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Game of Chance

Bret and Bart are pursuing the same woman. What's the attraction? The $10,000 she copped from them. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Passing of Shawnee Bill

Randall is rooked into advancing half the bounty to a man who promises to lead him to the wanted criminal Shawnee Bill, but Bill is closer than Randall thinks and he's not even the only bounty hunter on his trail. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Giveaway Gun

A banker with a consuming thirst for vengeance hires Randall to track down the man he believes responsible for his son's death. The man Randall seeks can be identified by his distinctive gun draw. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

A Snare for Murder

Two ornery old gold miners, who hate each other, have struck it rich. Problem is they talk too much, and now it appears someone is trying to kill them. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Ballad of Oscar Wilde

Paladin is hired to protect Oscar Wilde. Another 3 men apply for the job, but after Paladin upstages them they kidnap Wilde for ransom. Paladin takes care of them, his way. 


Encounter at Boot Hill

One of Rowdy's drovers is killed and another wounded trying to stop a lynching. Looking for justice for his men, Rowdy goes to a town run by a power-hungry sheriff and deputy, who are protecting the father and son who did the shooting. 

The High Chaparral

Too Many Chiefs

Big John and Victoria take a delayed honeymoon, leaving Buck, Blue and Manolito to manage the ranch. 


The Stalker

After her ex-boyfriend is gunned down, Mac tries to stay one step ahead of someone who is determined to get her. The Admiral's daughter, Francesca, from Italy pays a visit. 



A comic book convention becomes a crime scene after a deadly robbery leads to the disappearance of an extremely rare comic. 


Private Lives

A blogger in treatment writes about the doctors, and Chase begins dating. 


Black Hole

House and the team attempt a controversial method of treatment on a teenage patient experiencing blackouts. 


Mr. Monk, Private Eye

When Natalie convinces Monk to go into business as a private eye, his first case is a seemingly innocuous fender bender that leads to a far more dangerous investigation. 


Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion

While attending his 25th college reunion, Monk reminisces how he met Trudy and tries to prevent the murder of a former classmate. 


Cease Fire

When MacGyver is wounded during an assassination attempt and subsequently framed as the sniper he must rely on the help of an insecure schoolgirl to save his life and foil the true assassin's plan. 

Nash Bridges


Nash and the SIU discover the Cell Phone Killer's intentions are to kill his doctor. 

Nash Bridges

Kill Switch

A juror becomes a vigilante avenging murder victims. 

Star Trek

The Galileo Seven

The Galileo, under Spock's command, crash-lands on a hostile planet. As the Enterprise races against time to find the shuttlecraft, Spock's strictly logical leadership clashes with the fear and resentment of his crew. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Too Short A Season

The Enterprise escorts a Federation admiral to a planet to negotiate the release of hostages, but the 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Alternate

Odo's mentor arrives on Deep Space Nine intent on resuming his search for Odo's true origin. 

Star Trek: Voyager

Real Life

While Paris makes a daring flight into a subspace energy storm, the Doctor experiences the joys and sorrows of family life. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Doctor's Orders

When a trans-dimensional disturbance is altering the space between Enterprise and Azati Prime, Phlox must put the entire crew into a comatose state, and run the ship alone, in order to cross the region safely. 

The District

Acceptable Losses

Mannion tracks down birthday party culprits, and Brander pursues a man involved in an ATM robbery. 

The District

In God We Trust

Mannion finds a modern-day Robin Hood, and Temple's wrongful-death case goes to trial. 

Hill Street Blues

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

A nightmare fire sweeps through the station. And Buntz knows fear for the first time when he is suspended on charges of stealing cocaine. He must learn who framed him for swiping evidence or lose the only thing that matters to him—his job. 

Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Station

Explosive drama, leavened by the chaotic humor of big-city police force activity, makes for a typical day for Captain Furillo as he tries to keep the lid on a powder-keg hostage standoff involving two armed juvenile robbers.