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A few names instantly come to mind when you think of Western stars. These are ideally people who starred in classic Western series or movies that will never be forgotten.

Richard Boone is one of those individuals who left a long-lasting impact on the genre and perfectly portrayed life in the West.

When actors are involved in accidents, fans worldwide wish them a speedy recovery. The news of these accidents spread easily in today's society, but the most common way to get news in the '60s was by reading newspapers.

In September of 1963, the star of the Western series Have Gun - Will Travel was severely hurt in a car accident in California. According to a police report mentioned in The Charlotte News, the actor was hospitalized after his sports car hit a parked car.

The article states, "Boone's head hit the windshield of his Maserati, and his chest broke the steering wheel." Although he was hurt and in pain, Boone managed to walk nearly two blocks to his home in the suburb of Pacific Palisades, where his wife, Claire, called the hospital.

Reportedly, he had to have surgery at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. When severe accidents like this happen, it's common to have cuts, bruises and broken bones. Police reported that Boone had a possible broken nose and ribs. Of course, there were damages to his car, estimated to be $3,000 according to the article. 

Fortunately, the actor recovered from the accident and appeared in the 1964 film Rio Conchos. He also won a Golden Globe for Best Show with The Richard Boone Show that same year. A year later, he starred in The War Lord (1965), and Hombre (1967) followed.

Despite the setback, Boone was still in high demand, appearing in several more films and receiving different production opportunities. He even became a cultural ambassador for the state of Florida.

There's one thing we know for sure. We're glad Boone recovered because the Western genre wouldn't have been the same without his talents.

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