Mila Kunis was the coolest kid the summer she starred on Baywatch

By: H&I Staff     Posted: May 5, 2021, 1:00PM

Baywatch was a starting point for many acting careers. One star that got her start on the series was That 70’s Show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, Mila Kunis.

11 years old, Kunis appeared on the series in 1994 and then again in a different role the next year in 1995. In a recent interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Kunis talked about her favorite memories on Baywatch.

"In one of the episodes, I was blind and I got lost in the forest. This was, like, during the Pamela Anderson days, because my dad insisted on taking me to set and so did my grandfather and so did every man in my family. 'We will take her to set. We got this one,'” said Mila Kunis about one of her roles in the series.

Kunis enjoyed her time working with the cast of Baywatch, recalling taking pictures with both David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson on the set. Along with great memories, Kunis was also able to leave with a pretty memorable souvenir as well.

"In real life, we were really poor, and so bathing suits were like, that's not going to happen. And so I was like, 'Who cares that I am on Baywatch, I got to keep a bathing suit!' And I felt like the coolest kid that summer."

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