Stop trying to make Spock happen

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 26, 2017, 2:50PM

Image: CBS

Though Star Trek: Discovery is having a tough time appealing to some lifetime Trekkies, there’s been a little glimmer of hope that these old-school fans have been holding on to: a potential appearance by Mr. Spock. Well, producer Akiva Goldsman said you can stop counting on that, according to Polygon.

Viewers have been hoping for a Spock cameo ever since they learned that his father, Sarek, would be a series regular. Since Discovery is to take place in the decade preceding Star Trek: The Original Series, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to introduce a young(er) Spock. However, Sarek’s purpose on the show, so far, is to be the foster father of xenoanthropologist and First Officer Michael Burnham, not as a way to introduce the series’ beloved Vulcan.

"But what if the show continues and catches up with The Original Series?"

Nope, Spock still isn’t going to join the cast. Goldman did say, though, that TOS’s timeline would be honored and Discovery would fit right into it. Polygon also reported that Goldsman acknowledged the supposed inconsistencies that the internet so loves to point out, at New York Comic Con.

"We are the original timeline with the TV shows and movies that fit into that,” he said. "We are wildly aware of everything that appears to be a deviation from canon and we will close out all of those issues before they arrive at the 10-year period and hit The Original Series."