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Destination Devil's Flat

Bart substitutes a rock-filled suitcase for a fortune in gold to foil hijacking plans of phony sheriff Dan Trevor (Peter Breck). 

Wanted Dead or Alive


Well-known businessman Tate Bradley hires Josh and other bounty hunters to find Tony Egan, who he says killed his son, although the death was ruled an accident. When Randall finds the supposed killer and returns him. Bradley refuses to pay the bounty because Egan is still alive. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Desert Seed

Josh manages to track down Juan Gomez in the desert near the Mexican border, where he's living now with his family. His nephew, Pachito, rides in to protect his uncle.  

Have Gun, Will Travel

Moore's Revenge

"Shakespearean actors are going to perform in San Diego during their roundup. They are in for a rough reception. A lovesick gunfighter is among the audience. The show's promoter hires Paladin to keep the peace." 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Wager

Sid Morgan hires Paladin to protect him from someone who is trying to kill him. After killing the gunfighter who was following them, Paladin finds out the real reason Morgan hired him. He then hands out his own brand of justice. 


Prairie Fire

Wish buries Tod Murdoch, his friend, whose 500 head he is to take to Favor's herd at horsehead crossing. Tod's foremen, Jerry and Milt and Pitts, plan to steal the cattle after they get the ownership paper.  

The High Chaparral

A Matter of Vengeance

Embittered over the loss of his home and grandson, a man vows to track down the bandits responsible. 

Nash Bridges

Quack Fever

Nash begins to believe that a 17-year-old boy involved in the Southeast Asian drug trade may be his missing brother's son. 

Nash Bridges

Kill Joy

Harvey becomes attracted to a fellow "Deadhead," a mysterious woman who is the target of a murderous stalker. 

Nash Bridges

Change Up

Cassidy is suspended following her involvement in the fatal shooting of a bystander during a bank robbery and becomes the target of department cronies who want to use her to get rid of Nash. 

Nash Bridges

Cat Fight

A robbery at the Filmore during a concert prompts Nash to investigate a soccer coach and his daughter, a stolen motorcycle, and a record producer. 

Nash Bridges

Fair Game

A serial killer who picks up passengers in a cab and then murders them stalks the city. 

Nash Bridges

Genesis (Pilot)

Nash poses as an undercover computer chip buyer to bust a black market criminal ring that recently stole $2 million worth of the chips. 

Nash Bridges

Home Invasion

A ruthless home invasion gang brutally attacks a family, killing the father, a move that confuses Nash and the SIU. 

Nash Bridges

Skirt Chasers

Nash and Joe find themselves on the trail of a heroin dealer after Joe is forced to re-join the SIU due to a pension dispute. 

Nash Bridges

High Impact

Nash and the SIU team respond to a bomb threat against Mayor Bobbie Werksman. In a tenement, they find the bomb, but accidentally trigger the timer. 

Star Trek

I, Mudd

The Enterprise is taken over by a group of androids who are working for Kirk's old nemesis, Harry Mudd. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Home Soil

A powerful microscopic life form declares war on humans, takes over the Enterprise's lab and computers and threatens to destroy the ship. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Necessary Evil

An attack on Quark's life brings Odo face to face with a five-year-old unsolved murder—for which Kira was a prime suspect. 

Star Trek: Voyager


Torres is troubled by a series of dreams in which she seems to be reliving another woman's life. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Shockwave: Part 1

Starfleet orders Enterprise to return home when the crew seemingly causes the destruction of an alien planet. However, a visit from Crewman Daniels leads Archer to believe that this disaster was the plot of one of the factions from the temporal cold war. 


Brother's Keeper

The detectives investigate a grisly murder in which an elderly woman’s hands and feet were cut off. Simone’s health continues to deteriorate.  


Hearts and Souls

Sipowicz helps his ex-wife deal with a drunk-driving violation. Simone’s body rapidly succumbs to infection in the wake of his heart transplant. 


Danny Boy

Youthful detective Danny Sorenson joins the squad and, during a multiple homicide investigation, discovers that his new colleagues have yet to recover from Simone’s death. 


Czech Bouncer

Sorenson and Sipowicz investigate the beating death of an elderly shop owner. Russell and Kirkendall encounter Delores while investigating a homicide at a strip club.