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A little bit of trivia always helps you learn something interesting. Of course, if you're an avid Trekkie, you may just want to flex your trivia muscles.  Are you a trivia master when it comes to Star Trek: The Next Generation? Good luck!

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  1. Besides Patrick Stewart, who was the other cast member who appeared in all 178 episodes?
  2. What important part of Worf's costume was stolen between seasons 1 and 2?
  3. Which comedic actor originally was going to appear in "A Matter of Time" but had to drop out due to schedule overlap?
  4. Though "Shut up, Wesley!" became a catchphrase for fans who disliked the character, how many episodes did the line actually appear in?
  5. What alien species was originally going to be the main antagonists of the series like the Klingons were in TOS?
  6. Who asked to have their character promoted to lieutenant during salary negotiations?
  7. Which character took their first name from Gene Roddenberry's middle name?
  8. What part of the set was so loud that actors were told to not deliver their lines while they were near them?
  9. What was the name of Captain Picard's fish?
  10. What essential room is never shown on The Enterprise's schematics?

How well do you know Star Trek: The Next Generation trivia?

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