Xena: Warrior Princess


The God You Know - With Ares rendered mortal, an off-balance Aphrodite is easily seduced by the evil Roman emperor Caligula, who steals her godly powers and becomes a threat to the followers of Eli.
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Once a powerful warlord, Xena (Lucy Lawless) now traverses her world on a quest for redemption, defending the powerless and weak—the very people her armies had once crushed. Unable to escape a dark past and often tempted to return to it, Xena finds guidance in her best friend and greatest ally, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), a simple farm girl who grows into an Amazon warrior and Xena's comrade-in-arms. From warlords and roving outlaws to egotistical gods, Xena wields her formidable strength against tyranny and oppression, fighting for what she calls "the greater good."
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S1/EP 1 - Sins of the Past

Xena returns to her hometown, Amphipolis, hoping to make up for past sins. On the way, she saves the people of Potidaea from the warlord Draco, attracting the attention of a young girl called Gabrielle, who decides to follow Xena in the hopes of a more exciting life.

S1/EP 2 - Chariots of War

While defending a small settlement from a vicious warlord and his son, Xena is wounded and then cared for by a family. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is left to defend herself against thieves and cut-throats at a tavern.

S1/EP 3 - Dreamworker

When Manus, the high priest of the dream god Morpheus, kidnaps Gabrielle, Xena must face the demons of her past and enter the dream world to rescue her friend.

S1/EP 4 - Cradle of Hope

Xena and Gabrielle go undercover after learning of a ransom put on an infant who is prophesied to one day take the throne from a powerful king.

S1/EP 5 - The Path Not Taken

Xena pretends to be her old self, a money hungry warlord, in order to save a young princess. However, along the way she is pushed to her limits when she discovers an old lover is working for an arms dealer.

S1/EP 6 - The Reckoning

Xena is erroneously put on trial for killing a group of townspeople, much to the delight of Ares, the god of war.

S1/EP 7 - The Titans

Accidentally releasing three titans from their stone tomb, Gabrielle tricks the trio into believing she is a goddess and has them help out a small village. All is well until they suspect she is lying and threaten the village's demise.

S1/EP 8 - Prometheus

Xena and Hercules join forces to free Prometheus; however, his reprieve comes with a price.

S1/EP 9 - Death in Chains

Ailing King Sisyphus holds Goddess of Death Celesta captive, rendering all of mankind unable to die. It is up to Xena and Gabrielle to rescue Celesta and restore the natural order of the world.

S1/EP 10 - Hooves and Harlots

Someone is trying to start a war between the Amazons and the centaurs, which Xena tries to prevent after a dying Amazon princess leaves Gabrielle her right of caste.

S1/EP 11 - The Black Wolf

When King Xerxes arrests a group of villagers, demanding they surrender the mysterious "Black Wolf" and followers, Xena arranges to be arrested to help them escape.

S1/EP 12 - Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Xena and Gabrielle arrive in Troy during the Trojan War to fight for Xena's friend, Helen. While there, Gabrielle encounters ex-fiancé Perdicas, who's working now as a mercenary for Troy.

S1/EP 13 - Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards

Gabrielle contends with the likes of Homer and Euripides for acceptance into Athens City Academy.

S1/EP 14 - A Fistful of Dinars

Xena and Gabrielle join two men of dubious reputation (including Xena's ex-fiancé) in order to find the Treasure of the Sumerians.

S1/EP 15 - Warrior... Princess

When assassination attempts are made on Princess Diana, Xena, who is physically identical to the princess, takes her place to ferret out the would-be assassin.

S1/EP 16 - Mortal Beloved

Xena's dead lover, Marcus, appears to her in a vision, imploring her help in rescuing the underworld from the mad Atyminius.

S1/EP 17 - The Royal Couple of Thieves

Xena enlists Autolycus to reclaim the stolen Ark of the Covenant.

S1/EP 18 - The Prodigal

After she and Xena are assaulted, Gabrielle has second thoughts about a life of adventure and decides to go back to Potadeia—which is about to be attacked.

S1/EP 19 - Altared States

Xena rescues a young boy on the run from his father, who wants to sacrifice him.

S1/EP 20 - Ties That Bind

An old warrior claiming to be Xena's father complicates her rescue of a group of slaves.

S1/EP 21 - Greater Good

When Xena gets poisoned, Gabrielle must take her place in fighting a warlord and protecting a village and the merchant Salmoneus.

S1/EP 22 - Callisto

A woman called Callisto is killing innocent people and claiming to be Xena. While dealing with the deadly imposter, Xena and Gabrielle encounter for the first time warrior-wannabe Joxer.

S1/EP 23 - Death Mask

Xena finally confronts Cortese, the warlord who burned her village and turned her into a warrior.

S1/EP 24 - Is There A Doctor in the House?

When Xena and Gabrielle take a wounded and pregnant Ephiny to a healing temple in the middle of a civil war, Xena takes over as healer when the priests refuse to help.

S2/EP 1 - Orphan of War

Xena and Gabrielle travel to assist the centaur in their battle against Dagnine, a man who once fought at Xena's side when she was evil.

S2/EP 2 - Remember Nothing

When Xena protects the temple of the Fates, she is granted her wish that she had never followed the sword, but only if she can manage to keep from drawing blood in anger.

S2/EP 3 - The Giant Killer

In this retelling of the David and Goliath story, Goliath is a friend of Xena's who has fallen into evil ways after losing his family.

S2/EP 4 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer face the evil god Bacchus, who turns innocent girls into wild women called the Bacchae.

S2/EP 5 - Return of Callisto

When Callisto escapes from prison, she builds an army of evil and sends Joxer to tell Xena that she's going to continue killing. Perdicus marries Gabrielle, but Callisto interrupts their honeymoon.

S2/EP 6 - Warrior... Princess... Tramp

Xena travels to help her look-alike, Princess Diana, once more, but there's an unexpected problem: another Xena look-alike, a tramp called Meg, is already trying to supplant the princess.

S2/EP 7 - Intimate Stranger: Part 1

Callisto, with Ares' help, switches bodies with Xena, leaving Xena's mind in the warlord's body in Tartarus.

S2/EP 8 - Ten Little Warlords: Part 2

With Ares' sword stolen, he is made mortal and incapable of putting Xena back into her own body (she is stuck in Callisto's). He also is no longer able to control the anger of peaceful people.

S2/EP 9 - A Solstice Carol

Over the course of a holiday evening, Xena and Gabrielle stage mini-dramas in King Silvus' bedroom in hopes of changing his bitter ways.

S2/EP 10 - The Xena Scrolls

In 1940, two archaeologists look for the legendary scrolls that Gabrielle wrote about her adventures with Xena.

S2/EP 11 - Her She Comes... Miss Amphipolis

A fragile peace may be derailed by behind-the-scenes mayhem at a beauty pageant consisting of competing former enemies.

S2/EP 12 - Destiny: Part 1

Critically injured and in a coma, Xena's unconscious mind dwells on how 10 winters prior she met Julius Caesar and became the Destroyer of Nations. Meanwhile, Gabrielle tries to get Xena to a healer.

S2/EP 13 - The Quest: Part 2

Gabrielle's attempt to take Xena's body to be buried with her brother is complicated by would-be thieves, Amazon dynasty squabbles and Xena's attempts to communicate through Autolycus.

S2/EP 14 - A Necessary Evil: Part 3

Velasca makes herself a god and seeks vengeance on Gabrielle.

S2/EP 15 - A Day in the Life

Xena and Gabrielle battle a village-looting warlord and then save another village from a rampaging giant.

S2/EP 16 - For Him the Bell Tolls

Aphrodite uses Joxer to derail a marriage between a prince and princess orchestrated by the arrows of her son, Cupid.

S2/EP 17 - The Execution

When Meleager, the hero who once saved Gabrielle's village, is condemned for murder, it's a race against time as Gabrielle and Xena work to produce evidence of his innocence.

S2/EP 18 - Blind Faith

When a young punk sells Gabrielle into a trap, Xena must force the punk to assist in Gabrielle's rescue while gradually going blind.

S2/EP 19 - Ulysses

Xena and Gabrielle help Ulysses, King of Ithaca, face the forces of Poseidon, god of the sea, so he can go back to home after the Trojan War. During the journey, Xena and Ulysses start falling in love.

S2/EP 20 - The Price

Xena's arrival brings hope to a beleaguered Athenian outpost under siege by "The Horde." Meanwhile, Gabrielle's desire to care for the wounded clashes with Xena's ruthless arrangement of supplies, water and soldiers.

S2/EP 21 - Lost Mariner

After a shipwreck, Xena must rescue Gabrielle from the cursed ship of Cecrops, the Lost Mariner.

S2/EP 22 - A Comedy of Eros

The baby of Cupid and Psyche—on the loose with Daddy's love-causing bow—complicates Xena's attempt to stop Draco from attacking a temple of Hestian virgins.

S3/EP 1 - The Furies

At Ares' request, Xena is judged by the Furies for not avenging the murder of her father and punished by persecution and madness, leaving Gabrielle to try to reverse Xena's insanity.

S3/EP 2 - Been There, Done That

Joxer is killed, but when the day begins again... and again... Xena realizes she's the only one who knows what's happening, and may have a second chance to save her friend.

S3/EP 3 - The Dirty Half Dozen

Xena, Gabrielle and four shady characters from Xena's past go up against a new protege of Ares' whose soldiers have weapons and armor made from the unbreakable metal of Hephaestus.

S3/EP 4 - The Deliverer: Part 1

When Xena travels to Britannia to help stop Caesar's invasion, Gabrielle is tricked into killing and loses her blood innocence, which leaves her wide open to the evil "One God" Dahak.

S3/EP 5 - Gabrielle's Hope: Part 2

In Britannia, Gabrielle becomes pregnant and is pursued by an angry mob, a sacred order of knights and a group of evil banshees. Xena relentlessly protects the child—until she learns the baby is evil.

S3/EP 6 - The Debt: Part 1

When Xena is summoned to the distant kingdom of Chin to kill the Green Dragon, a task she left undone years before, she explains to Gabrielle why she must commit murder.

S3/EP 7 - The Debt: Part 2

After Gabrielle's betrayal of Xena's murderous intentions, Xena is imprisoned by the Green Dragon and sentenced to die. When Gabrielle begs for forgiveness, Xena tells her the rest of her history with Lao Ma, Borias and Lao Ma's son, the Green Dragon.

S3/EP 8 - The King of Assassins

Gabrielle, Autolycus and Joxer plot to stop Joxer's look-alike brother, Jett, a deadly assassin, from killing his next target: Queen Cleopatra.

S3/EP 9 - Warrior... Priestess... Tramp

When Xena and Gabrielle meet yet another Xena look-alike, a virgin priestess named Leah, they work to uncover who's plotting against her while trying to keep Joxer safe.

S3/EP 10 - The Quill Is Mightier

When a miffed Aphrodite casts a charm on Gabrielle's scroll so that anything she writes comes true, Gabrielle is delighted at the chance to do good—and astonished when her writing leads to unintended consequences.

S3/EP 11 - Maternal Instincts: Part 1

Maternal instincts spring into action when Gabrielle encounters her evil daughter, Hope, who has freed the goddess Callisto in order to kill Xena's son, Solan. The evildoers plot to sever the friendship of Xena and Gabrielle forever, and bring about Dahak's return to the world.

S3/EP 12 - The Bitter Suite: Part 2

After trying to kill one another, grief-stricken Xena and Gabrielle awake in a strange musical world called Illusia, where they must face the pain and anger caused by the deaths of their children and forgive one another in order to live.

S3/EP 13 - One Against an Army

As the only thing that stands between the Persian Army and Athens, Xena wages war against substantial odds, while Gabrielle slowly succumbs to the strike of a poisoned arrow.

S3/EP 14 - Forgiven

When the sacred Urn of Apollo is stolen, a brash teenage girl with a dislike for Gabrielle joins Xena on the quest to return it, trying to convince the Warrior Princess that she would make a far better companion.

S3/EP 15 - King Con

When Joxer cleans up at the gaming house, he is beaten nearly to death. Looking to exact retribution on the casino owner, Xena decides that the best way to defeat a con artist is to run a bigger con.

S3/EP 16 - When In Rome…

When a great warrior of Gaul is taken prisoner by Julius Caesar, Xena captures a blood-thirsty general in an attempt to use Roman politics to free him. However, the plan goes awry and Xena ends up in the Colosseum fighting for her life.

S3/EP 17 - Forget Me Not

Tortured by her memories of Hope and past misdeeds, Gabrielle visits the temple of Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory, to revisit her past and either find a way to live with it or erase her memories forever.

S3/EP 18 - Fins, Femmes, and Gems

As Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer embark on a quest to recover the stolen North Star, Aphrodite impedes their efforts by casting a spell that alters each either physically or mentally.

S3/EP 19 - Tsunami

When Gabrielle leaps aboard a ship carrying a chain gang whose members include Autolycus, Xena must first find a way to join them at sea, and later rescue them all when the ship capsizes.

S3/EP 20 - Vanishing Act

Autolycus demands to call the shots when he teams up with Xena and Gabrielle to recover a statue that is a symbol of peace between two villages.

S3/EP 21 - Sacrifice: Part 1

Xena and Gabrielle try to stop Gabrielle's friend, Seraphin, from sacrificing herself to bring a goddess back to life. Meanwhile, Ares and Callisto are plotting to help Hope to be reborn.

S3/EP 22 - Sacrifice: Part 2

Gabrielle's evil daughter, Hope, takes on the appearance of her mother and joins forces with Ares to create a race of Destroyers designed to usher in the return of Dahak. In their hour of need, Xena and Gabrielle have no choice but to make a deal with the devilish Goddess Callisto.

S4/EP 1 - Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 1

After Gabrielle sacrifices herself to stop Hope, a grief-stricken Xena travels to the Amazon Land of the Dead to find Gabrielle.

S4/EP 2 - Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 2

While battling the evil shamaness Alti, Xena learns that Gabrielle is still alive and that she and her friend are fated to die at the hand of Romans in the near future.

S4/EP 3 - A Family Affair

Xena and Joxer travel to Potidaea and find Hope posing as Gabrielle. In order to save Joxer's family—and the rest of mankind—they must destroy Hope and her monstrous offspring.

S4/EP 4 - In Sickness and In Hell

Xena and Gabrielle are plagued by a myriad of ailments, including rashes, food poisoning and an insect infestation, as they help Joxer battle a Scythian army.

S4/EP 5 - A Good Day

Teaming with a desperate Greek soldier, Xena plots to disrupt the plans of Rome's two remaining triumvirs, Caesar and Pompey, who wish to do battle for sole control over Rome.

S4/EP 6 - A Tale of Two Muses

Xena and Gabrielle help a friend reform an oppressed town in which dancing is outlawed. Also lending his assistance is Autolycus, disguised as a strict revivalist.

S4/EP 7 - Locked Up and Tied Down

When Xena allows herself to be tried and convicted of murder, Gabrielle struggles to uncover the truth of what really happened and free Xena from Shark Island Prison.

S4/EP 8 - Crusader

Xena and Gabrielle meet Najara, a woman who preaches "the way of the light," but also enforces a "reform or die" policy for prisoners.

S4/EP 9 - Past Imperfect

Xena and Gabrielle work to save a village that is being destroyed in exactly the same manner as another village was years earlier at the hand of the Warrior Princess.

S4/EP 10 - Key to the Kingdom

Joxer, Meg and Autolycus team up to steal the infamous "key" that's prophesied to lead to the crown of Athena. However, the joke is on Autolycus when he learns that the key is really a baby and Meg wants to be the mother.

S4/EP 11 - Daughter of Pomira

Out to recover a young girl who was kidnapped by the Horde six years ago, Xena and Gabrielle are shocked when they find that the girl doesn't want to leave the Horde, the only family she's ever known.

S4/EP 12 - If the Shoe Fits

Xena, Aphrodite and Gabrielle take turns trying to cheer up a young princess, who is unhappy with her new stepmother, by sharing their unique spin on a fairy tale. At the same time, the three also take turns protecting the kingdom's crown jewels against warlords.

S4/EP 13 - Paradise Found

In India, Xena and Gabrielle wake up in a paradise where a mystical man named Aiden teaches Gabrielle the art of meditation. However, Xena discovers that Aiden is actually feeding off Gabrielle's goodness, and the only way she can defeat him is to become evil herself.

S4/EP 14 - Devi

While traveling in India, Xena and Gabrielle meet Eli, a magician, and Gabrielle suddenly acquires the power to heal. The local people declare that Gabrielle is a Devi, a Hindu healing deity, but Xena grows suspicious of the power's source when Gabrielle begins acting strangely.

S4/EP 15 - Between the Lines

After rescuing a woman with mysterious powers, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in a future life where they are fighting the reincarnation of Alti, the evil shaman. Together they must use the power of the mendhi to defeat Alti before she ends their karmic cycle forever.

S4/EP 16 - The Way

Xena and Gabrielle encounter their old friend, Eli, who has been targeted by Indrajit, the king of demons. When both Eli and Gabrielle are captured, Xena is forced to seek help from a higher power: Krishna.

S4/EP 17 - The Play's the Thing

Zehra, the queen of cons, convinces Gabrielle, who is looking to spread her message of peace, to stage a play based on her adventures with Xena. Of course, Zehra's interest in the play has a hidden motive.

S4/EP 18 - The Convert

Najara returns claiming a newfound mantra for nonviolence, which makes Xena suspicious. Meanwhile, Joxer wrestles with guilt over his first kill.

S4/EP 19 - Takes One to Know One

When a murder occurs at Gabrielle's surprise birthday party, at which her family and friends have gathered, Discord, newly appointed as goddess of the underworld, gives Xena until sunrise to find the killer—or everyone she loves will be taken to the underworld.

S4/EP 20 - Endgame

Gabrielle becomes queen of the Amazons after Ephiny dies at the hand of Brutus. Learning that Caesar's enemy, Pompey, has taken many of the Amazon tribe as slaves, Xena enlists an unlikely ally to shift the balance of Roman power forever.

S4/EP 21 - The Ides of March

Xena decides it's time to stop Caesar once and for all. However, Callisto unexpectedly returns from Hell to corrupt Xena and make Julius Caesar emperor. Meanwhile, Brutus comes to a fatal decision about Caesar.

S4/EP 22 - Déjà Vu All Over Again

A present-day woman named Annie Day believes she's the reincarnation of Xena, while her disbelieving boyfriend thinks she's crazy. Seeking help from a past-life expert, Annie meets some familiar faces as she tries to make sense of her situation.

S5/EP 1 - Fallen Angel: Part 1

In the afterlife, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves caught up in a war between Hell's demons and Heaven's angels over possession of Heaven. Meanwhile, Callisto receives a miraculous gift and Joxer, Amarice and Eli try to recover Xena and Gabrielle's bodies.

S5/EP 2 - Chakram: Part 2

Having been resurrected by Eli, Xena finds that she has lost all memory of the darkness and violence in her past life. The only way to recover the missing part of herself is to join her broken chakram with its counterpart, the chakram of light.

S5/EP 3 - Succession

When a warrior named Mavican decides to kill Xena to become the heir to Ares' godly favor, Ares traps them, along with Gabrielle, in a jungle to do battle. To make matters worse, Xena and Gabrielle have been merged into one body, with one having control during the day and the other at night.

S5/EP 4 - Animal Attraction

Romantic complications abound when Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Amarice arrive in Spamona looking for a little R&R. In addition to troubles of the heart, the four warriors find themselves defending the town against a gang of outlaws.

S5/EP 5 - Them Bones, Them Bones

After experiencing a vision of her unborn child's death, Xena visits Amazon shamaness Yakut. There she learns that her baby's soul is being stolen by Alti, who seeks to re-enter the world through the child's body.

S5/EP 6 - Purity: Part 1

When Xena receives a cryptic message in the words of her former mentor, Lao Ma, she, Gabrielle and Joxer journey to Chin, where a war is breaking out over a destructive powder and Lao Ma's Book of Wisdom.

S5/EP 7 - Back in the Bottle: Part 2

In Chin with Gabrielle and Joxer, Xena must hone the power of purity to stop the warlord Khan, who has the recipe for a destructive black power, thanks to his collaboration with evil spirits Pao Ssu and Ming T'ien.

S5/EP 8 - Little Problems

Trapped inside the body of a little girl, Xena helps the grief-stricken child cope with the death of her mother and bridge the rift with her father. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Aphrodite go to desperate lengths to separate the two before sunset while keeping Xena's body safe.

S5/EP 9 - Seeds of Faith

When Eli preaches the end of the rule of the Olympian gods, Xena and Gabrielle take it upon themselves to defend him from their wrath, reluctantly teaming up with Callisto after Ares sends an army to deal with Eli.

S5/EP 10 - Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire

When the Amazons and a lovesick-for-Gabrielle Draco clash over possession of Terpsichore's golden lyre, Xena holds a battle of the bands contest in Greece to decide who'll get it.

S5/EP 11 - Punch Lines

Suffering from writer's block, Gabrielle tells Aphrodite about her day, during which a depressed god shrunk her and Argo. Meanwhile, Xena tries to control her hormone-induced temper to win a bet with Gabrielle.

S5/EP 12 - God Fearing Child

Xena and Gabrielle team up with Hercules when Zeus declares that Xena's unborn child must die so that the prophecy of Olympus' doom will not be fulfilled. Looking for some extra protection, Xena travels to the underworld to steal Hade's helmet of Invisibility.

S5/EP 13 - Eternal Bonds

After the simultaneous death of Zeus and the birth of baby Eve, Xena and Gabrielle protect the infant from the Olympian gods who want to destroy her, while Xena tries to rid herself of a doting Ares and Gabrielle tries to retrieve the antidote for the poison that is slowly killing Joxer.

S5/EP 14 - Amphipolis Under Siege

On a visit home to see her mother, Xena, Gabrielle and baby Eve are trapped in Amphipolis when Athena and her army surround the village and plan to kill Xena's child.

S5/EP 15 - Married with Fishsticks

Caught between dueling gods Discord and Aphrodite, Gabrielle is knocked unconscious and falls into the sea. Waking up without her memory, a merman tells her that she's his wife and mother to his unusual offspring.

S5/EP 16 - Lifeblood: Part 1

After learning that Yakut and Amarice have been killed by raiding nomads, Gabrielle assumes the mantle of Amazon queen to help rebuild the tribe and prevent pointless vengeance. But when her words aren't enough to persuade her people from violence, Yakut's spirit appears to Xena to lend guidance.

S5/EP 17 - Kindred Spirits: Part 2

Gabrielle is torn between staying as queen of the Amazons or continuing her adventures with Xena and baby Eve. Meanwhile, a young Amazon wishes to become Xena's new sidekick and Gabrielle must make a tough decision when Joxer is captured while spying on naked Amazons.

S5/EP 18 - Antony and Cleopatra

When Cleopatra is murdered, Xena poses as the queen of Egypt to discover the identity of the killer. However, the plan is threatened when she seems to fall for Marc Antony and Brutus suddenly appears, forcing her and Gabrielle to turn to Octavius for help.

S5/EP 19 - Looking Death in the Eye

In the future, an old Joxer obtains a lost scroll of Gabrielle's. It tells the story of how Xena and Gabrielle learn from the Fates that Xena must die for Eve to set the twilight of the gods in motion.

S5/EP 20 - Livia: Part 1

Twenty-five years have passed when Xena and Gabrielle finally awake from their icy sleep. They set out to find Xena's daughter, Eve, only to discover that the world and Eve have changed for the worse.

S5/EP 21 - Eve: Part 2

Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Joxer's son, Virgil, attempt to locate Livia by following the trail of villages she has ravaged. Meanwhile, Xena faces Livia in a final battle that forces her daughter, Eve, to the surface at last.

S5/EP 22 - Motherhood

Eve is initiated into the way of Eli, freeing her of her past sins. A by-product of this gives Xena the power to kill Gods; she uses it to face the gods of Olympus in a battle to the death. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is tortured by the Furies, causing her to turn on Eve.

S6/EP 1 - Coming Home

After Ares requests Xena's help to steal the Amazon's Ambrosia so he can restore his godhood, the Furies, disguised as Xena, Gabrielle and Eve, drive him insane, causing him to turn on Xena.

S6/EP 2 - Haunting of Amphipolis: Part 1

Xena finds her hometown, Amphipolis, deserted and possessed by sinister powers from Hell, which have trapped the townspeople's souls, including that of her mother.

S6/EP 3 - Heart of Darkness: Part 2

After Xena defeats Mephistopheles, the king of Hell, an archangel named Lucifer is sent down from Heaven to force Xena to descend into Hell as its ruler.

S6/EP 4 - Who's Gurkhan?

When she discovers that her niece has been kidnapped by slave traders, Gabrielle, along with Xena, Eve and Virgil, sets sail for North Africa in search of the elusive warlord, Gurkhan.

S6/EP 5 - Legacy

In Africa, Xena and Gabrielle attempt to unite rival tribes against a common enemy: the Romans. However, when Gabrielle accidentally kills one of their people, the tribes demand vengeance and Xena must turn to the Romans for help.

S6/EP 6 - The Abyss

While searching for Virgil, Xena and Gabrielle are confronted by cannibals.

S6/EP 7 - The Rheingold: Part 1

Following Xena to the Norse lands to stop a vicious beast, Gabrielle learns of her friend's past as a Valkyrie and the crimes she committed after making the Rheingold into a powerful ring.

S6/EP 8 - The Ring: Part 2

After Xena explains how Grindl was created through the power of the Rheingold ring, she, Gabrielle and two Northern warriors set out to do battle with the creature.

S6/EP 9 - Return of the Valkyrie: Part 3

While Gabrielle is held within a ring of enchanted fire, Xena, suffering from amnesia, believes herself to be Wealthea, the bride of Hrothgar, a Viking lord.

S6/EP 10 - Old Ares Had a Farm

Xena disguises a mortal Ares as a farmer and leaves him in the middle of nowhere when a group of warlords band together to seek vengeance on the former god. This gives Xena the opportunity to enjoy getting back to her country roots and Ares the unexpected friendship of a stray dog.

S6/EP 11 - Dangerous Prey

Xena steps in to defend the Amazons when a deranged prince takes to hunting them for sport.

S6/EP 12 - The God You Know

With Ares rendered mortal, an off-balance Aphrodite is easily seduced by the evil Roman emperor Caligula, who steals her godly powers and becomes a threat to the followers of Eli.

S6/EP 13 - You Are There

Xena embarks on a quest to steal the Golden Apples of Valhalla and restore love to the world. However, a present-day reporter repeatedly interferes with a quest of his own.

S6/EP 14 - Path of Vengeance

As the Amazon tribes unite under Varia to rebuild their nation, Eve, despite her banishment, returns to make amends for past crimes. However, the Amazons sentence her to be executed unless Xena and Gabrielle can find a loophole in their laws.

S6/EP 15 - To Helicon and Back

When Varia is captured by Bellerophon, the vengeful half-god son of Artemis, Gabrielle takes charge by leading the Amazons to their queen's rescue at Bellerophon's fortress, Helicon.

S6/EP 16 - Send in the Clones

At present day, a team of diehard Xena fans uses hair samples to create clones of Xena and Gabrielle and attempts to restore their memories with episode clips. One fan, however, is actually the reincarnation of Alti, who wishes to release the "evil Xena" and destroy her reputation for good deeds.

S6/EP 17 - Last of the Centaurs

Ephiny's son, Xenan, is wanted by Lord Belach for kidnapping his daughter, Nicha. However, Nicha and Xenan are married and expecting a child. Ephiny's spirit visits Gabrielle and asks for her help.

S6/EP 18 - When Fates Collide

After escaping from Tartarus and capturing the Fates, Caesar changes the Threads of Fate, thus changing his destiny. Caesar now rules the world with Xena as his Empress. However, Alti, now the high priestess of Rome, wants to usurp Caesar and will stop at nothing to do so.

S6/EP 19 - Many Happy Returns

After Xena and Gabrielle rescue a virgin who is about to be willingly sacrificed by religious zealots, they call upon Aphrodite to convince the young woman that she shouldn't throw her life away for the sake of a god.

S6/EP 20 - Soul Possession

Ares drafts a contract in order to trick Xena into signing over her soul to him. Aware of the deceit, Xena, along with the reincarnations of Gabrielle and Joxer, battles Ares at a present-day meeting of C.H.A.K.R.A.M.

S6/EP 21 - Friend in Need: Part 1

Xena is summoned to Japan to battle the soul-eating ghost Yodoshi, who plans to level the city of Higuchi with his army of samurai warriors.

S6/EP 22 - Friend in Need: Part 2

Because Xena must be dead to fight Yodoshi, she allows herself to be killed by a samurai and his warriors. Gabrielle learns that she can bring Xena back to life by burning her body and putting the ashes in a magic spring.