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MacGyver's original spin-off ''Young MacGyver'' only had one episode

Would you have wanted to see more of Clay MacGyver?

Tony Shalhoub's real wife appeared several times on Monk

Brooke Adams married the Monk star a decade before the show premiered.

Did you notice the same footage of Scotty is reused in these back-to-back Star Trek episodes?

Budget cuts led Star Trek to reuse stock Scotty footage in one of the most expensive third season episodes.

R.I.P. Nicholas Georgiade, the tough Rico Rossi of The Untouchables

He was a boxer in the Army and his brother was a police officer in real life. Who better to play one of Eliot Ness' men?

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Walker, Texas Ranger show runners were very against putting Walker in a coma

The episode was pitched by Walker co-star Sheree J. Wilson.

Frank Gorshin was the most skilled celebrity impersonator in Hollywood

He was so good at aping other actors it was "weird and eerie."

JAG was inspired by the first women to serve on a Navy combat ship

The series was pitched as 'Top Gun' meets 'A Few Good Men.'

This iconic TV waitress briefly returned to serving tables in the Monk Christmas episode

Catherine Bach channeled her own past as a waitress to create her most iconic TV character.

Traylor Howard loved raising her son on the set of Monk

“He’s been on the set since he was born, and everyone’s so lovely with him.”

Baywatch star Donna D’Errico still can’t swim to this very day

Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.

Walker, Texas Ranger was seen as one of the most violent shows of its time

Cordell Walker had his own way of delivering justice.

See Clint Eastwood and the Rawhide set like never before in these stunning color behind-the-scenes photos

A photographer caught the iconic cowboy actor doing a handstand between takes.

Dennis the Menace actor Jay North made his debut as a boy with a Christmas wish in Wanted Dead or Alive

A year before he began menacing Mr. Wilson, Jay North hired Josh Randall for a special assignment.

Monk once referenced this fan favorite Brady Bunch episode

Did you catch the TV detective's nod to Jan Brady's imaginary boyfriend?

Here’s what happened to MacGyver’s iconic boathouse

The famous home is still afloat to this very day.

The Baywatch series creator saved a life while scouting locations

The series saved lives both on and off the camera.

Chuck Norris didn't think he'd ever star on television until Walker, Texas Ranger

No role interested Chuck quite like Cordell Walker.

13 H&I stars to honor this Veterans Day

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R.I.P. Dean Stockwell, star of 'Quantum Leap' who began his career as a child star

He appeared in everything from Battlestar Galactica and JAG to David Lynch’s Dune.

8 TV stars who hosted their own anthology shows

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Don Johnson asked Cheech Marin to be on Nash Bridges on the set of Tin Cup

The two had been friends for decades before becoming TV's greatest buddy-cop duo.

A friend from Animal House got Bruce McGill on MacGyver

Originally planned to be in one episode, he would end up with the 3rd most appearances in the series!

Chuck Norris taught Mila Kunis how to fight on Walker, Texas Ranger

She left the set knowing how to punch and with a story of a lifetime.

Tim Curry once got booted from a movie theater, mistaken for a Rocky Horror impersonator

The actor made a rare on-screen appearance as Monk’s nemesis in 2004. In 1975, he took a break from acting to distance himself... MORE