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The Bad Penny

Is a pretty young lass the author of anonymous death threat letters? Cheyenne tries to find out.  


Greenbacks, Unlimited

Bank robber Big Ed Murphy is at his wit's end: someone keeps beating him to the loot and that someone is Bret. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Eight Cent Reward

On Christmas Eve Randall receives his most daunting assignment yet: bring in Santa Claus. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Drop to Drink

Thieves are lying in wait to ambush mail carriers, and Josh is hired to help ensure that the mail will get through. The thieves have news about a $20,000 diamond ring that is in transit. The trail is through desert country with no water for miles. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Girl from Piccadilly

Learning of his son's death, a rich man hires Paladin to locate the daughter-in-law he's never met, but Paladin finds two women both claiming to be her. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The O'Hare Story

Hired to prevent the construction of a dam that would imperil a town's water supply, Paladin finds that he sympathizes more with the Irish engineer who's trying to build it. 


Damon's Road: Part 1

A railroad builder in desperate need of workers tricks Favor's drovers into signing work contracts. To make matters even worse for Favor, he finds himself arrested for "abducting" a showgirl.  

The High Chaparral

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Big John discovers the true meaning of an old Mexican custom,"My house is your house," when Montoya makes himself at home and unknowingly sparks conflict with the Apaches. 

Nash Bridges

Liar's Poker

Nash goes undercover as a hitman for a drug cartel. 

Nash Bridges

El Diablo

A married woman is murdered by her lover and his wife. 

Nash Bridges

Hit and Run

Frankie Dwyer returns again, putting out a contract on Nash's life while smuggling heroin inside of tofu containers. 

Nash Bridges

Cop Out

Wearing his brother's uniform as a motorcycle cop and impersonating a police officer, a deranged man imagines and talks to his dead brother. 

Nash Bridges

Line of Sight

A gang war erupts – Nash and the SIU puts a drug gangster and his crew out of business. 

Nash Bridges


Nash goes undercover to stop a high-end heist artist. Joe helps a restaurant critic who receives death threats. 

Nash Bridges

Hard Cell

A gang of female prisoners escape in search of five million dollars in bearer bonds, while Nash helps the woman framed for the theft of the bonds. 

Nash Bridges

Missing Key

A nurse who assists a plastic surgeon for the mob is murdered because she stole the before and after photos of altered mobsters. 

Nash Bridges

Rock and a Hard Place

An old nemesis of Nash's breaks out of prison. Joe finds a new house through Ulla, makes an incredible deal on it, but it turns out to be a disaster. 

Star Trek

Tomorrow Is Yesterday

The Enterprise collides with a black hole and is thrown back to Earth in the 20th century, where they must find a way back and erase any trace of their presence. Matters become complicated when they rescue an Air Force pilot and cannot return him without changing history...but if he disappears that will change history as well. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

All Good Things: Part 2

Picard finds himself travelling between the past, present, and future while attempting to prevent the destruction of humanity... by his own actions. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Move Along Home

Quark's attempt at deception toward a newly-encountered alien race places the space station's senior officers in a labyrinth of danger. 

Star Trek: Voyager


Hoping to strengthen Voyager's strategic position in the quadrant, Janeway reluctantly seeks an alliance with the Kazon. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Breaking the Ice

Trip learns that T'Pol is transmitting secret messages to a Vulcan ship, the T'Mir, which has been shadowing Enterprise for weeks. Meanwhile, Archer must attempt a dangerous rescue to recover two crewman stranded on a rapidly disintegrating comet. 


The Backboard Jungle

The detectives investigate gang-related homicides on a basketball court. Sipowicz is removed from the case after he uses a racial epithet. 


Burnin' Love

Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a woman who was burned alive inside an abandoned house. Medavoy protects a numbers runner who has a contract out on his life.  


These Old Bones

Simone investigates when Russell’s brother claims responsibility for the shooting death of his father. Sipowicz and Medavoy exhume the remains of a teenager who disappeared eight years prior. 


A Tushful of Dollars

The son of an Italian crime boss is suspected of killing a member of his own family. Russell and a high-powered attorney play tug-of-war over a man who possesses evidence that could convict his alcoholic stepfather of murder.