#AllStarTrek Strikes Again

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 17, 2016, 12:06PM   

Some people hate Mondays. They're not so bad. Especially when we get to look back at the best #AllStarTrek tweets from Sunday night. 

We first journied to the water planet Argo on Star Trek: The Animated Series with "The Ambergris Element." Kirk and Spock might have turned into under water sea creature by the Aquans…

Ok, this is an AWESOME power.

Then, the crew were en route to Starbase 25 in The Animated Series episode "The Slaver Weapon"...

Woah. Meta.

Yet another reason why we love Uhura. Even animated, she is the best.

Star Trek: The Original Series had us glowing…

Glowing and grumpy apparently!

Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Transfigurations" rescued a mysterious humanioid with remarkable powers.

This is a rule of life!

Still: Shut up, Wesley!

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Klingon Empire ended its peace treaty.

Hey, we're not complaining.

Lessons from the playground to the starship.

Meanwhile, 7 of 9 has at last shown up on Star Trek: Voyager.

Everyone loves 7 of 9.

Popular opinion?

Lastly, Star Trek: Enterprise entered the subspace corridor.

As always, we encourage you to search the #AllStarTrek hashtag on Twitter so you can get the full #AllStarTrek experience! LLAP, friends.

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