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16 awesome behind-the-scene photos from the set of 'Star Trek'

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 25, 2016, 12:21PM

Top Image: The Everett Collection

Star Trek was so fantastic, its effects so revolutionary, its cast so perfect, its easy to forget that the iconic sci-fi series was made by a bunch of regular people working in Los Angeles. Thankfully, there were plenty of cameras around to capture the making of the show.

The Desilu Production filmed on sound stages, in Mayberry, in Bronson Canyon and beyond. Between takes, the stars would break character to relax, read a magazine and eat. Heck, you could even spot Spock laughing. Or chilling with a Buick.

Here are some of our favorite peeks behind the curtain at the making of Star Trek: The Original Series — and a few other photos of the cast the put a smile on our face, too.

Which is your favorite?

My other car is the Galileo shuttle.

Hopefully the painter was out of the shot when the cameras were rolling.

Your move.

Talk logically and carry a big ax.

Grace Lee Whitney is climbing the ladder to success.

Spock's smile in profile.

Prepping the model.

Outside the gates.

Nobody makes looking bored look cooler.

What do you think they're talking about here?

Goofing around on a planet.

Roddenberry and his cast work on 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.'

Mad's "Star Blecch" parody made its targets chuckle.

Image: Trek Core

Mmm… pie.

Image: nodtonothing

Even Vulcans need makeup.

Image: behindtheillusions

The set looks lonely without the stars.

Image: whatculture