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Richard Boone believed actors should fight over roles, not dressing rooms

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 9, 2023, 1:20PM    Tags: Richard Boone, Have Gun - Will Travel

In a television, film, or theatre production, sometimes issues arise when dealing with a cast of talented actors. Some people might feel like the main characters' actors are receiving special treatment, like getting a bigger dressing room, having a better wardrobe and more.

It becomes an issue that creates tension on the set and starts to affect the production. Richard Boone, the legendary actor who starred as Paladin on Have Gun - Will Travel, believed it's healthy for actors to fight. However, not over dressing room size. In his opinion, they should be fighting over roles.

In an interview with The Atlanta Constitution in 1963, the actor explained his point of view while promoting his new production, The Richard Boone Show. "I expect actors to scream and fight among themselves on my new show," he said to reporter Paul Jones. "That's normal and a very good thing."

Boone wasn't referring to physical fighting; he meant that it was good for actors to compete aggressively over starring and supporting positions. Yet, arguing over dressing room sizes or who gets the room closer to the stage was pointless, and he was entirely against it.

"That sort of thing has to be stopped," he revealed. "But fighting over parts is healthy and shows that they want to work."

Boone was known as the actor that loved working hard to get roles; no matter how small or big the part was, he loved putting in work to get it. The article talked about how this mindset paid off for the actor, as it showed through his work that he enjoyed every role he played.

He also talked about the importance of continuing work for actors rather than continuing character roles. This related to his new show, at the time, where every actor would have a chance to play different parts, including both leading and supporting roles.

Boone saw this as a way to keep gifted actors with opportunities.

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