Would you watch a Tarantino-directed Star Trek?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 4, 2017, 11:43PM

Image: Miramax Films

In 2015, director Quentin Tarantino did an interview on the Nerdist Podcast that was recently unearthed by Trek News. He was asked if he would ever be open to directing a Star Wars movie to which he responded, “The actual answer to the question is that I would be more inclined to direct a Star Trek property than Star Wars.”

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since Tarantino is an open Trekkie who has talked about the series and his fondness for William Shatner on many occasions. He’s ventured into 1970s-esque blaxploitation with Jackie Brown, the old west in The Hateful Eight and is no stranger to helping to craft cult classics like From Dusk till Dawn and True Romance. The fact that so many of Tarantino’s movies also involve elements and soundtracks that throw you back to the 1960s also seem to make him a shoo-in for a film of this caliber. 

According to Nerdist News Talk Back panelist Ben McShane, however, maybe Quentin Tarantino already did make a Star Trek movie

“If you’ve watched The Original Series, you know that in the ‘City on the Edge of Forever,’ McCoy injects himself with stuff, goes back in time and through a whole bunch of nonsense, upends the result of World War II,” he said. “What if Ingloruious Basterds is actually a parallel sequel to ‘City on the Edge of Forever?’”

CinemaBlend even pointed out that Tarantino has said this episode would make a great movie itself.  

“… The only thing that limited them was their sixties budget and eight-day shooting schedule. And even having said that, they did a magnificent job. But you could take some of the great, classic Star Trek episodes and just easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some really amazing, amazing stuff.”

The only real issue that stands in the way of Tarantino and Trek fans actually getting the combo of a lifetime — well, aside from Hollywood formalities like licensing, contracts and whatnot — is that Tarantino has long said that he will be retire from filmmaking after 10 movies. The Hateful Eight was his eighth movie and his ninth, filming in summer 2018, is going to be about the Manson Family. So if he’s planning to get the ball rolling on a Trek film, he’s going to have to do it soon.

What do you think a Trek film created by Quentin Tarantino would be like? Would phasers draw blood? Lots and lots of blood? Would it be fun and campy? Would a mundane conversation last 30 minutes? Let’s talk about it in the comments.