The actress in the Wanted Dead or Alive premiere was meant to be Laura Petrie

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Even People Who Worked on ‘House’ Didn’t Realize Hugh Laurie was English

"This guy’s got a voice, he’s an American.”

All three Maverick men appeared together in just one episode of the classic Western

Roger Moore guest starred on the show before he became cousin Beau.

Your best #AllStarTrek tweets from the week of May 31

"Wish I woke up looking like this!"

Tony Shalhoub Personally Asked John Turturro to be Part of Monk

Shalhoub had to make a personal call to get Monk's brother on board.

Hugh Laurie's Father Wanted him to Become a Doctor

“I would have liked to have become a doctor myself and I still have doctor fantasies."

Was Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood’s only onscreen appearance together in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents?

Did frequent Hitchcock collaborator Norman Lloyd bring together two future superstars before they were famous?

Carmen Electra is Down for a Baywatch Reboot

The famous star is ready to return to the beaches of Baywatch.

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George Takei Almost Had his own Star Trek Series

The series would've been about when Sulu was Captain!

New Baywatch T-Shirts in the H&I Store

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The Origin Story of Commander Riker's Beard

To beard or not to beard, that is the question.

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"It's like the first round of new-hires at McDonalds. You know 98 percent won't be back."

Leonardo DiCaprio was originally cast as Mitch’s son on Baywatch

We almost saw the Oscar winner on the shores of Baywatch!

The creator of Maverick was forced to change the pilot episode to keep him from collecting any royalties

Warner Bros. founder J.L. Warner would not allow any original ideas to be made into series.

Joan Collins was Encouraged by her Children to Appear on Star Trek

She starred in one of the most popular Star Trek episodes.

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The creator of Maverick wrote tongue-in-cheek instructions for making the show

"Writers and directors of Maverick are requested to live dangerously."

Chekov was almost a prisoner of war on The Next Generation

Would you have liked to see him in The Next Generation?

Star Trek: Voyager's Homecoming was initially a lot darker

What do you think of this darker version of Voyager's homecoming?

Martin Landau might have been Spock if he hadn't turned it down

"It would've been torturous. I would've probably died playing that role."

Brent Spiner was Initially Hesitant on Performing the Role of Dr. Noonien Soong

"I panicked, I thought, 'Oh my God, how am I going to play this?'"

New Star Trek Movie Scheduled for 2023

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LeVar Burton is Ready to Beam Down to Jeopardy as its Next Host

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