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Outcast of Cripple Creek

Cheyenne is disgusted by the corruption he finds in the town of Cripple Creek and thus resigns his position as town marshal. His successor, however, may need Cheyenne's help in keeping the peace. 


Marshal Maverick

Bart is closer to tears than laughter when he is forced to battle the funniest and fastest gun in the West. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Empty Call

Randall is rooked out of his bounty by crafty criminal Hunt Willis and his accomplice. Not one to accept defeat, Josh turns detective to rout the outlaws, his investigation dogged by the suspicious sheriff, a cousin to Willis. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bad Gun

Against better judgment, Josh serves as guide for a dandified East Coast gun salesman who comes west to retrieve and replace a defective gun he sold to notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Odds for Big Red

Big Red, a woman saloonkeeper, is shot . . . and gamblers are betting she won't live till dawn. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

A Proof of Love

Charles Bronson and George Kennedy appear in the story of the fight for a mail-order bride. 


Incident of the Devil and His Due

Favor goes on trial for murder while the wranglers search for the real culprits—an outlaw band on the lam. 

The High Chaparral

Shadows on the Land

John confronts a ruthless cattleman who forces ranchers to sell their cattle at low prices. Victoria attempts to help despite John's resistance. 

Nash Bridges

Skirt Chasers

Nash and Joe find themselves on the trail of a heroin dealer after Joe is forced to re-join the SIU due to a pension dispute. 

Nash Bridges

High Impact

Nash and the SIU team respond to a bomb threat against Mayor Bobbie Werksman. In a tenement, they find the bomb, but accidentally trigger the timer. 

Nash Bridges

The Javelin Catcher

While investigating a gang shootout, Nash discovers that the weapon used for the job is the Army's recently disappeared man-portable, anti-tank system: the Javelin. 

Nash Bridges

Vanishing Act

On the way to an undercover purchase of some heavy industrial equipment from some Russian gangsters, Inspector Harvey Leek and the money vanish. 

Nash Bridges

Aloha Nash

A high-priority case begins the day Nash plans to take a belated honeymoon with Kelly, putting him on the trail of San Francisco's most notorious bookie and renegade FBI officer, #9 on the Most-Wanted List. 

Nash Bridges

Key Witness

Lisa witnesses a murder, but there is no evidence afterward to prove what she saw. 

Nash Bridges

Internal Affair

Nash and the SIU find themselves chasing after renegade Internal Affairs cops after unwittingly triggering one of their investigations. 

Nash Bridges

Til Death Do Us

Nash and the rest of the SIU are heartbroken when they learn that Joe may only have three days to live after being exposed to a dangerous chemical. 

Nash Bridges

The Great Escape

Nash must track down two escapees from a hi-jacked bus full of San Quentin prisoners, one being a para-military activist who seeks bitter revenge on Nash. 

Star Trek

By Any Other Name

The Enterprise's command crew must thwart an invasion by aliens from another galaxy who plan to conquer this one. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Eye of the Beholder

While experiencing empathic visions after an officer's mysterious suicide, Troi becomes romantically involved with Worf. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Captive Pursuit

O'Brien befriends the "prey" in another worldly hunting game—can he and the rest of the officers save the being from a life in captivity? 

Star Trek: Voyager

Death Wish

A rebel Q escapes from incarceration and demands asylum on Voyager so he can commit suicide. 

Star Trek: Enterprise


Trip is injured during an attempt to improve the warp engines. Archer allows Phlox to create a symbiote of Trip, which will only live for fifteen days and provide neural tissue needed for a vital transplant. 


Everyone Into the Poole

Jones and Medavoy investigate the murder of a Chinese restaurant owner. An IRS agent claims to have been kidnapped and released, but Sipowicz and Sorenson doubt his story. 


Dying to Testify

Sipowicz and Sorenson try to get one scared witness to identify a murder suspect, while Russell and McDowell guard another witness who’s due to testify in a murder trial. 


Lost Time

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of an exotic dancer. Sipowicz and Medavoy act as elderly decoys to catch some street thieves attacking old people outside a local bank. 


Under Covers

Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of a drug dealer, while Sorenson continues to see the stripper, Kristen, who draws him into a favor for the owners of the Tailfeathers club.