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Listed as one of the '10 Essential Episodes' in Star Trek 101, it's no wonder why so many fans consider "The Measure of a Man" to be one of the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Approached with the potential to create more androids, Data is commanded to be transferred and dissembled for research. Picard challenges the order in a trial where Data's sentience is put into question to see if he is afforded the same rights as any Starfleet citizen. 

With the stakes of the episodes set so high, Patrick Stewart along with the rest of the cast bring out some of the most memorable and emotional performances in the entire series. 

But how well do you remember the classic episode of TNG? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. What Starbase does the episode and trial take place in?
  2. How long has been since Picard last saw Phillipa Louvois?
  3. Who wins in the opening poker game?
  4. Who is the judge in Data's trial?
  5. True or false: this episode features the first game of poker in Riker's quarters
  6. What is Worf's present to Data?
  7. Which of Data's arms does Riker remove during his opening argument?
  8. The metal rod Data is asked to bend is made out of...
  9. Who is the final witness to Data's trial?
  10. What is Data's storage capacity mentioned in the trial?

How well do you remember the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'The Measure of a Man'

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