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The Restless Gun


"When the man's hotheaded younger brother is killed in self defense, Vint fears that his sheriff friend is too bent on revenge to bring the man who killed him back alive." 


The Old War House

"Marshal Dan Troop (JOHN RUSSELL) and Lily (PEGGIE CASTLE) connive to save an ex-music hall queen and a fortune left to the town." 


Ghost Rider

Bret begins to doubt his sanity: He swears he had a midnight meeting with a lovely woman who reportedly died weeks earlier. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Surprise Witness

Josh captures a notorious killer but no one wants to testify against him, until a surprise witness comes forward, his mother. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

To the Victor

Josh is hired to convince the women of a town to come back to their men. The women left after making an ultimatum: give up your guns for good or we're gone.  

Have Gun, Will Travel


"Corporal Henry Carver deserted from the Cavalry. Carver's mother hires Paladin to find him and get him to either return voluntarily or bring him back by force." 

Have Gun, Will Travel


Wrongly convicted Ed Stacy, whom Paladin helped to put in prison, is being released after being pardoned. Will Stanhope, who runs the local freight office, hires Paladin to protect him from Stacy. Paladin soon wonders who is really in danger. 


Incident of the Coyote Weed

Banditos, inside and outside, threaten the herd and the drovers.  

The High Chaparral

No Irish Need Apply

Against Big John's wishes, Manolito helps an Irish miner protest dangerous work conditions. Little does he know that the miner plans to spark danger himself. 


Mustang Trail

A herd of wild mustangs is up for grabs to whoever can capture them; however, hostile Indians control the range where they roam.  


Tiger, Tiger

A "Tiger" cruise for Navy personnel and their kids turns deadly serious when Cuban terrorists seize the ship. Harm prevents the terrorists from using the ship's weapons to assassinate Fidel Castro while ensuring the hostages are not hurt. 


Death Watch

Harm's mental state becomes questionable when he starts having flashbacks about Lt. Schonke, who was murdered and the case closed when the prime suspect committed suicide. Mac finally learns of the woman who looked just like her. 


The Imposter

Disgraced ex-spy Special Agent Clark Palmer assumes Harm's identity to kill a key witness in a trial that Harm and Mac are prosecuting, leaving Harm to die in his booby-trapped apartment. Bud gives Harriet a ring. 


Return of Jimmy Blackhorse, The

A Navajo medicine woman refuses to believe the coffin the Marines brought actually has the remains of her brother-in-law, a WWII Navajo code talker. 


Clipped Wings

When an F-14 clips an Italian helicopter, killing 6 people, Harm and Mac must face each other in court and an Italian government eager to prosecute the pilot themselves. 


The Road Not Taken

MacGyver and Pete Thornton travel to Southeast Asia to rescue a group of orphans, a nun, and Mac's old flame, Debra Easton, whose lives are threatened by an oppressive regime. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Return Of La Rue, The

When Victor Larue, the one who terrorized Alex is brought to trial. At the trial, he manages to get the bailiff's gun. He then demands that Walker come here but Walker is chasing someone else. So while they wait he and Alex talk about the time he held her captive.  

Walker, Texas Ranger


A woman asks Alex to help her escape from her abusive husband. Alex's woman support group goes on a retreat for a few days, and have the women help each other. The husband finds out where they are, placing everyone in danger.  

Star Trek

The Conscience of the King

Kirk is one of the last survivors who can identify a mass killer, who lurks among a Shakespearean troupe aboard the Enterprise. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Schizoid Man

The future of a warring planet depends on a deaf mediator, who suddenly loses his ability to 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Dax falls in love with a man who will soon disappear with his planet into another dimension for sixty years. 

Star Trek: Voyager

In the Flesh

The Voyager crew discovers an alien training ground for the destruction of Earth. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Dead Stop

Suffering from damage inflicted in the Romulan minefield and unable to complete repairs on their own, Archer orders a distress call to be put out. A response leads Enterprise to a repair station, which surprisingly has no crew aboard it and is run by computer. Repairs on Enterprise are carried out quite efficiently and quickly, though the price for all this is much higher than the crew could've guessed. 


The Lost Treasure of Tower 12

Eddie becomes jealous when Shauni is being wooed by a Ian, a beatnik beach poet who charms her with his Bohemian lifestyle and poetry. But things take an unexpected turn when two inept, but dangerous, cat burglars come looking for a stash of stolen jewels that one of them buried under Shauni's lifeguard tower, which lands in Ian's hands after he accidentally stumbles onto it. Meanwhile, Harvey willingly volunteers himself to teach a girls wind surfing class with Ben, despite not knowing anything about wind surfing. 

The District

The Kindness of Strangers

Noland races to finds his niece who was contacted by a pedophile, and Temple is picked on for bringing down a pair of violent cops. 

The District

Blind Eye

Mannion discovers an underground system of justice, Temple hires a lawyer to defend him in a wrongful death suit, and Nancy and Brander prepare for a test to become detectives. 

The District

Jupiter for Sale

The citizens of D.C. start to panic when a serial killer that was never caught is reportedly behind a recent similar slaying.