A new photo series remakes the best 'Twilight Zone' scenes in full color

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 29, 2017, 2:17PM

Color image: Michael Smiy

For repeat visitors to The Twilight Zone, the stark black-and-white episodes can often add to the ominous nature of the dark scenes that shatter our nerves in episodes like "The Invaders," "The Dummy" or "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet." But recently, one Twilight Zone fan was so motivated to see those scary scenes in color, he went ahead and re-staged the scenes to find out.

Shoutout to imdb.com for directing us to this photo series post back in May by Imgur user trumpeter77 (who the comments confirm is photographer Michael Smiy). Smiy posted 12 photos to form a series that serves as a colorful tribute to Rod Serling's masterpiece.

We're impressed by Smiy's eye for detail, which makes the photos especially fun for fans extremely familiar with these classic scenes. Below, we've shared four of Smiy's images that leapt out at us the most, followed by screencaps from the actual episodes, so you can compare for yourself:

You can view all of Smiy's photos, as well as GIFs that show how he crafted each image, here.