part of a Mutant fight club.

S2/EP 15 - Under the Cloak of War

Shalimar is sent undercover in a deadly high-tech assassination ring, to find why they want Adam dead.

S2/EP 16 - Once Around *Bad*

Mutant X must protect a remarkably irritating FBI informant, only to find themselves embroiled in his schemes.

S2/EP 17 - Final Judgement

Adam is forced to defend himself to a secret government court after he's charged with crimes against humanity.

S2/EP 18 - Inferno

Emma becomes obsessed with catching an arsonist after she's plagued by visions when one of his victims dies in her arms.

S2/EP 19 - One Step Closer

In the race to save a politicians kidnapped daughter, Brennan faces his own mortality when his powers get stronger and impossible to control.

S2/EP 20 - Reality Check

Mutant X faces off against a cold war era Mutant who can alter a person's reality, shattering their minds in the process.

S2/EP 21 - Reawakening

Aboard an ocean research vessel, Mutant X discovers the crew are being stalked by a creature found frozen in an ice floe.

S2/EP 22 - Lest He Become

A vengeful Mason Eckhart returns with a diabolical plan to destroy Mutant X once and for all.

S3/EP 1 - Into the Moonless Night

The disaster at Naxcon, leaves Mutant X without Adam and Emma. With a new addition the team brings Eckhart to justice - permanently.

S3/EP 2 - Wages of Sin

Mutant X goes undercover to infiltrate an auction selling a dangerous biological weapon to a host of international criminals.

S3/EP 3 - Tbe Breed

An experimental parasite infects a military base turning soldiers into crazed zombies. Mutant X goes in to find a cure before the entire town is destroyed.

S3/EP 4 - Where Evil Dwells

A serial killer appears to be killing people from behind bars, but really a psionic psychologist is unknowingly doing his dirty work, Mutant X must find the real killer.

S3/EP 5 - The Taking of Crows

When Lexa is drugged the team must go to a Turkish prison to find the drug's creator, and convince her to handover the antidote.

S3/EP 6 - Shadows of Darkness

A hospital is terrorized by ghosts and strange sightings, Mutant X investigates and discovers it to be the work of an old patient, a psionic who wants to settle the score.

S3/EP 7 - The Hand of God

The Helix crashes and Shalimar is missing, Mutant X races to find her and mutant with healing powers before Dominique's men capture them. (Lexa introduces The Dominion).

S3/EP 8 - Wasteland

With the help of Mutant X, Jesse investigates an old flame, and her company's involvement in mutant locusts, GM corn, and a potential agricultural Armageddon.

S3/EP 9 - No Exit

A cybernetic mutant hacks into sanctuary and using video game characters and tactics, attempts to shutdown Mutant X and destroy their base.

S3/EP 10 - Brother's Keeper

Lexa reluctantly allows Mutant X to help find her brother Luke before he loses control, or is caught by the diabolical Carter and his men. (Lexa's brother is introduced).

S3/EP 11 - Possibilities

Brennan becomes linked to a time travelling mutant as they struggle through several temporal possibilities in order to diffuse a bomb.

S3/EP 12 - Conspiracy Theory

Brennan and Shalimar join with a crack conspiracy theorist and uncover a trail of alien bodies, men in black, and corrupt politicians, all leading to the elusive Dominique. (Must come after Hand of God).

S3/EP 13 - Art of Attraction

Mutant X stages an elaborate heist on behalf of the Dominion to secure an important formula, Lexa falls for a rival thief along the way. Adam suggests to Shalimar that there is more to the formula than the Dominion is letting on.

S3/EP 14 - A Normal Life

As Mutant X tracks down the rogue scientist responsible for a terrorist act, Shalimar breaks away from the team at Adam's request to save the scientist and discover the real bad guy.

S3/EP 15 - Divided Loyalties

Brennan is forced to return to his criminal past when Mutant X discovers his old partner is involved in stealing Sanctuaries secrets, Adam guides Brennan from the sidelines.

S3/EP 16 - Age of Innocence

Mutant X unearths a WWII genetics experiment involving an age-reversal serum, they are surprised to discover Jesse's grandfather is a prototype. Meanwhile Adam reveals the dark side of the serum.

S3/EP 17 - She's Come Undone

Lexa is "remote controlled" by an evil doctor, Mutant X helps her find and eliminate this threat. Meanwhile Adam confronts the team, revealing a larger conspiracy at work involving the Dominion's true intentions.

S3/EP 18 - In Between

Jesse is taken out by an old enemy. Brennan leads him through past memories to save his life as Shalimar and Lexa search for an alternative solution.

S3/EP 19 - Dream Lover

Shalimar is contacted by an old friend whose strange behavior leads the team into an underground sex trade, where the women are clones.

S3/EP 20 - The Prophecy

Brennan battles with a Guardian of the Prophecy to stop the late mutant Ashlocke's plan from beyond the grave of world domination.

S3/EP 21 - Cirque des Merveilles

Lexa's suspicions lead Mutant X to unveil a traveling death camp, which is posed as a circus for mutant refugees and Mutant X's enemy within the Dominion.

S3/EP 22 - The Assault

Many of the mysteries surrounding Mutant X are revealed when Lexa and Jesse are captured by the Dominion and the team, along with Adam, goes in to rescue them.