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The District


Deputy Mayor Lockhart asks Debreno to help find a blackmailer that could end her career, and the mayor offers Ella a job. 


Seed of Deception

Bret recognizes a delightful but deceitful dancer, suggesting that her maneuvers outside the dance hall also bear watching. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Martin Poster

While pursuing Carl Martin, Josh is falsely accused of aiding in a jailbreak and the marshal's murder. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Fatal Memory

When phony wanted posters put a price on the head of a retired Confederate officer, Colonel Sykes summons Josh Randall to help keep the bounty hunters at bay while also uncovering the person behind the bogus posters. 

Have Gun, Will Travel


Paladin plays chess by mail with Boris, who is living in Alaska. Paladin receives what he assumes is Boris' next move but instead is a request for help. Boris is being forced out of territory he has hunted and trapped on for years. Paladin heads for Alaska to help. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Man Who Lost

Paladin goes after Benjamin Coey, who brutally murdered James Bryson and attacked Mrs. Bryson. Coey has already killed two members of the posse which is after him. Mrs. Bryson's two brothers, Joseph and William Gage, are also after him and don't intend to allow him to live long enough to stand trial. 


Incident with an Executioner

After rescuing the passengers of an overturned stagecoach, the drovers learn that a gunman known as "The Executioner" has been harassing the travelers.  

The High Chaparral

The Terrorist

Manolito frees an old friend from jail and hides him at High Chaparral. However, he soon discovers the man's plot to kill the Mexican president. 


Cross Purpose

Cheyenne searches for a runaway groom who decided to bolt on his wedding day. 


The Stalker

After her ex-boyfriend is gunned down, Mac tries to stay one step ahead of someone who is determined to get her. The Admiral's daughter, Francesca, from Italy pays a visit. 


Tiger, Tiger

A "Tiger" cruise for Navy personnel and their kids turns deadly serious when Cuban terrorists seize the ship. Harm prevents the terrorists from using the ship's weapons to assassinate Fidel Castro while ensuring the hostages are not hurt. 


Death Watch

Harm's mental state becomes questionable when he starts having flashbacks about Lt. Schonke, who was murdered and the case closed when the prime suspect committed suicide. Mac finally learns of the woman who looked just like her. 


The Imposter

Disgraced ex-spy Special Agent Clark Palmer assumes Harm's identity to kill a key witness in a trial that Harm and Mac are prosecuting, leaving Harm to die in his booby-trapped apartment. Bud gives Harriet a ring. 


Return of Jimmy Blackhorse, The

A Navajo medicine woman refuses to believe the coffin the Marines brought actually has the remains of her brother-in-law, a WWII Navajo code talker. 


DOA: MacGyver

A head injury resulting from a confrontation with hit men who fear MacGyver knows too much about their assassination plot against the leaders of Omega Forceanti-terrorist brigade, causes MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) to lose his memory. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

White Buffalo

A new drug called the White Buffalo hits the streets and Alex, Sydney and a young child find the drug dealers while they are hiking. Sydney is shot by the drug dealers. Walker investigates a buffalo statue that appears to be crying tears.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Avenging Angel, The

A wrestling friend of Trevette's is killed during his flying entrance to the ring. The Rangers search for the businessman who wants to put the wrestling company out of business.  

Star Trek

And the Children Shall Lead

The Enterprise travels to a planet where a scientific team has killed themselves except for the children, who began to act oddly. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cause and Effect

The Enterprise is trapped in a time warp that forces the crew to endlessly repeat the same 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Who Mourns for Morn?

Quark inherits a fortune -and a group of thieves lay claims to the estate. 

Star Trek: Voyager

Endgame: Part 2

Voyager’s quest to return home is aided by a visitor from the future – Admiral Kathryn Janeway. 

Star Trek: Enterprise


Strange things are occurring on Enterprise, leading most of the ship's systems to become disabled. Before the crew can make repairs, a group of Osaarians board and loot the ship. The crew pursue the Osaarians to retrieve what was stolen, but when Archer learns these aliens encountered the Xindi, he goes to extreme lengths to get information from an imprisoned Osaarian. 


Go for the Gold

While in training for underwater Olympic techniques, Cody and Stephanie find a rare Spanish gold medallion on the ocean floor and Cody becomes obsessed to find more gold, much to C.J.'s chagrin. But things take a turn when a couple of drug smugglers happen by to retrieve a package of cocaine they threw overboard and Cody gets the bends after rescuing Stephanie from the smugglers during a scuffle on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, a pack rat causes problems for everyone at Baywatch headquarters by stealing items from Neely and the other lifeguards. When the rat steals Newman's prize wristwatch, he makes the determination to capture the rat personal and teams with Logan to help him out. 


The Down Low

The doctors play detectives to help a drug-dealing patient. Meanwhile, Chase, Taub and Thirteen try to play a practical joke on Foreman. 



Thirteen steps up when a beautiful patient experiences excruciating pain. Meanwhile, House tries to make amends to a medical-school colleague he had wronged. 

The District

Back in the Saddle

Debreno is assigned to protect a popular singer set to perform at the Kennedy Center Honors who's received a death threat. In other events, Mannion becomes a uniformed cop in order to lead by example and Clive argues with Ella over her turning down a job in the mayor's office without having a discussion first.