See Clint Eastwood and the Rawhide set like never before in these stunning color behind-the-scenes photos

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 29, 2021, 10:12AM   

Before Rawhide, Clint Eastwood was just another young actor trying to make it in showbusiness. He started with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it parts in Fifties monster movies like Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula before getting small roles in shows like Death Valley Days and Maverick.

Even his break as Rowdy Yates wasn’t a guarantee of stardom. After all, the show’s main star was Eric Fleming as trail boss Gil Favor. But Eastwood soon won audiences over with his tenacity and charm. He even showed off his singing voice on the show and toured the country with costar Paul Brinegar in between seasons.

Of course, saying yes to parts in spaghetti Westerns A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly during breaks in Rawhide’s schedule might have something to do with Eastwood’s now iconic status.

See one of Hollywood’s most famous faces in his early TV days in these incredible full color photographs. All images courtesy of the Everett Collection.

Clint with actors (from left) Zeme North, Sheb Wooley and Debra Paget.

Clint sits in the sand waiting for cameras to roll.

Clint tries a handstand in between takes.
Now he's just showing off!
Here's Clint with costar Eric Fleming (left) and Rawhide creator Charles Marquis Warren (center).
Here's Eric Fleming filming with actors Bobby Troup (left) and Julie London (center).

Clint rests atop a ladder while a crew member adjusts a light in the background.

This shot would make the perfect album cover!
Rawhide used many real outdoor locations.
Cast member Paul Brinegar poses with an old steam train on set.

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