Bob Denver and Dawn Wells reprised their famous Gilligan’s Island roles on Baywatch

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 14, 2021, 3:24PM

The Baywatch lifeguard team saw their fair share of famous faces. Among one of the most unique celebrity appearances were former Gilligan's Island stars, Bob Denver and Dawn Wells. Unlike other special guests on the series, both Denver and Wells reprised their famous roles of Gilligan and Mary Ann Summers.

Both series share a strong family connection with one another. Sherwood Schwartz, who was the creator and producer of Gilligan's Island, is the uncle of Douglas Schwartz, who was also the series creator of Baywatch. It was even Sherwood who helped refine Douglas's idea of Baywatch and ultimately helped him get it on the air. Douglas Schwartz would pay homage to his Uncle's work by directing this crossover episode himself.

Airing in the second season, Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale, set out to be a direct parody of the famous '60s sitcom. Following a Gilligan’s Island binge, Eddie Kramer hits himself on the head where he enters a classic Gilligan-like dream sequence.

Eddie is then suddenly on patrol with Shauni McClain where they find a stranded Gilligan and Mary Ann. Needing help to find their other lost friends, Eddie recruits the rest of the Baywatch team to venture out to the famous island they had been stranded on. 

Filled with steam shooting out of ears, hut building montages, and a laugh track, Baywatch fully transforms into an episode of Gilligan's Island and one of the most unique TV crossovers of its time. Shauni herself even changes into the Gilligan role of 'movie star' Ginger Grant partway through the episode.

Erika Eleniak later revealed on Twitter that this episode of Baywatch was her favorite to film and work on. She enjoyed the episode so much that she would even go on to reprise her role of Ginger Grant on the short-lived Gilligan’s Island 2004 reality TV series, The Real Gilligan's Island.

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