Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter was behind the craziest stunt on 1970s television

The actress risked her life for the perfect shot.

11 candid shots of Lynda Carter behind-the-scenes of 'Wonder Woman'

See Wonder Woman like you've never seen her before.

These are the top-rated Wonder Woman episodes, according to IMDb

Out of these top-rated episodes, which one is your favorite?

TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter reveals why she left Hollywood in 1984

Carter dishes on going from DC Comics icon to Washington, D.C.

What did Lynda Carter think about being named ''most beautiful woman in the world'' in 1978?

Imagine being called the most beautiful woman in the world.

Do you have the power to pass the Wonder Woman TV trivia quiz?

Now this is what we call the Carter Era.

'Wonder Woman' subtly snuck 'Star Trek' sound effects into its futuristic tech

The government supercomputer Ira borrows iconic sounds from the Starship Enterprise.

Battle of the comic book heroes: Which hero can survive these situations?

Can all these heroes survive? Most likely, but you can only pick one!

Lynda Carter said everyone needs a ''female hero figure''

She also said that beauty was not a subject that consumed her attention.

Newcomers' Guide to Old TV: 'Wonder Woman' in 5 essential episodes

Love the new movie? Here's where to start with the 1970s classic.

Quiz: How well do you know Wonder Woman?

Grab your lasso of truth and test your knowledge of the Lynda Carter television series.

'Wonder Woman' was almost made into a sitcom in the 1960s

In this version, Diana Prince lives with her mother and poses in the mirror.
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