Tony Shalhoub Returns as Adrian Monk

By: H&I Staff     Posted: May 12, 2020, 3:48PM

Image Source: Peacock

More than 10 years after the final episode, we have all finally adopted the germaphobic creed of Adrian Monk.

Tony Shalhoub has returned to reprise his famed role as Mr. Monk in Peacock’s new stay-at-home variety show hosted by Seth Macfarlane. This new web series brings together a large assortment of talent all across television in an effort to raise awareness and aid to communities struggling through COVID-19.

The first episode of the series “Mr. Monk Shelters in Place” offers fans of the series an answer to their burning question of how well our favorite germaphobe is handling quarantine. The answer being just as well as he handles everything else. From counting down 100 bottles of beer while washing his hands to microwaving his mail, not much has changed in Monk’s routine.

Shalhoub (while 6ft away) is joined by his castmates on a Zoom call to give their own quarantine updates on how they've accepted the Monk mindset as well. The video then finishes with a personal message from Tony Shalhoub himself on his own recovery from COVID-19 and how we should remain vigilant during these times and continue heeding the words of Monk.

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