How well do you know Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 2, 2023, 2:45PM
Star Trek: The Next Generation was a landmark series for the Star Trek franchise, centering on a completely new crew, on a completely new Enterprise, during a completely new time-period for the series. There were definitely some new fan-favorite characters, one of which was the android Data, who served as the new operations manager on the ship. In celebration of Brent Spiner's birthday, why not test your knowledge on everything about this lovable android!

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  1. When was Data's "birthday"?
  2. What is the name of Data's creator?
  3. What was Data's Starfleet Rank?
  4. What is not a name of one of Data's android relatives?
  5. What material makes up the most of Data?
  6. In which year did Data join Starfleet?
  7. What is Data's dominant hand?
  8. What is the name of Data's pet cat?
  9. Which alien species had a specific interest in Data during the series and its tie-in films?
  10. In which episode do Troi, Worf and his son Alexander get trapped in a malfunctioning wild-west holodeck simulation with clones of Data?
  11. What species of alien possesses Data in the episode "Power Play"?
  12. What year do Data and the rest of the team go back to in "Time's Arrow"?
  13. Which famous literary character would Data usually embody on the Holodeck?
  14. Which famous mind did Data not play poker with on the holodeck?
  15. What alien species was Data fighting against when he sacrificed himself to save his crew?
How well do you know Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation?

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