David Hasselhoff Might Have Been Superman if it Weren't for Some Bad Advice

By: H&I Staff     Posted: April 15, 2021, 4:30PM

During their careers many actors are in a constant search to find that one big role that will set them apart for decades to come. While some struggle to ever obtain such a memorable part, others like David Hasselhoff have landed their big moments more than once. From Knight Rider to Baywatch star Mitch Buchannon, Hasselhoff became a hero to many in more than one role.

While we might know him most from his aquatic heroism in Baywatch, we came close to knowing him long before as Superman. In an interview with A.V. Club Hasselhoff was asked what the worst pieces of advice he had ever gotten were and discussed the missed opportunity of a lifetime:

“A long time ago, I was up for Superman, and my manager at the time said to me, 'I don’t think you should do Superman, because if you do Superman, you’ll be Superman for the rest of your life.' And you know, Christopher Reeve went on to be Superman in real life and in films and in all kinds of different films. That was probably the worst advice,” he said about his missed opportunity as Superman.

The advice Hasselhoff received turned out to be anything but true as he has no problems celebrating the roles that people around the world know him for.

“When people say, 'You’re such a nice guy. You still embrace Knight Rider and Baywatch! Most actors get really upset!' What? Why?! I mean, look at Schwarzenegger. He went right back to the Terminator. Get over it. You’re lucky if you get one hit. You’re freaking lucky if you get one hit! I’ve had like five or six. So that’s the advice I got, and I’m still laughing about that, because I was really close to getting Superman, and we pulled out of it.”

Despite the bad tip on the Superman role, Hasselhoff still went on to being one of the most recognized stars in the world. Although he most likely would've continued his career like he has following his other big roles, we're still left to wonder what Hasselhoff's version of the man of steel would've been like.

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