14 behind-the-scenes photos of Clint Eastwood at work and play in his early career

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 13, 2020, 8:00AM

Clint Eastwood has become such an icon of Hollywood, it's hard to remember that he was once just an up-and-coming actor on a TV show. Playing Rowdy Yates on the hit western Rawhide opened a lot of doors for the San Francisco kid. 

As he turns 90 this year, we though we'd pay tribute to this legend with a look back at his early days. 

Enjoy these candid snapshots of Clint, family, and friends at work and leisure in the 1950s and 1960s.

Adult Swim 

There's no lifeguard in the backyard, so Clint and his wife, Maggie, can engage in horseplay by their pool.

For the Birds

Clint and Maggie hang up some artwork at home in 1962.

Arm Day

Clint hits the gym and curls some iron in the late 1950s.

The Breakfast of Champions

Maggie makes tea while Clint sucks down some O.J. in costume one fine morning during the production of Rawhide. We love the goofy photo of the couple behind his hand.

C'mon, baby…

Maggie teaches Clint how to "do the Twist" at home in San Fernando Valley in 1962.

Rowdy in Tokyo

The cast of Rawhide causes a media storm upon a visit to Japan.

Dip and Dog

You wouldn't figure Eastwood for a dachshund owner, would you?

Behind the Camera

Clint plays with his new camera at home. On the wall, you can see ephemera of his Rawhide career, from a TV Cover to an honorary membership into the Pettis County Historical Society, Sedalia, Missouri.

No Horsing Around

Clint practices his trademark squint on the set of Rawhide.

Lacoste of Fame

This is probably the preppiest Eastwood has ever looked. Don't tell him we said that.

Look Who's Talking

Eastwood, in the middle, earned his first screen credit for a role in Francis in the Navy, a naval comedy featuring Francis the Talking Mule. Eastwood was no stranger to talking equines. He also appeared on Mister Ed.

Swing Set

Clint gives his son Kyle a thrill while on the set of Dirty Harry in 1971.

A Budding Star

Eastwood made his screen debut with an uncredited role on Revenge of the Creature. Here is a headshot from around the time of that 1955 feature.

Hand in Hand

Clint goes for a stroll with actresses Olive Sturgess (left) and Dani Crayne (right) in 1954.

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