Rapper signs on as executive producer of Star Trek parody

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 30, 2018, 3:35PM    Tags: News

Image: Archangel Films LA

When it comes to Star Trek, there’s always something a-brewin’. Some of that stuff is better than others. Unbelievable!!!!!, a Star Trek parody, has been in the works since 2012. Though the concept seems pretty goofy — for example, the film’s protagonist is a Captain Kirk–inspired marionette named Kirk Stillwood, made by the creators of the puppets in Team America: World Police — it features a load of Star Trek veterans backing it up.

Unbelievable!!!!! tells the story of four astronauts on a trip to the Moon, who end up saving Earth from an alien invasion, or at least attempt to. The parody was created by husband and wife duo Steven L. Fawcette and Angelique Fawcette of Archangel Films. However, if you’re a Star Trek fan, you probably already knew about this. You probably knew that Nichelle Nichols had signed on as a producer as well. But did you know that Snoop Dogg is the latest to be added to the roster?

That’s right, Tha Doggfather just signed on as an executive producer of the parody, and will also play the role of Major LeGrande Bush. The latest addition to the list of surprising Trek fans, Snoop Dogg has worked on a number of surprising projects in recent years, from dabbling in reggae to hosting potlucks with Martha Stewart. He’s even working on a reboot of 1970s gameshow, The Joker’s Wild. If you’re concerned that he won’t do the franchise justice in a parody, don’t worry. He’ll be in good company.

According to Trek Movie, the Trek veterans in Unbelievable!!!!! are: Armin Shimerman, Vaughn Armstrong, Gary Graham, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park, Robert Picardo, Marina Sirtis, Nana Visitor, Walter Koenig, Michael Dorn, Julie Warner, Dina Meyer, Olivia d’Abo, Jeffrey Combs, John Billingsley, Max Grodenchik, Casey Biggs, Gary Lockwood, Michael Forest, Jack Donner, Connor Trinneer, Manu Intiraymi, , Dominic Keating, Brenda Bakke, Patti Yasutake, Steve Rankin, Michael Dante, Sean Kenney, BarBara Luna, Beverly Washburn, Celeste Yarnall, Bobby Clark, Jasmine Anthony, Menina Fortunato, McKenzie Westmore, Crystal Allen and Christopher Doohan.

An original score has been developed as well, by Gerald Fried, who also worked as a composer on Star Trek: The Original Series. Unbelievable!!!!! is expected to be released this year.