6 adorable pets of the Star Trek universe

By: H&I Staff    Posted: November 4, 2016, 1:42PM

They make messes in the house, chew up shoes, claw at our couches and rack up vet bills. We're talking about everyone's beloved pets.

You'd think that in the future, humanity would create a way to contain these adorable creatures, but we just never learn. Despite the carpet stains and lost footwear, humans love their pets. Vulcans, Denobulans and Klingons are no exception!

The animals of Star Trek have weasled their way into our hearts. As a tribute to man's best friends, here are the top pets of Star Trek

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Named after one of the Three Muskateers from Dumas' classic novel, Porthos is Captain Archer's loyal pup on Star Trek: Enterprise. A beagle born on Earth to a mother belonging to Archer's ex-girlfriend, this dog is one for the captain's log. Like any dog, Porthos loves eating "people food" like cheese. He is also quite the watch dog, barking at oncoming spatial anomalies and hiding Sulibans. Good boy, Porthos! 



"And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend, I nontheless consider you a true and valued friend." So says Data in the Next Gen episode "Schisms." Spot is Data's fiesty cat who lives on the USS Enterprise. While he only really likes Data, Spot has proved to be a vital part of the ship's crew. From acting as a surrogate pet for Geordi to finding a lifesaving cure to a synthetic T-cell, Spot has earned his place on Picard's vessel. Let's just forget about the time he scratched Commander Riker so badly that he ended up in sickbay…


Worf's Targ

These not-so-cuddly little guys are a true warrior's pet. Even their appearance makes them perfect for a Klingon. Looking like a boar with spikes down the spine, targs can be both wild and domestic. Wild targs are hunted for sport and their hearts are consumed during rituals (how very Klingon). Domestic targs, however, can be found throughout the Empire as household pets. Worf even had one as a kid! We wonder how his childhood neighbors felt about that one. 


Neelix (the cat)

Not to be confused with Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager, the feline Neelix belongs to Lt. Reg Barclay. Barclay got Neelix when he transfered from the USS Enterprise-E to the Pathfinder Project on Earth. Being an affectionate kitty, Neelix often sleeps perched on top of Barclay's stomach. The cat is also known to snack on Dr. Deanna Troi's ice cream. Anyone know if cats are suposed to eat ice cream? 



Okay, so sue us for including these cute little vermin on this list. Although they seem to be more trouble than they're worth on Star Trek: The Original Series, you have to admit, they are adorable. We know you always wanted one of your own. Don't worry, you're not alone. They're fluffy and they purr. We don't really see any real trouble with these tribbles. Until they multiply.



I-Chaya can be found in Star Trek: The Animated Series as Spock's childhood pet sehlat. I-Chaya is perhaps the most loyal of these Trek pets, as he saved Spock's life from a dangerous Vulcan animal, the le-matya. I-Chaya ended up paying the ultimate price by saving Spock's life. Using that famous Vulcan logic, Spock decided to put I-Chaya to sleep to ensure a peaceful end. R.I.P. I-Chaya. 

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