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The Restless Gun


"To Bonner's astonishment, everyone in the town he is in believes he is about to be married to Helen Rockwood, including the friend of his that he thought was in love with Helen." 


The Posse

"When pretty Beth Hunter (JEAN ALLISON) drives into Laramie with a dead man in the back of her buckboard, it sets off a chain of events which send her young husband Tracy (MICHAEL MACREADY) into the hills pursued by a posse." 

Adventures of Superman


The Daily Planet buys a racehorse from Perry White's old friend. But the horse can't race without Alice, the little girl who used to take care of him. 

Adventures of Superman

The Unlucky Number

A young boy thinks that a live-in boarder named Dexter is really Superman, but Dexter is actually a racketeer. 


The Road Not Taken

Reno sees what the world would be like had he died in 1992 instead of his fiancee. Johnny Cash guest stars. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Moscow Connection, The

The Texas Rangers ask the Russians for assistance in capturing a criminal the Russians had previously dealt with. A mild-mannered Russian shows up, pretending to be powerful. When they find the criminal, the Russian gets beaten up.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Miracle At Middle Creek

A family man hard-pressed for money is forced to help with a bank robbery. The robbery goes awry and the man returns to his family. As they prepare to leave town, the son falls into a sink hole. Walker and the others try to help the boy.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Hall Of Fame

CD is inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, the only case CD could not solve when he was a Texas Ranger comes back to haunt him. The Hangman is back to his old tricks. The Hangman taunts CD with calls about his killings.  

Wonder Woman

Light-Fingered Lady

Wonder Woman poses as a bank robber to capture the world's most notorious thief. 


Thin Ice

MacGyver helps a promising young hockey player tone down his aggressive style of play and possibly reclaim his position on Team USA, America's ice hockey team. 


The Odd Triple

MacGyver and old buddy Jack Dalton are arrested in France after becoming unwitting accomplices in an international jewel heist. 

Martial Law

Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit

An action star follows Sammo and Terrell to make his next movie more authentic. 

Lethal Weapon


"Murtaugh tries to uncover Cole's past. KEESHA SHARP directs." 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Higher Power

A young boy is considered to be the reincarnation of a former master, Lama Dolgin. Walker helps protect Master Rin who has taken the boy under his wing in order to restore him to his power.  

Walker, Texas Ranger


Trivette's cousin is killed when he learns soldiers are stealing supplies from the base. The killers are part of a white-supremacist group; the leader is arrested for murder. The group retaliates by taking over a TV station for hostages.  

Black Sheep Squadron

Flying Misfits, Pt. 1

"Major Greg Boyington, upset with his new desk job, goes against regulations and forms a fighter squadron using pilots thrown out of other squadrons for disciplinary reasons." 

Black Sheep Squadron

Flying Misfits, Pt. 2

"Pappy continues cutting corners to find a home base for his new squadron, absconding with a bunch of planes due for repairs that can barely fly." 

Tour of Duty

Paradise Lost

The men from Bravo company are patrolling in the jungle when they find a fresh trail, one that leads to a trap by a group of VC soldiers. The Americans are out-numbered and in a very bad position. Suddenly they are rescued by Montagnards. Anderson trusts them, and has the squad follow them back to their village where they meet the translator -- an ex-GI (Kithem). The American is obviously hostile to the presence of Goldman and the rest of the Americans. Against Kithem and Anderson's better judgement, Goldman follows orders to help fortify the native """compound"""" against the VC. Kithem warns that all the American attention will only bring down the ARVN and NVA forces. Which is exactly what happens." 

Tour of Duty

Angel Of Mercy

In a small South Vietnamese hamlet, an NVA officer arrives to brief his men that they will soon begin infiltrating towns and villages through-out the country in preparation for the Tet Offensive. Meanwhile, Bravo is in the bush, while Baker is losing a battle with his dysentery. As he """answers the call of nature"""" he sights VC closing on the unit and then 



Hanley orders Saunders and his squad to take a bridge that is guarded by a heavily fortified house. Nick Adams guest stars as a self-centered, wise-cracking private who only cares about saving his own skin. He reveals during the episode that he is a jazz drummer and is soon to be leaving the front to play in an army band entertaining troops and wants to be sure he keeps himself in one piece.  



James Coburn guest stars as a ruthless German spy masquerading as an American G.I. in order to get into American headquarters to create havoc. When the jeep he is driving hits a land mine, Sgt. Saunders and his squad bring him and two other German spies back to their company headquarters for first aid. Saunders slowly begins to suspect there is something wrong as Coburn's character makes slight mistakes while speaking and interacting with the other men. 

The Rat Patrol

The B Negative Raid

Far behind enemy lines, Moffitt is seriously wounded and Troy can find only one possible donor with the same rare blood type—an American deserter being held in Hauptmann Dietrich's camp. 

The Rat Patrol

The Exhibit "A" Raid

After Troy is set up on false charges by a captured POW camp commander, the other members of the Rat Patrol must infiltrate a German division's headquarters to find evidence that will prevent a court-martial. 

12 O'Clock High

Siren Voices

Col. Joe Gallagher's 918th squadron is badly chewed-up by German fighters while trying to bomb the crucial Focke-Wulf aircraft factories. The Geman Luftwaffe operations commander, Col. Halland, is pleased as he visits his loved-one, Pat Conboy, an english traitor who broadcasts a German propaganda program under the name of the Danzig Lady. 

The Rat Patrol

The Holy War Raid

Hauptmann Dietrich executes a plan to sway the Arab desert tribes to the German side by using a fake Rat Patrol to abduct their religious leader. 

The Rat Patrol

The Two Against Time Raid

A cave-in traps Troy and Hauptmann Dietrich together in a tunnel being used as a munitions depot, and Moffitt's orders are to demolish the tunnel before the arrival of an oncoming German tank force. 

The District

Explicit Activities

Mannion cracks down on child-pornography. 

The District

Drug Money

Mannion investigates a series of pharmaceutical robberies, and Debreno is won by a mayoral candidate in a charity bachelor auction.