Adam West

9 classic actors who would have made great Batman '66 baddies

We would have loved to see Andy Griffith duking it out with Adam West.

Behind the Cowl: Adam West's take on Batman's powers and purpose

How the original Batman redefined the Dark Knight.

Adam West was worried that his ''Batman'' costars would think he was conceited

"I want you to please make this moment, this scene, the best of your life because this show will be lasting."

Adam West remembered his first screen test with Burt Ward for ''Batman''

The dynamic duo knew they were destined to be together.

Here's the pilot moment that convinced Adam West to star in Batman

The scene that persuaded West to don the cowl.

Adam West said Batman was ludicrous and absurd, but always somewhat ''believable''

There's a fine line between fiction and reality, but whenever West had a chance to blur that line with Batman, he did.

Before he was Batman, Adam West guest-starred on Petticoat Junction and Perry Mason

There was no need for him to hide his face and throw on a cape in these roles.
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