R.I.P. William Wintersole of The Young and the Restless, Star Trek and more

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 8, 2019, 12:05PM

Longtime soap star William Wintersole died on November 5, according to The Hollywood Reporter and his family. On her Facebook Wednesday morning, Wintersole’s daughter Tiffany Harmon wrote, "My beautiful father, William Wintersole, passed in the stealth of the night at age 88... I’m so glad that I got to share him on my show with my listeners."

She added, "As a Hollywood actor for 60 years, he touched many [people's] lives. I did EVERYTHING I could for him… and that brings me peace. But alas… I miss him so. One love!"

Wintersole was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1931. Longtime fans will be familiar with his role in the daytime soap opera Young and the Restless, on which he played attorney Mitchell Sherman for more than 20 years (1986-2011). 

Wintersole was no stranger to the shows on MeTV.

One of his earliest roles was as Dr. Sturdivant in a season-seven episode of Rawhide, "Mrs. Harmon." He continued appearing in popular Westerns, taking on roles in both Gunsmoke (as Will Standish in season 17, "Lijah") and Bonanza (Frank Schulte in season 14, "The Witness").

Wintersole on 'Bonanza' and 'The Mod Squad'

Trekkies will recognize him as Abrom in the season-two Star Trek episode "Patterns of Force" (picture at the top of this post). In that tale, Kirk and Spock go looking for a missing Federation cultural observer on a planet that has been structured like the Third Reich. Abrom plays the leader of an underground rebel force, and he helps the Captain take down the Führer

Wintersole also made appearances on The Invaders (season one, episode three and season two, episode eight), The Waltons (season two, "The Braggart") and even on Columbo ("A Deadly State of Mind").

The actor was 88 when he passed on Tuesday.