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Blind Spot

Cheyenne attempts to reunite a family that was bitterly divided by the Civil War. 


Thunder From the North

Crooked shopkeepers try to instigate an Indian war when a tribeswomen threatens to report them to the Army Commission for selling faulty goods.  

Wanted Dead or Alive

Pay-off at Pinto

Having been robbed, the Bank of Pinto hires Josh to go to Santa Fe to replenish the funds. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Trial

Four ex-Army personnel stage an mock trial accusing their former lieutenant of dereliction of duty. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Reasonable Man

A rancher having a dispute with his foster son hires Paladin to keep one of them from killing the other in a duel. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The High Graders

When his tailor is killed in an accident at a supposedly worthless gold mine, Paladin discovers that the man was murdered and his heirs are being swindled. 


Incident Near the Promised Land

The drive has reached Sedalia but there is a bank scare and no buyers. Favor must deal with bitter Emma Caldwell to graze the herd. 

The High Chaparral

Once on a Day in Spring

After a spat with Big John, Victoria returns home only to interupt her father's courtship of a visiting countess. 

Nash Bridges

The Javelin Catcher

While investigating a gang shootout, Nash discovers that the weapon used for the job is the Army's recently disappeared man-portable, anti-tank system: the Javelin. 

Nash Bridges

Vanishing Act

On the way to an undercover purchase of some heavy industrial equipment from some Russian gangsters, Inspector Harvey Leek and the money vanish. 

Nash Bridges

Aloha Nash

A high-priority case begins the day Nash plans to take a belated honeymoon with Kelly, putting him on the trail of San Francisco's most notorious bookie and renegade FBI officer, #9 on the Most-Wanted List. 

Nash Bridges

Key Witness

Lisa witnesses a murder, but there is no evidence afterward to prove what she saw. 

Nash Bridges

Internal Affair

Nash and the SIU find themselves chasing after renegade Internal Affairs cops after unwittingly triggering one of their investigations. 

Nash Bridges

Til Death Do Us

Nash and the rest of the SIU are heartbroken when they learn that Joe may only have three days to live after being exposed to a dangerous chemical. 

Nash Bridges

The Great Escape

Nash must track down two escapees from a hi-jacked bus full of San Quentin prisoners, one being a para-military activist who seeks bitter revenge on Nash. 

Nash Bridges

Wrecking Crew

While a professional robber and his crew hit San Francisco and conduct a series of crimes, Nash slips into the role of private eye as he hunts down the missing car of the San Fran Giant. 

Nash Bridges


A world-renowned hit-man has been hired to kill the chief witness in a far reaching drug prosecution. However, this man is Nash's childhood friend gone wrong. 

Star Trek

Journey to Babel

Spock meets his estranged father when the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference on the planet Babel. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Icarus Factor

Riker's long-lost father reappears on the eve of his departure to become captain on a new starship. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Search: Part 3

While Odo struggles to learn the ways of his people, Sisko discovers that the price of peace with the Dominion may be too high. 

Star Trek: Voyager

Real Life

While Paris makes a daring flight into a subspace energy storm, the Doctor experiences the joys and sorrows of family life. 

Star Trek: Enterprise


After capturing Degra, the creator of the Xindi weapon, Archer and the Enterprise crew conduct a carefully orchestrated deception in order to convince him to reveal the location of the weapon. 


Torah! Torah! Torah!

A mentally retarded man maintains his innocence after his sister is found stabbed to death. The detectives assist Rabbis after a Torah is stolen from a synagogue. Sipowicz is unable to keep Costas’ condition a secret. 


One Big Happy Family

As the detectives close in on a serial rapist, the suspect attempts to murder past victims who might be able to identify him. A man shot several times in the face claims not to have an enemy in the world—despite evidence to the contrary.  

Xena: Warrior Princess

The God You Know

With Ares rendered mortal, an off-balance Aphrodite is easily seduced by the evil Roman emperor Caligula, who steals her godly powers and becomes a threat to the followers of Eli.  

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

The Wrong Path

Hercules returns home just in time to see Deianira and his children murdered by Hera. Vowing vengeance, he sets out to destroy the goddess, but a young girl helps to soothe his soul and turn him from the dark path he has chosen.