William Shatner wants to get 'levidrome' in the dictionary

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 22, 2017, 1:00PM

Image: Paramount Pictures

We all love when a celebrity throws his or her support behind a good cause. William Shatner’s latest crusade is in support of adding a new word to the dictionary, one created by six-year-old Vancouver resident Levi Budd, according to The Toronto Star. This word is “levidrome,” meaning a word that spells another definable word backwards.

Levi’s dad helped him start a crusade to get this word added to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary by posting a video to YouTube that told the story of how Levi came up with this word. Having been a language enthusiast already at such a young age, Levi noticed that “stop” backwards spells “pots.” He knew this wasn’t a palindrome… so what was it?

Though colloquially, this type of word has been referred to as an emordnilap — palindrome spelled backwards — there was no official word. Though the word has been gaining traction in schools and libraries around Canada, the Budd family has yet to hear an official ruling from Merriam-Webster or the Oxford dictionary. However, Merriam-Webster said that in order for the word to make it to the dictionary, it has to be popular.

The Budd family is off to a good start —they caught the attention of our favorite Enterprise captain! Perhaps that's because "levidrome" sounds like it could be a gadget from the Star Trek universe.

Check out the cute video below, and throw a tweet at the dictionary in support for Levi!