Check out the new 'Star Trek: Discovery' theme music

By: H&I Staff     Posted: September 13, 2017, 3:53PM


What's so neat about the Star Trek franchise is the fact that even though each series is certainly different, there are details that they all have in common. One of these details is the show's main theme. With the exception of Enterprise's weird power ballad, "Faith of the Heart" by Russell Watson, each series has featured epic orchestral openings that got viewers ready boldly go where no man has gone before.

The Original Series' theme song was perfectly representative of the 1960s and while each successor modernized a bit, they all kept in line with the same attention-grabbing vibe, again, except for Enterprise. Many Trekkies have been wondering what music will introduce the much-anticipated Star Trek: Discovery — and yesterday our questions were answered.

Composer Jeff Russo of bands Tonic and Low Stars was approached with the challenge to lead a 60-piece orchestra, and excitedly accepted.

"I first needed to feel like I was in the world of Star Trek," he said in the official Star Trek unveiling video. "Even though there's a lot of action in our show, I wanted to really play into how these characters are feeling."

While Russo wanted to ensure the new theme song was somethig fresh, he still wanted to offer a bit of an homage to the original. The theme starts off sounding similar to the first theme song, before it really takes off into its own epic composition.

Anyway, stop reading and listen for yourself below.