Can you tell which TV show William Shatner is on?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 31, 2019, 9:33AM
Images: The Everett Collection

William Shatner has been gifting us his one-of-a-kind acting for decades. Over that incredible career, he has appeared on dozens of television shows.

Think you can place him on the correct show with one image?

Try to match Shatner to the correct series. Good luck!

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  1. A mustache can't disguise his appearance on this classic crime series.
  2. He scared up a lot of new fans after his appearance on this anthology classic.
  3. Want a piece of Shatner? Join the club!
  4. He fell in love with Joan Collins in a classic episode of this series.
  5. Here he is alongside the star of which '70s detective show?
  6. Shatner showed his funny side with an appearance on this sitcom.
  7. He kept us laughing in the new millennium on this series.
  8. It helps if you recognize the main character in this image.
  9. Shatner starred in this 1970s series for one fun season.
  10. Before 'Star Trek,' he starred in this legal series for CBS.
  11. Pay close attention to this episode title: "The Project Strigas Affair."
Can you tell which TV show William Shatner is on?

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