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"...and on that special day, the reclusive Shatner pokes his head up to say if there will be an early Spring."

There was no love from the academy for these iconic shows.

There was no love from the academy for these iconic shows.

Kramer almost played Monk — and Monk almost played Kramer!

Tony Shalhoub and Michael Richards nearly swapped their iconic TV roles.

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Some Baywatch Guest Stars Lied About Their Ability to Swim to get on the Show

A few rescues were a bit more realistic than some would've liked.

Robert Conrad couldn't escape his tough guy image — but he could dodge police!

In 1971, Florida men claimed the classic TV star, known for daring stunts, assaulted them with a shoe.

R.I.P. Joanne Linville, who had memorable roles in Star Trek and The Twilight Zone

She was the first woman to play a Romulan in the Trek universe. She was 93.

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Alexandra Paul Used her Baywatch Lifeguard Training in Real Life

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The actress in the Wanted Dead or Alive premiere was meant to be Laura Petrie

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Even People Who Worked on ‘House’ Didn’t Realize Hugh Laurie was English

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All three Maverick men appeared together in just one episode of the classic Western

Roger Moore guest starred on the show before he became cousin Beau.

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Tony Shalhoub Personally Asked John Turturro to be Part of Monk

Shalhoub had to make a personal call to get Monk's brother on board.

Hugh Laurie's Father Wanted him to Become a Doctor

“I would have liked to have become a doctor myself and I still have doctor fantasies."

Was Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood’s only onscreen appearance together in an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents?

Did frequent Hitchcock collaborator Norman Lloyd bring together two future superstars before they were famous?

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