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The District

Night Shift (aka Back Fire)

Nancy investigates a carjacking ring. In the meantime, a poisonous snake is loose in police headquarters. 

Adventures of Superman

Jet Ace

Spies attempt to wrest flight secrets from a convalescent test pilot. The pilot is trapped in a burning cabin. 

Adventures of Superman

Shot in the Dark

A young boy takes an infrared photographs of Clark becoming Superman as well as a criminal who faked his own death. 


Rio Reno

Reno finds himself in the Old West when he encounters trouble in a ghost town. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Lynn Sisters

Loretta Lynn's daughters play themselves as a country singing group. The Lynn Sisters are kidnapped and forced to record their music for a bootleg music mongrel.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Suspicious Minds

An undercover cop is killed by the crime boss he was investigating. The deaf daughter of an Elvis impersonator saw the murder and is now in danger from the killer.  

Walker, Texas Ranger


The HOPE Center hosts a charity rodeo to raise money. During practice, a man sexually harasses a woman; Trivette rescues her, but the man is accidentally killed by his own hand. The dead man's father decides that Trivette must die.  

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman in Hollywood

Wonder Woman arrives in Hollywood, discovering some behind-the-scenes action that's not in the script. Debra Winger guest stars. 


Strictly Business

Murdoc is ordered to kill MacGyver in order to prove his loyalty to a professional kit squad. 


Trail Of Tears

MacGyver is drawn into a territorial dispute between an Indian reservation and an electric power company. 

Martial Law

Blue Flu

The whole police station is under quarantine after someone releases a virus. 

Lethal Weapon

Wreck The Halls

"Riggs & Murtaugh investigate the death of an old friend." 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Fight Or Die

Walker goes undercover in a Arkansas prison to expose a warden money making fights.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Rise To The Occasion

When Walker visits a school for his Kick Drugs program, he witnesses a young boy's suicide. He learns that the boy's death was because of harassment he was getting from some students who are members of a gang. Walker then decides to spend some time at the school to look into it. Gage and Cooke are trying to get a criminal.  

Black Sheep Squadron

The 200 Pound Gorilla

The promotion list arrives, giving Gen. Moore another star and making Sgt. Micklin a warrant officer, which causes him to become even more hostile towards the "college boy" pilots.  

Black Sheep Squadron

The Hawk Flies on Sunday

"The squadron's chances of being assigned the mission to kill Admiral Yamamoto are lessened by T.J.'s romance with a Eurasian girl suspected of giving information to the Japanese. " 

Tour of Duty

Brothers, Fathers, Sons

Anderson, Baker and Johnson are shot down and must make their way back to base while being hunted by the Viet Cong, led by Trang, whose son was killed by the Americans. The trio come across a woman who dies giving birth. Anderson is adamant about leaving the baby behind, but the other two insist on taking it with them. However, it is Anderson who ends up taking care of the baby and forms the strongest bond with him, risking his life to save the baby. In the end, after many gunfights, Trang and Zeke are left to battle it out. Trang gets the upper hand down when Zeke tries to save the baby, but he is unable to kill a man who twice risked his life for this child. 

Tour of Duty

Good, The Bad & The Dead, The

A drunken GI steals a chaplain's jeep and goes on a joy ride with a Vietnamese hooker. They nearly collide with a jeep-load of MPs who chase him down. His arrest is witnessed by Zeke, who recognizes him as Decker, his former drill sergeant and role model. Anderson rescues Decker from a certain court-martial (his second) and drafts him into the squad without checking with Goldman first. Decker is popular with the guys but he almost immediately starts to disobey orders. Decker mans a listening post with Horn to watch for enemy troops movements, but he gets drunk and falls asleep. As a result, Horn is nearly killed. 


Night Patrol

The squad meets up with a lieutenant living in a cave. 



Lt. Hanley and the squad escape capture during an artillery barrage, but Sgt. Saunders is unknowingly left behind in the fiery chaos. Alone and in agony from burns, Saunders wanders in a helpless delirium behind enemy lines. 

The Rat Patrol

The Hickory, Dickory Dock Raid

The Rat Patrol is assigned a mission to safeguard POWs being held at a German repair depot that will be targeted by bombers, but Moffitt becomes unreliable after he receives word that his kid brother was killed in England.  

The Rat Patrol

The Tug-of-War Raid

Troy goes undercover to receive a locket of microfilm from a female French Resistance fighter, but both get captured by Dietrich. After Troy refuses to divulge the location of the locket, Dietrich sentences them both to hang. 

12 O'Clock High

The Survivor

Capt. Bradovich arrives at the 918th as a replacement pilot. He immediately gains a reputation as an arrogant, by-the-book officer who has no interest in making friends or participating in the camaraderie of the group. His dubious standing is seriously worsened when he is apparently the only survivor after his bomber is shot down. As it becomes harder to find crewmen willing to fly with him, Col. Gallagher must get to the bottom of Bradovich's exclusionary attitude or risk dangerously undermining the morale of his command. 

The Rat Patrol

The Never Say Die Raid

Troy and Hitchcock are captured by a German colonel who plans to force them to radio misinformation back to their headquarters. Meanwhile, Moffitt and Pettigrew's rescue attempts are frustrated by an Italian lieutenant who insists upon surrendering to them.  

The Rat Patrol

The Kill at Koorlea Raid

The Rat Patrol is ordered to accompany a British sniper on a mission to assassinate a brutal German general, but Troy decides that capturing the general alive is a better plan. 

The District

The Project

Mannion moves to a violent housing project to investigate a woman's murder. Debreno attempts to talk Temple into taking the fall for a car accident. 

The District

To Serve and Protect

Noland returns to a missing persons case he investigated eight years ago when the body of a five-year-old boy is found. Meanwhile, Nancy gets involved in a domestic-abuse case, Ella is unable to fire an employee for budgetary reasons and Nick tries to talk Mannion into running for mayor.