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H&I presents an all-new weekday lineup

The District returns and MacGyver comes to your weekdays.

Both original Star Trek doctors came together to fight giant man-eating bunnies in 1972

Night of the Lepus gave Trekkies a rare glimpse of Dr. McCoy and Dr. Piper working together.

5 sharpshooting facts about Cheyenne

Ever wondered how many times Cheyenne ACTUALLY took off his shirt?

Tarantino’s Star Trek Film is Possibly Back on and With a Familiar Setting

He's still looking to get a piece of the action for the next Trek film

In Memoriam: Remembering the TV stars we lost in 2020

Looking back at the actors, creators, comedians and musicians who made television great.

H&I presents Untouchable Sunday beginning July 5

Tune in for Untouchable Sunday at 12P | 11C

10 crime-busting facts about 'The Untouchables'

This classic 1959–63 TV series has fascinating ties to Al Capone, Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover and… Bugs Bunny.

Snoop Dogg's Star Trek parody film set for domestic release

From puppets to plant monsters, this movie has it all.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was almost a Western

What do you think of ''The Rifleman in Space'' as a Trek series?

Real Heroes: Kathy Papineau

H&I honors Kathy Papineau, founder of catering company MKE Localicious and MKE Kitchen.

Real Heroes: Molly Sullivan

H&I honors Molly Sullivan, owner of Miss Molly's Cafe & Pastry Shop.

Real Heroes: Dr. Tiffany Neimar

Vuk Merell honors Dr. Tiffany Neimar, Chief resident of a COVID ICU.

Real Heroes: Chef Albert Martin

H&I honors Chef Albert Martin of The Open Door Cafe.

Real Heroes: Chef Q Ibraheem

May Tsupros, Co-Founder of Gardeneers and Founder of Sun Tree Collaboration, honors Chef Q Ibraheem, President of the Board... MORE

Real Heroes: Dr. Jose C. Dutra

Ana Dutra, Founder and CEO of Mandala Global Advisors, is honoring her husband, Dr. Jose C. Dutra.

Real Heroes: Theresa Roden

Tate's Bake Shop Founder Kathleen King is honoring Theresa Roden.

Real Heroes: Jeremy and Diana Zorek

Technology expert and author Steve Greenberg is honoring Jeremy and Diana Zorek.

Real Heroes: Olivia Peña

Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights Founder Maria Woltjen honors Olivia Peña who works tirelessly for children caught... MORE

Real Heroes: Thai & Danielle Dang

Chef Ina Pinkney honors fellow chef Thai Dang and his wife Danielle.

Real Heroes: Patrice Darby

Jason Rebello with the Women's Business Development Center honors Patrice Darby, CEO and founder of GoLogic Solutions.

Leonard Nimoy's directorial debut was this vampire story on Night Gallery

Fortunately, a Star Trek cameraman was on hand to help!

R.I.P. Richard Herd of T.J. Hooker, Star Trek: Voyager and Seinfeld

The actor also played a memorable captain on M*A*S*H. He was 87.

Yvonne Craig was nearly another famous green alien on Star Trek

Plus, learn why she found the body paint to be "dismal."

An Inside Look Into The Riker Chair Maneuver

Might need to sit down for this one.

Your best #AllStarTrek tweets from the week of May 11

"That's not how the Vulcan mind meld works! Try again."

New Star Trek prequel series will follow the adventures of Spock and Captain Pike

The world from the original Star Trek pilot will be explored in this spinoff series

Tony Shalhoub Returns as Adrian Monk

Today we are all Monk