Real Heroes

Real Heroes: Kathy Papineau

H&I honors Kathy Papineau, founder of catering company MKE Localicious and MKE Kitchen.

Real Heroes: Molly Sullivan

H&I honors Molly Sullivan, owner of Miss Molly's Cafe & Pastry Shop.

Real Heroes: Dr. Tiffany Neimar

Vuk Merell honors Dr. Tiffany Neimar, Chief resident of a COVID ICU.

Real Heroes: Chef Albert Martin

H&I honors Chef Albert Martin of The Open Door Cafe.

Real Heroes: Chef Q Ibraheem

May Tsupros, Co-Founder of Gardeneers and Founder of Sun Tree Collaboration, honors Chef Q Ibraheem, President of the Board... MORE

Real Heroes: Dr. Jose C. Dutra

Ana Dutra, Founder and CEO of Mandala Global Advisors, is honoring her husband, Dr. Jose C. Dutra.

Real Heroes: Theresa Roden

Tate's Bake Shop Founder Kathleen King is honoring Theresa Roden.

Real Heroes: Jeremy and Diana Zorek

Technology expert and author Steve Greenberg is honoring Jeremy and Diana Zorek.

Real Heroes: Olivia Peña

Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights Founder Maria Woltjen honors Olivia Peña who works tirelessly for children caught... MORE

Real Heroes: Thai & Danielle Dang

Chef Ina Pinkney honors fellow chef Thai Dang and his wife Danielle.

Real Heroes: Patrice Darby

Jason Rebello with the Women's Business Development Center honors Patrice Darby, CEO and founder of GoLogic Solutions.