See if you can name all 219 characters in these awesome 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' posters

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 29, 2017, 12:44PM

Dusty Abell is an artist after our hearts — and our wallets. Over the past couple years, the poster-maker has crafted wonderful prints depicting characters from 1970s sci-fi television as well as charactes from Star Trek: The Original Series. The latter was to honor the show's 50th anniversary in 2016.

Another year, another Trek anniversary. In September, Star Trek: The Next Generation is turning 30. I know! To commemorate the big b-day, Abell has whipped up two new posters that are chockablock with TNG characters. The drawings are split into two sides, heroes and villains, naturally.

There are 219 characters and ships in all, 124 good and 95 bad. Yes, Wesley is wearing his rainbow sweater. He's easy to spot. Speaking of "spot"… Spot is in there, too.

A set of the two 40" x 27" prints can be purchased at for $99. Move at warp speed, Trekkers. There's a limited print run of 1,800.

See if you can identify all 219 characters and ships below. If you want the answer key, it can be found at

If you can somehow name all 219 things, well, you need to enter our Most Valuable Trekker contest now. Because that is impressive.

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