H&I TV Schedule For Washington, DC


The Restless Gun


"To Bonner's astonishment, everyone in the town he is in believes he is about to be married to Helen Rockwood, including the friend of his that he thought was in love with Helen." 




"Birdcage owner Lily faces ruin until Dan Troop and Johnny McKay discover the real reason for zealot's Hassayampa Edwards' anti-saloon campaign." 



Stationary Target

After a nearly fatal accident, Reno loses his memory—and doesn't realize that Dixon is about to visit him in his hospital room. 



Rio Reno

Reno finds himself in the Old West when he encounters trouble in a ghost town. 


Walker, Texas Ranger

Matter Of Principle, A

A young girl is shot when some men who committed a crime were shooting their way out. Her father is a former Ranger whom Walker knows. And he sets out to find the one who shot her. Walker tries to caution him about what he is doing. He gets the man reinstated.  


Walker, Texas Ranger


When a new weapon knows as a Thunderhawk is stolen, Walker tries to find it. What they don't know is that the man who was in charge of bringing it to the military was the one who stole it. He's planning to sell it to some people who plan to use it for terrorism. But before he could it's stolen from him.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Justice Delayed

Trivette is giving a criminology lecture at the University. Afterwards, one of the students asks Trivette to help her prove that her father is innocent of a crime he was convicted of.  


Wonder Woman

The Murderous Missile

Wonder Woman saves the world from an angry scientist and a \thinking"missile.""" 



Rock and Cradle

An abandoned baby lands MacGyver and Jack Dalton in the middle of a sophisticated counterfeiting scheme. 



The Endangered

After visiting an old flame who's now working as a Park Ranger, MacGyver finds himself in the middle of a grizzly poaching investigation. 


Martial Law

My Man Sammo

Sammo and Terrell's arrest accidently interferes with Interpol. 


Lethal Weapon

One Day More

"A threat is made on Riggs's life in the season finale." 


Walker, Texas Ranger

Day Of Cleansing, The

Walker returns from Los Angeles with Eagleton, the paramilitary man who killed a Texas Ranger and who was planning something in Los Angeles Walker turns him over to some other men and it's while in transit that some men kill the men escorting Eagleton and spring him.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Black Dragons

A Chinese diplomat who is a friend of Walker's is in the country to bring some students to his country. Later when one of Chinese Embassy staff turns up dead Walker and the others investigate.  


Black Sheep Squadron


The Black Sheep play uneasy hosts to a hotshot army pilot whose amiability masks his ambition to become the war's best fighter pilot.  


Black Sheep Squadron

The Show Must Go On... Sometimes

"Pappy cons a unit of lecherous Seabees into repairing the bomb blasted runway with a trumped up promise of a bawdy USO show after the work is done, but the only girls around are the island's four nurses. " 


Tour of Duty

Sins Of The Father

"Zeke and the men are out looking for a sniper, and after entering a village Anderson sees movement -- someone in typical "black pajama" garb of the VC, who fires on them." 


Tour of Duty

Sealed With A Kiss

A civilian, Ms Pierson, has set up classes for the soldiers, Zeke wants to drop out of the classes, but she convinces him to stay since attendance has tripled since he signed up. 




Sgt. Saunders accuses a soldier with a Silver Star and a Distinguished Service Cross of disobeying orders and causing the deaths of two other soldiers. The soldier is revealed to have been a coward in flashback but he overcame it, to an extent, by going with a single strategy: Charge. 



9 Place Vendee

After a booby trap kills the Captain, Lt. Hanley must take over his mission and find an American operative in a French village before the Germans find him. 


The Rat Patrol

The Violent Truce Raid

A British major brings charges against Moffitt after his attempt to destroy a shipment of contaminated plasma results in it being captured by the Germans, and only Dietrich has the evidence that can save Moffitt from a court martial.  


The Rat Patrol

The Life-for-a-Life Raid

Dietrich corners the Rat Patrol in a cellar with a pregnant woman who has a valuable map and a resistance fighter who has a personal score to settle with her. 


12 O'Clock High

The Mission

Savage and the "Piccadilly Lily" are given a special mission: the bombing of an oil line in the Saar Valley.  


The Rat Patrol

The Fifth Wheel Raid

A British colonel returning from a staff meeting regarding an upcoming Allied offensive is captured by the Germans under suspicious circumstances. The Rat Patrol is ordered to either rescue or kill him before he can be interrogated. 


The Rat Patrol

The Two If by Sea Raid

Moffitt infiltrates a German-held lighthouse posing as an electrician in order to learn the details of a naval convoy carrying Tiger tanks headed for North Africa. 




The Russian mob threatens Don as Charlie continues to investigate. 



Paradise Lost

Reno takes refuge in a commune and discovers an explosive situation there.