Can you recognize these guest stars on Star Trek: The Original Series?

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The Enterprise visited far and distant stars. It also welcomed many contemporary stars of television and film.

We gathered some of our favorite guest stars from Star Trek: The Original Series. They are famous faces from classic television. See if you can match them to their popular roles. Good luck!

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  1. Khaaaaan! He later starred on which popular television show?
  2. This little boy could also be seen around Mayberry. What was his character's name on The Andy Griffith Show?
  3. She played Hot Lips. But in which iteration of M*A*S*H?
  4. These three all appeared alongside Adam West's Batman. Which one did NOT play Catwoman?
  5. Speaking of Batman, which villain did he play?
  6. This towering actor could be seen as a main character on which spooky 1960s sitcom?
  7. She played a main role in which classic Steven Spielberg film?
  8. She was the mother on which long-running classic family sitcom?
  9. Before he got into "Trouble with Tribbles," he was the father on which classic sitcom?
  10. He was one of two major characters in which classic sci-fi movie?
  11. Finally, this fellow was best known as which character on a 1970s action series?
Can you recognize these guest stars on Star Trek: The Original Series?

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