Sounds like that Tarantino 'Star Trek' is a go

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 8, 2017, 4:32PM

Image: Reservoir Dogs / Miramax Films

Back in October, we talked about how filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was interested in directing his own Star Trek film. Though it was just speculation at the time, stemming from a couple mentions in passing that he loves the franchise and has an idea of how he’d direct a movie, it turns out that Tarantino is actually putting some serious thought into making a Star Trek movie his 10th and final film, alongside J.J. Abrams.

According to Vulture, not only has Tarantino begun working on the movie, but Paramount Pictures has already given him the green light to produce an R-rated version of Star Trek. This is a big deal, not only because no Trek film has ever been rated R, but they’ve also all been pretty big blockbusters. Studios tend to be hesitant to give a big hit franchise like that an R-rating because it severely limits the number of people who will check it out in theaters. Paramount must have faith in Tarantino to bring in the numbers, though. Judging by the reaction of Trekkies when two F-bombs were dropped in an October episode of Star Trek: Discovery, though, there may be some push back from the Trek fandom.

Thoough Tarantino usually directs and writes the films that are considered bona fide Tarantino movies, like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, he’s not slated to write the screenplay to Star Trek. Deadline reported that Tarantino is looking at Mark L. Smith (The Revenant), Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess is a Loser), Drew Pearce (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation), and Megan Amram (Parks and Recreation), and is currently most interested in Smith.

As if all of this news isn’t wild enough, here’s one more bombshell. Despite Patrick Stewart previously stating that he has no plans to reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, he told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, “One of my dreams is to work with Tarantino. I admire his work so much, and to be in a Tarantino film would give me so much satisfaction. So, if he is going to direct something to do with Star Trek and there was the possibility of dear old Jean-Luc showing up again and doing that for Mr. Tarantino, I would embrace it."

If you were one of the people put off by the possibility of a Tarantino Star Trek, is the return of Stewart as Picard worth it? Discuss in the comments!